23 Easy First Halloween Costumes, Because Your Baby Will Never Go For A Peacock Costume

Halloween is one of the best parts about being a parent. Seeing your kid get all excited for candy, helping them plan the perfect costume, and watching Hocus Pocus until you can recite it is like magic. Unless it's your baby's first Halloween. Look, it's a big deal and it's still fun, but your kid could care less about what they wear considering they can't even gnaw on that caramel apple you're holding. That's why having some easy first Halloween costumes in your mind can make the holiday that much better.

Extra bonus? You can ignore all of the Pinterest guilt you feel every time you log on to your boards. (Or is that just me that feels the guilt?) I love handmade costumes, but the thing is, sometimes your kid just wants to be a Ninja Turtle, right? And sometimes it's cheaper to buy a costume than it is to spend a fortune on supplies and then stuff that costume in a box on November 1 because your kid will never dress as the Cowardly Lion again.

That's why these 23 Halloween costumes are perfect for your baby's first Halloween. They are no-fuss, easy, and budget-friendly. Plus, they're still super cute and people will be able to tell what your baby's dressed as. (Major bonus after you spend all that time an energy on something, right?) Happy trick or treating.



The quintessential first Halloween costume, right? But you don't have to buy an expensive pumpkin costume no one will ever wear again. Grab an orange long sleeve pumpkin onesie ($5), green and white striped leggings ($6), an orange beanie ($1) and some green tulle ($7). (Hey, who doesn't need a spool of green tulle in the house?) Cut a few pieces of the green tulle to make like a stem and use a little bit of fabric glue or needle and thread to attach it to the top of the beanie. Dress your baby in the onesie and leggings and boom — pumpkin. Bonus: The pumpkin onesie can be worn all October long and the leggings can be used during Christmas and Saint Patrick's Day.



I'm going to make this one real easy for you — pick up some skeleton pajamas ($11) and a black hat ($4). You now have a tiny baby skeleton. Those skeleton pajamas can also get some extra wear and it never hurts to have a black hat in your closet, right?


Black Cat

My daughter was a black cat for her first Halloween, but everyone thought she was a penguin, so I'm going to make this one even better for you and your little kitten. You'll need a long sleeve black onesie ($4), black leggings ($4), white felt ($4), black felt ($4), white socks ($5) and a black hat ($4). Cut a piece of white felt into an oblong shape and fabric glue it to the front of the onesie. Cut a piece of the black felt into two cat ear shapes and the white felt into smaller versions of the black pieces. Glue the white ear felt on top of the black ear felt and fabric glue these to the hat. You can also cut a long tail shape out of the black felt and glue it to the butt of the onesie. (Take it from me — don't stuff it. It's fine if it's a flat tail.) Don't forget to use eyeliner to make a sweet little kitten nose and whiskers.


Max From 'Where The Wild Things Are'

He's brave, he's imaginative, and he's King of All Wild Things. Let your little one start the wild rumpus and dress them up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. These costumes can be pretty pricey, but with a little creativity, you can whip up your own version. You'll need a white pair of hooded pajamas ($18), gray faux fur ($7), gold felt ($4), black felt ($4), some cardboard, and a sharpie. (Save those Amazon Prime boxes for excellent cardboard use.) Cut four circles out of the cardboard and use the marker to make them look like buttons. Using double stick tape (so those pajamas can be worn again), stick the cardboard buttons down the front of the outfit. Cut some of the fur to use as a tail (double stick tape can work again here) and cut the black felt into claws to tape to the feet of the pajamas. Finally, use the gold felt to make your baby's crown and glue it together so it will sit a little large on their head. Don't forget to glue some of the faux fur around the base of the crown.



Come on, who doesn't love a cow? Especially if your baby's just learning to moo. You'll need white hooded pajamas ($18), white felt ($4), and black felt ($4). Cut circles out of the black felt to stick to the white pajamas (including the hood) and use white felt to make some cute little cow ears. Bonus points if you use some old bottle nipples laying around the house to make udders.



Everyone's favorite fairy can be turned into some elaborate costumes, but for your baby's first Halloween, you can't go wrong with a simple, easy Tinkerbell costume. Get a plain green dress ($13), white tulle ($5), green baby socks ($5), and a couple of white cotton balls ($1). Cut the white tulle into wing shapes and attach them to the back of the green dress. They won't stay up, but chances are your little one won't care too much and will prefer the comfort of wings that stay flat. Attach one cotton ball to the top of each green sock to complete Tinkerbell's footwear. If you want to be super authentic, you can cut the hem of the dress so it matches Tinkerbell, but if you want another wear out of it, just leave it as is.


Peter Pan

Peter Pan has just as easy of a costume as his companion Tinkerbell, and it is seriously adorable. Grab some green leggings ($9), a green collared shirt ($5), brown ribbon ($2), green felt ($4), a red feather ($3), and brown socks ($2). Make sure you buy the collared shirt a little larger than usual so it hangs like a tunic on your kiddo. Cut the hem so it's jagged and once it's on your baby, tie some brown ribbon around their waist. Using the green felt, cut it to your baby's head size and fold it so it makes an easy hat, sticking the red feather in the top. Add the green leggings and the socks ,and Peter Pan has arrived.


Boo From 'Monsters, Inc.'

