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22 Baby Names For Tuesday Babies That Are Totally Terrific

As a day of the week, Tuesday is kind of like your easygoing best friend. It's not as dreaded as Monday, and it helps keep the momentum of the work week going. Tuesday night is also a good kick-back-in-front-of-the-TV time, what with The Voice and This Is Us. But what you might not realize is that there are tons of baby names associated with Tuesday that would be a great choice for babies who happen to be born on that day.

Tuesday itself is more powerful than we give it credit for. It's associated with Tyr (or Tiu), the Norse god of war, according to the Farmer's Almanac, as well as the Roman war god, Mars (the Spanish and French words for Tuesday are Martes and Mardi). Because of its origins, children born on this day are said to be energetic, strong-willed, ambitious and brave, if sometimes too hot-tempered, explained Astrology Zodiac Signs. On the other end of the spectrum, there's the old poem "Monday's Child," which states that "Tuesday's child is full of grace."

Whichever Tuesday-based qualities you want your child to embody, there are any number of names you can choose to reflect those traits. When you're making your list, consider this selection, or do a search of your own for related names. Either way, your Tuesday child will be the leader of the pack.


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An unusual selection, but certainly the most appropriate. As Nameberry reported, the actress Tuesday Weld was born Susan, but decided she needed a more distinctive screen name.


In Ghanaian culture, many children are named for their birth day. Madame Noire listed this as a name meaning "born on Tuesday."


Regardless of whether girls born on Tuesday are really ballerina-like, the name Grace is an enduring favorite among parents of children born on every day of the week. The Social Security Administration noted that it was the #20 most popular girls' name of the last decade.


Parents who are lifelong Stones fans could name a daughter after their 1967 song "Ruby Tuesday" (which was a hit years before the restaurant was founded in 1972, according Restaurant Business).


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Mom Junction explained that this English name means "grace protector," which is an apt quality for a Tuesday boy. It's also an alternative to the trendier Easton.


If you're intrigued by the connection between Tuesday and the Roman god, you could go with this Roman name that was likely derived from Mars, according to Baby Name Wizard.


For a girl, this Mars-derived name is popular in a number of countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, and the Netherlands, according to Behind The Name.


The Hebrew name meaning "grace" ranks in the top 30 names of the past decade, according to the SSA. Since it's also the origin of the name Anne, parents could choose that or any of its many variations (Anna, Nancy, Nan, Annabelle, Annelise...).


Children born on Tuesday are always up for an adventure, and you can't get more adventurous than traveling to outer space. You could name your Tuesday-born child after one of the NASA landers that went to the Red Planet.


Hoping that your daughter will be the type who'll fight for what's right? Then you could choose this Roman name meaning "warlike," according to Nameberry. (Mars strikes again.)


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A great name for either a boy or girl, this Irish name means "grace," Mom Junction said.


Regaining a foothold in the popularity curve, The Bump said this Roman name means "soldier" and it really does suit a child born on Mars's day, doesn't it?


The Spanish name meaning "grace," per Nameberry, would be a pretty alternative if you want your child to stand out among all the other Graces.


From the Latin word for "high," this name has come to be associated with the "exalted grace of Mary, the mother of Jesus," explained Baby Junction.


If you like the "grace" association with Tuesday, you could go with a name linked to a graceful animal. And it doesn't get more graceful than a gazelle, which is the meaning of this name, according to Nameberry.


An Irish/Gaelic name meaning "son of grace," per The Bump, Macrae makes a fresher alternative to Mackenzie or Macauley.


Astronomy buffs could name a Tuesday child after Percival Lowell, who studied Mars extensively and paved the way for the discovery of Pluto, according to


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We'll slip another "Anne" variation in here: the Russian diminutive of Anna, according to Nameberry. Either way, it means "grace," and it's a name that sounds good both on a baby and an adult.


Another super-strong name for a Tuesday baby is this Irish name, which means "spear strength," per to Nameberry. Mars himself would approve.


The ever-popular name John means "God is gracious," and so do its many variations. Ranker selected the Italian version of John as one of the best-ever baby names meaning "grace."


This Gaelic-derived name means "strength or exalted one," which in itself suits a Tuesday girl. Nameberry added that it's the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom, which is even cooler: Why should the guy gods get all the glory?


Finally, you could go back to basics and name your child after Tuesday's namesake: the bravest of the Norse gods, per The Bump. The day will never be quite as ordinary for you again!

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