10 Cute Cat Halloween 2019 Costumes That You'll Want To Pounce On Stat


Cats have no idea what Halloween is (and chances are they wouldn't care if they did), but that doesn't mean they don't look absolutely adorable in costume. Maybe you're having a Halloween party and want to show off your fur baby to your friends, or maybe you're trying to get your cat Instagram famous one holiday at a time. Maybe you just really like how your kitty's grumpy face looks when it's squished into a hat. Whatever your reason, you're looking for a Halloween costume for your cat, and I support you completely. Why waste an opportunity to make an already cute animal even cuter?

Plus, if there's ever been a time when the cat-loving community needs to come together for positive PR, it's now. Dogs are officially more popular than cats online after years of feline dominance, The Outline reported, and I refuse to take that lying down. Yes, there are still plenty of famous cats to follow on Instagram, but this is no time to get complacent. You need to remind the world that kittens reign supreme.

The good news is there's no shortage of costume options if you're dressing up your cat (or any of your other pets) this year. Whether you're going for a classic animal disguise or a more elaborate movie reference, someone with an insanely fun job has made the ideal costume for your feline. Read on to discover some of the best cat costumes on the market this year, and prepare yourself for the cutest Halloween looks you've ever seen.

1. Unicorn Cat Costume

Dress up your fur baby as the unicorn you always knew they were, complete with a shiny gold horn and a rainbow tail. Reviewers warn that although it’s pretty soft, the costume runs a little big. It’s perfect for cats on the fluffy side.

2. The Jaws of Life

We all know your cat runs things in your house. This costume fit for a queen or king feline comes with a royal purple cape and a silver crown. Don’t worry about the pieces falling off: the neck strap keeps kitty both comfy and clothed.

3. Kitty, King of Beasts

Could this faux lion’s mane for cats be any cuter? Every cat deserves to get in touch with their wild side every once in a while. Don’t be surprised if you catch your little furry buddy working on their roar when you put them in it.

4. Giddy Up, Kitty

I’m not sure if it’s every cat’s dream to be a mouse’s noble steed, but it makes for a hilarious photo op. With this unfussy getup, all you have to do is strap the stuffed cowboy mouse, with its pretend saddle, to your cat. Let them explore their home on the range together — at least until kitty starts chewing his little hombre.

5. Slice of Heaven

Dressing up animals like food just never gets old, for some reason, so why wouldn't you dress your cat up like a pepperoni slice? It's a no-brainer.

6. Fishin' Kitty

Cats would make hiss-terical angler fish because they hate water. Good luck keeping a straight face with this character prowling around. Hyde & EEK! Boutique’s costume has great details on it like fabric teeth and the characteristic lure sticking out from the headpiece.

7. Catogorgon Cat Hat

If your feline is a fan of Stranger Things, have them try this handmade Demogorgon hat on for size. It ties gently under the chin with crocheted strings and will fit standard adult cats. Just be prepared for the a-paw-calypse stalking you everywhere.

8. Pirate Cat Costume

Arrgh, it’s a pirate’s life for kitties! Idepet’s purrfect getup for swashbuckling cats includes a hat, plus two fake arms (one is akimbo and the other is a hook). Put your feline’s two front paws through the leg holes and watch them swagger like a buccaneer.

9. Dragon Cat Costume

The designer of these wings must have imagined them straight from the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. This harness-style costume is perfect for the Khaleesi who loves her dragon child. The night is dark and full of kitties.

10. Taco Cat

Make Halloween Taco Thursday with this deliciously cute ensemble. The bigger the taco, the better, but no worries if your cat is on the small side. Frisco makes the costume in several different sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

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