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23 Black Friday Memes To Help You Deal With The Madness

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year, even though I'm not a shopper who is willing to fight someone for a blender or leave my house for Walmart on Thanksgiving Day. But I like that it's the "official" start of the holiday season and that it means I get to hear my favorite Christmas carols while scoring some great deals on gifts. But the madness, and Black Friday memes that come from it, are abundant, because the chaos is unreal.

If you're one of those shoppers that's first in line for Best Buy or Target, then I salute you. I have no idea how you do it. I'm more of a "head into Macy's on Black Friday around 10 a.m." shopper, and I'm plenty happy with the chaos that ensues there. When stores used to actually open on Black Friday instead of Thanksgiving, my family and I were always first in line for Macy's opening at 5 a.m. Of course, there were no TVs to grab or hot toys to snatch as soon as you walked in the door. Instead, we wanted to grab the limited edition Disney snow globes Macy's used to pass out and were plenty satisfied. (But if you think my granny wasn't willing to throw a right hook to secure her Mickey Mouse Christmas decoration, then you're wrong.)

So no matter where you are on the Black Friday spectrum, if you're an online shopper or first in line for Walmart, these 23 Black Friday memes are sure to make you smile, nod in agreement, or maybe feel a little nervous because wow, that one meme sounds just like you.


All The Boxes

Last year, my Christmas shopping came solely in the form of Amazon boxes. Had I known then what I know now about toddlers, I could've kept the boxes as presents from Santa instead of all the actual toys.


Oh Hey, You're Broke

This is too accurate. And a little heartbreaking. I didn't know I needed a new crock pot until they were all on sale.



This is basically me in every store on Black Friday. Where do I start?


Oh About That

I mean, I'm still just as thankful. But if I can be thankful and have a new TV, then why not, right?


The Truth Hurts

Plus the rebates. And the doorbusters. And the free gift and and and . . .


OK, But Math Sucks

No, please don't come in here with your logic and ruin a good thing, OK?



Help me.


Worth It

And we'll never have to find that d*mn Netflix remote again.


Oh Canada

They'd probably give you the last TV just because they're nice. Not in 'Merica.


Online Shopping Forever

I've been hovering over my computer mouse for two days now. I'm ready.


Who Needs Electricity?

Forget the heat. You can just snuggle in all your Black Friday shopping bags.


So Basically The Same

Except zombies would never make it. They would totally get trampled.


Be Prepared

Just embody Daryl and Maggie, and you'll make it, OK?


When People Say Maybe They Will Go Shopping On Black Friday . . .

That's right. Take it all in. That does say 50 percent off, yes. I've taught you well, young Jedi.


Grumpy Cat Says It All

Especially when some of them still got the deals I wanted.


Run, Forrest, Run

Don't look back. Don't make eye contact. Just run.



Yes, but I need more things to be thankful for. Also, I need gifts. You know, for those I'm thankful for.


Let The Games Commence

OK, this one's true and a little hurtful. But d*mmit, someone has to win.


Me, In Every Store

No, I don't need a new sweater, but OMG DEALS.


Hey, Crock Pots Are Life

I mean, do you know how much a crock pot will save your life? Worth it.


I Can Get With This Logic

So maybe put Black Friday back to Friday instead of Thanksgiving? Just a thought.


Oh, Now I'm Sad

Stop shopping on Thanksgiving, y'all. Use your phone at the table for those online deals and everyone's happy.


Except Those TVs Are In-Store Only

OK. Grab your bottles of water. Get your aspirin. Put on your comfy shoes. Let's do this.