22 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Under $25 That Aren't Lame Or Generic

Being a part of a Secret Santa swap can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to surprise a family member, co-worker, or friend. But when you’re trying to save a pretty penny, it helps to brainstorm Secret Santa gift ideas for under $25. A limit is usually set for this type of activity, after all. By keeping gifts under $25 (or even $20), everyone can guarantee that gifts are fair and square.

It can also be a huge help to your wallet and bank account. This is especially true if you already have a long shopping list outside of the Secret Santa group. Thankfully, the wonderful world of the internet is home to so many unique and inexpensive gift ideas. All it takes is some searching and patience.

The key to gifting an awesome Secret Santa present is to carefully think about the recipient. Take into consideration their hobbies, passions, and interests. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes. If you don’t know them that well—ask people that do. By doing so, you’ll have the knowledge you need to choose a gift that truly contributes to their lifestyle. It sure beats a generic box of chocolates or another bath towel.

To get you started, check out this jam-packed collection of Secret Santa gift ideas under $25. There’s truly something for every type of person—22 kinds, to be exact—in this list.


For The Planner

Favorite Story / Etsy

2018 Mini Desk Calendar, $12, Etsy

Although physical calendars are a dying breed, there are still many people out there that love their decorative nature. If this sounds like your Secret Santa pick, snag this charming 2018 mini desk calendar by Etsy seller Favorite Story.


For The Pizza Rat

Bad Pickle Tees / Etsy

Slice Slice Baby Pizza T-Shirt, $22, Etsy

It's no secret that pizza has a cult following. Help a die-hard pizza fan show off their passion with this punny "Slice Slice Baby" pizza t-shirt by Etsy seller Bad Pickle Tees.


For The Artist

Blick Art Materials

Silver Brush Monaco Deluxe Artist Travel Case, $24, Blick Art

Every artist knows the struggles of toting around their precious arsenal of supplies. Make their life a little easier by gifting a Silver Brush Monaco deluxe artist travel case. They'll be creating on the go in no time.


For The Bartender

Mod Cl.oth

Ultimate Bar Book, $20, Modcloth

Is your Secret Santa pick a bartender or just someone that simply loves cocktails? The Ultimate Bar Book will provide endless inspiration for their delicious concoctions.


For The Techie

60-Inch Metallic Gold Charging Cord, $18, Bando

For the person that can't live without their phone, a charger is a must-have. Spruce things up with this fancy 60-inch metallic gold charging cord from It also makes an excellent gift for the lover of all things shiny.


For The Gardener

Birch Bear and Bee / Etsy

Mini Concrete Planter, $8, Etsy

Does your Secret Santa recipient have a green thumb? Contribute to their passion by gifting a simple and chic mini concrete planter by Etsy seller Birch Bear and Bee. Pair it with a packet of herb seeds for a complete present.


For The Bookworm


Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, $15, Amazon

It goes without saying that nothing can get in the way of a bookworm and her books. Help a literary nerd protect a book collection with a Knock Knock personal library kit.


For The Boss Lady

Uncommon Goods

Jotblock, $15, Uncommon Goods

In a world full of emails and notifications, taking notes can be a huge game changer. This clever Jotblock merges a notepad and desk organizer into a space-saving office accessory. Freelancers, small business owners, and office works will adore it.


For The Cyclist

Uncommon Goods

Bike Multitool Keychain, $17, Uncommon Goods

Bike enthusiasts are all about representing their favorite activity. For a cheap and useful Secret Santa gift, check out this multi-tool bike key chain from Uncommon Goods. It even doubles as a bottle opener.


For The Feminist

Impure Thoughts / Etsy

"Feminist" Baseball Cap, $15, Etsy

Feminist merchandise is especially important for spreading feminist awareness and recognition. If your Secret Santa pick is all about this crucial movement, gift them a "Feminist" baseball cap by Etsy seller Impure Thoughts.


For The Cat Lady

Look Human

Oops I Don't Care Cat Mug, $15, Look Human

If you know someone that is a cat lady and proud, any item embellished with cats will make their heart swoon. Look Human offers this hilariously sassy" Oops I Don't Care" cat mug that would pair well with a bag of coffee beans or tea.


For The Writer

Notebook Set, $14, Bando

If your Secret Santa pick is a writer or loves to journal, pick up a cheery notebook set. A stationary lover can never have enough notebooks, after all.


For The Beauty Maven


Nails Inc. Nail Polish Candy Set, $19, Sephora

Keep things festive by gifting a beauty lover a set of holiday products. This nail polish candy set from Nails Inc. will help them gear up for parties in advance.


For The Musician

Blick Art

Moleskine Music Journal, $18, Blick Art

It can be easy to spot a musician. Usually, they're tapping a beat with a pencil or playing chords in their mind. Luckily, you can gift them a Moleskine music journal to make sure none of their brilliant ideas are forgotten.


For The Snacker

Uncommon Goods

Microwave Popcorn Popper, $15, Uncommon Goods

Some people take their snacks very seriously. And thanks to this microwave popcorn popper, an avid snacker can make a batch of popcorn without any oil. How's that for a healthy alternative?


The Jetsetter


Gallivanter Clear To Go Bags, $18, Sephora

People who are always on the go know how crazy packing can get. With this set of set Sephora Gallivanter Clear to go bags, they'll be able to easily pinpoint where everything is. It will make packing (and unpacking) that much simpler.


For The Coffee Addict

Bando Thermal Mug, $14, Bando

If a coffee lover was just added to your holiday shopping list, pick up a "But First, Coffee" thermal mug. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it's pretty darn cute, too.


For The Chef


Paperchase Holiday Confetti Recipe Book, $15, Target

Although Pinterest comes in handy, some people love the physical aspect of recipe books. This is especially true if some recipes have been handwritten by loved ones. Sound like someone you know? Gift a Paperchase holiday confetti recipe book from Target.


For The Tea Drinker


Baby Nessie Tea Infuser, $11, Amazon

Like coffee, tea doubles as morning fuel for some. Keep things fun and interesting with this adorable baby Nessie tea infuser by Ototo. This is another one that would pair especially well with a box of delicious teas.


For The Hogwarts Student

Her Secret Flames / Etsy

Snitch Bracelet, $9, Etsy

If you know someone who would love nothing more than to receive an admissions letter to Hogwarts, buy this snitch bracelet by Her Secret Flames on Etsy. It might not be an owl, but it sure is cute.


For The Fitness Fiend


Captain Blankenship's Mermaid Dry Shampoo, $24, Sephora

Gym rats, personal trainers, and joggers can make excellent use of freshening products on the go. A gift like Captain Blankenship's Mermaid Dry Shampoo can be a crucial addition to their gym bag.


For The Yogi

Dave and Athena / Etsy

Yoga Mat Spray, $14, Etsy

With yoga becoming a more popular practice, there's a good chance that you'll have a yogi on your shopping list. Consider gifting a soothing yoga mat spray by Etsy seller Dave and Athena. It can even double as an air freshener for the room or car.