Your Kids Won't Be Bored This Summer With These 23 Beach Toys From Amazon

Digging my toes into a sandy beach and feeling the sun on my face and the ocean wind in my hair sounds like one of the most relaxing ways I can think of to spend a summer day. However, in order for this mom of four to relax on the beach, I need my kids to be occupied. Lucky for me, Amazon Prime can have fun beach toys delivered to my door in two days or less — these 23 beach toys from Amazon will keep kids entertained all summer.

Living on the Texas gulf coast, we take frequent beach trips each summer, so I know exactly which toys my kids will tire of playing with in 15 minutes versus the ones that will keep them entertained for hours on end for trip after trip to the beach. Shoveling sand and filling up water pails are definitely incredible ways to keep kids busy at the beach, but sometimes you need to up your beach toy game to keep kids occupied.

From simple and classic, to new and inventive, these 23 beach toys from Amazon are all great for making sure that your kids stay out of your hair so that you can get in some peaceful moments on the beach this summer.