Boo is pretty much the cutest character to ever come out of Disney, plus her Monsters, Inc. costume is super simple. If your baby has enough hair, make sure to do pigtails and then dress them up in an oversized pink t-shirt ($5), purple leggings ($5), and white socks ($5). Super cute, comfy, and you can re-use all the items.



Baby Piglet makes me want to cry because of how cute the costume is, plus you know I'm all for re-using the items you need. Get a pink striped onesie ($8), pink tights ($7), hot pink felt ($4), and a pink hat ($2). Use the felt to cut two long ears for piglet and attach them to the hat. Get your baby dressed in everything else and done.


Garden Gnome

There are few things cuter than a sweet little garden gnome, unless you dress your baby up as one. You'll need an oversized blue long sleeved shirt ($5), green leggings ($9), red felt ($4), white felt ($4), black felt ($4), gold felt ($4), and red socks ($2). Because the blue shirt is larger than your baby's normal size, it can look like a tunic, especially if you cut the hem into a jagged edge. Cut the black felt into the shape of a belt and use the gold felt to create a buckle to glue on the belt. The red felt can be cut into a cone shape, perfect for a gnome hat, and the white felt can be cut to look like a beard. Just glue it right at the collar of the blue shirt so it looks like it's coming from your baby's chin. Add the leggings and socks and your little one looks like the perfect fairy tale garden gnome.



Who doesn't love strawberries? (Well, my kid doesn't because she's allergic, but I digress.) The costume is super cute and easy to whip together with green and white striped leggings ($6), red long sleeved onesie ($9), black felt ($4), green felt ($4), and a green hat ($10). Cut the black felt into shapes so they resemble seeds and go to town gluing them all over the red onesie. Use the green felt to cut shapes that look like the leaves on the top of a strawberry and glue them around the collar of the onesie. Add the leggings and hat and you're good to go.



Pick up a long sleeved white gown ($6), some black felt ($4), and a white hat ($5) to turn your baby into the perfect little ghost. Cut the black felt into the perfect round ghost eyes and mouth, glue them to the gown, add the hat, and BOO. #GhostStatus



Polka dots are cute anyway, but throw them on a ladybug costume and it's just adorable. Grab a red onesie ($9), some black felt ($4), black tights ($5), a black stretchy headband ($5), and black pipe cleaners ($1). Cut the spots out of the black felt and attach them to the onesie. Then use the pip cleaners to create antennae by looping them through the stretchy headband so they stay up. With the tights added, your baby will make the perfect ladybug.



You had no idea a bat costume could be so simple and so darling did you? Get a long sleeve black onesie ($4), black tights ($5), some fun black material ($5), black felt ($4), and a black hat ($4). Cut the black material into a bat wing shape and attach it from the armpit to the wrist on both arms of the onesie. If you sew, break out the old needle and thread, otherwise rely on that trusty fabric glue. Then cut the felt into bat ears and attach to the back hat. Voila. Ozzy Osbourne is so jealous of your baby.



A mummy and her mummy — is there anything cuter? Look, this one is super simple. You need a long sleeved white gown ($6), a white hat ($5), and a roll of white crepe paper ($1). Randomly cut some strips of crepe paper and double-stick tape them to the gown. Loosely wrap a few pieces, but make sure you don't keep a lot of them up close by your baby's neck or face.


Strong Man

Let your baby show off their muscles in this adorable World's Strongest Man costume. You'll need some red leggings ($6), a striped onesie ($7), and an inflatable barbell ($6). Don't forget to use your eyeliner or face paint to draw on a cute little mustache.


Charlie Brown

Use that bald head to your advantage, mama. Get a yellow top ($2), some black shorts ($6), black socks ($7), and use a large black fabric marker to make that famous zig-zag design across the second half of the shirt. Super easy and super cute.


Aerobics Instructor

Bring back the 80s, when wearing neon leg warmers and jumping around to Cyndi Lauper was the epitome of fit. Dress your little "Let's Get Physical" star in hot pink leg warmers ($9), bright leggings ($4), a neon onesie ($8), and a bright headband ($8).



Your kid's most likely only wearing one sock, so this should be a cinch for you Harry Potter fans. You'll need some white socks ($5), a beige or white pillowcase ($7), a beige hat ($10), and some beige felt ($4). Cut the bottom of the pillow case so there's a hole large enough for your baby's head and then cut two arm holes big enough so that your kid's arms can go through and you can pull the shoulders up and tie them together so it looks sleeveless. Cut some long, Dobby-shaped ears out of the felt and attach them to the beige hat. Add one sock and you're good to go.



Hey, I'm not judging here. A Chucky costume sounds pretty top notch to me, especially if your baby's sporting some ginger locks. You'll need some denim overalls ($12), a long sleeved striped shirt ($9), and some tennis shoe booties ($11). I'm going to guess your kiddo won't wear a red wig, so just be sure to hand them a knife so everyone knows who they are. (Kidding. Don't do that.)


Ace Ventura

Oh come on, you know this is the best idea ever right? First, please make sure your child's hair is all over the place. Then dress them in a printed button down shirt ($8), a pair of cargo shorts ($10), and, of course, a pink tutu ($7). If you and your partner want to go as Finkle and Marino, I wouldn't blame you one bit.