21 Weird But Genius Things Moms Are Buying For Their Kids On Amazon

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Weird can be very good — especially when talking about weird but genius things moms are buying for their kids on Amazon. These products, gadgets, and tools may look or seem unusual, but they also solve problems faced by many parents and help overcome common challenges and dilemmas that might seem familiar.

When you have young children, you never know when it's going to be helpful to dig into your bag of tricks and find innovative ways to encourage them to finish their veggies, use the potty, sit still for five minutes so that you can use the bathroom, or take the nap they so desperately need (but will never admit they need). There's no shame in asking for a little help, and these products were designed because you aren't alone — we all benefit from parenting help from time to time.

Embrace the weirdness of these products and you might just find bath time, mealtime, and every other time of the day much less stressful experiences. You'll love the ease and convenience they provide and your baby or toddler will even get a kick out them, too. And that alone means there's no better reason that these weird, genius products are worth a try.

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