22 Toys For Kids On Amazon With Great Reviews That Are Well-Deserved

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Shopping on Amazon is amazing when you need paper towels, a sports bra, a birthday present for that kid’s party in two days that you forgot about until just now, ground coffee... while having (almost) everything under the sun on one website is helpful, it’s also daunting, like going to an ice cream shop that boasts 55 flavors. Because I know you don’t have time to sift through endless options, I’ve rounded up 22 kids toys on Amazon with awesome reviews. You could use Amazon’s filter feature to only see toys that have received four or more stars from reviewers, but you’d need to carve out a full evening after putting your kids to sleep to do so, because there are literally 400 pages of results.

I know when confronted with thousands of options, I’m either going to get overwhelmed and leave empty-handed, or I’m likely to make a random, impulsive decision (which is exactly how my 6-year-old niece ended up with a stuffed wombat for her birthday). Nerdy fact alert: A 2004 book by Barry Schwartz called The Paradox Of Choice argued that having fewer choices actually makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience for the consumer. I’ve done the sifting for you and rounded up the 22 highly rated toys on Amazon, and best of all, you have plenty of time to Prime before the holidays.

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