22 Surprisingly Affordable Home Products On Amazon With Extremely High Consumer Reports Ratings

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There's nothing wrong with associating quality with price because, most of the time (sadly), the less you spend on an item, the more likely it is to fall apart after a few uses. But these surprisingly affordable home and beauty products on Amazon with extremely high Consumer Reports ratings are the exception to the rule. Each one of these brilliant gadgets or products is at the top of its class, but won't require taking out a loan or going without dinner to own them.

In case you aren't sure what all of the fuss about Consumer Reports is, the independent, nonprofit organization is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to unbiased reviews of products we need, love, and desperately want. Learning that a certain vacuum is both the highest ranked model and the most affordable is seriously helpful.

Consumer Reports takes several aspects of a product and category into consideration, so you can be sure when a best-selling antioxidant-rich sunscreen (also on this list) nabs a score of 100 or a water-resistant sunscreen for kids is touted as gentle enough for a baby's skin, there's a ton of research and thought behind those statements.

And, lucky for us, not all incredible products with great ratings have to cost a fortune. Here are 22 items that boast really high Consumer Reports scores and are actually affordable.

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