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These 23 Games You Can Play On Alexa Are Perfect For Filling Awkward Silences

by Lindsay E. Mack

The next time you're bored and need a little mental stimulation, look to your Amazon Alexa for fun. Seriously, the little virtual assistant is programmed to play. There are so many games you can play on Alexa that you'll wonder why people even own separate gaming systems. From brain-melting trivia to interactive storytelling games, the more playful side of Alexa is pretty great.

First released in 2014, Alexa is the virtual assistant developed by Amazon. As the name implies, it's useful for tons of household tasks. At present, Alexa can play music, control smart home devices, answer questions, and more. In addition to these useful skills, it's also able to play a ton of different games, which you can find on the skills site of Amazon. (Skills are basically apps for Alexa.) Whether you're playing alone or with a whole household of people, there's a game perfect for your mood. Big names such as Jeopardy! and Trivial Pursuit offer Alexa skill games, and that's just the beginning of its vast trivia selection. There are also plenty of interactive storytelling games, as well as tons of kid-friendly options. Ward off boredom by challenging your family to these innovative and sometimes hilarious Alexa games.


Would You Rather? For Family

Need to spice up your next dinner party? Just say, "Alexa, play Would You Rather," and watch as the entire room gets super into this game. Although they're family-friendly, the questions can still get weird and hilarious. Really, though: would you rather have fur or feathers?


The Magic Door

An interactive adventure game, The Magic Door will have you exploring dark forests and tropical islands in no time. It's like a new version of the choose-your-own-adventure stories.



You can already hear the theme music in your head. Test your knowledge with new trivia clues every day by playing Jeopardy!, and you can even play the same categories that appeared on the latest episode.


Hide And Seek

Open the Hide and Seek skill, then try to hide somewhere in the room while Alexa makes three guesses about your whereabouts. Yep, tech is smart enough to take part in classic kid games now.


Question Of The Day

It's daily trivia about everything from British royals to '80s nostalgia. Question of the Day is a wildly popular skill, with nearly 6,000 ratings and an average 4.8/5.


Yes Sire

As a lord of the realm, you have to make wise choices for your kingdom in Yes Sire. This game might fill the void in your life left by Game of Thrones.


Official Harry Potter Quiz

Don't let all your knowledge of Hogwarts go to waste. Play the Harry Potter Quiz with questions and answers based on the audiobooks.


Song Quiz

This is another hugely popular skill. Song Quiz challenges you to guess the title and artist of songs that range from the 1960s to today. How well do you know Top 40 songs?


Escape The Room

Escape The Room lets you get out of an escape room any time or place, as long as you solve a puzzle first.


Trivial Pursuit Tap

It's another classic game brought to the virtual world. Trivial Pursuit Tap pits players against one another in this fast-paced trivia game.


Freeze Dancers

Freeze Dancers is like a modern version of Simon Says with music. It's geared toward kids, but the game works for anyone who needs a silly dance break.


Who Drinks?

Use Who Drinks? to get the (grown-up) party going with a good old-fashioned drinking game.


My Pet Rock

Yep, it's the next stage of virtual pets. My Pet Rock will take walks, eat, and play at your command.


True Or False

It's a simple question, but the game itself can get pretty wild. Test your trivia knowledge about the world with True Or False.



This fast-paced word game will have you scrambling for answers. Categories challenges you to come up with words that begin with a specific letter for each category.


Division Network

Pretend you're in the middle of a Tom Clancy novel by playing Division Network. You'll help save the world from a pandemic in this storytelling game.



Open Storyflow to jump into adventures narrated by professional voice actors and filled with sound effects. Best of all, you get to make decisions about the storytelling process along the way.


Kids Quiz!

If your kids are budding trivia fans, then this game is a must. Kids Quiz! has fun info about animals, brainteasers, and cool facts.


Animal Workout

Need to help your kids burn off some energy on a rainy day? Animal Workout lets your kids pretend to be different animals as they perform different exercises.


Angel Investor

For fans of Shark Tank, this game is a must. Angel Investor encourages players to make millions out of $10,000 in this fun game about venture capitalism.


World Detective

Show off your geography knowledge with this game. World Detective relies on clues about international cities, rivers, and culture to solve crimes.


Feel The Pressure

Answer a question based on a letter of the alphabet. It sounds simple, but Feel The Pressure is one of those trivia games that just gets to you.


The Sims

Everyone's favorite simulated people are celebrated in this skill. Test your knowledge of The Sims trivia or play music from any of the games.

Whether you're into trivia with some deep cuts, or raucous party games that get everyone laughing, these games for Alexa are pretty addictive and super entertaining.