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23 Girl Names Inspired By 2016 Olympic Female Athletes


When you're naming your future daughter, you likely want to choose a namesake or meaning that will inspire and encourage her as she grows up. Even if the meaning behind a name isn't your top priority, there's something to be said about naming your baby after a person or public figure you admire and respect — giving your child someone to look up to all their life. And with the Olympics in Rio going on right now, there's no shortage of inspiring woman. Baby girl names inspired by 2016 Olympic female athletes will no doubt start popping up as people learn the stories of the women representing our country.

When you think about it, naming your child after an Olympic athlete is about as inspiring as it gets. The dedication, strength, determination, and patience of these women is more than admirable, making them the perfect namesakes.

Regardless of your favorite event in the Olympics this year, the women behind the teams and events are truly making history, breaking records, and shattering expectations. It only makes sense to carry on the legacy for the next generation, whether or not you think you'll raise the next Olympic champion.

1. Gabby

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A former member of the Fierce Five 20-year-old Gabby Douglas is heading back to Rio for another attempt at gold. Her full name is Gabriella, which means "God is my strength."

2. Mallory

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Mallory Pugh is number two on the U.S. soccer team. Her name means "unfortunate," but is gorgeous in the face of it's meaning.

3. Claressa

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According to Team USA, Claressa Shields was the first U.S. woman to win a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics, and is set to do great things this year as well. Her name is a variation of Clarissa which means "bright or clear."

4. Madison


Madison Kocian is a 19-year-old U.S. gymnast whose name means "son of Maud" and is a great gender-neutral option.

5. Hali

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American swimmer Hali Flickinger specializes in butterfly, freestyle, and individual medley, according to her bio on USA Swimming. The name is a variation of Haley, and means "the sea" in Greek.

6. Alisha

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Alisha Glass is on the U.S. indoor volleyball team and was named best female player of the year in both 2013 and 2014, according to Team USA. Her name means "protected by God."

7. Lily


Lily Ann Zhang is a 20-year-old American table tennis player. Her name is an English flower that has a light-hearted feel.

8. Evelyn

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Evelyn Stevens is a 23-year-old cyclist who holds the current UCI Hour record, according to her website. Her name means "wished for child" and is a derivitive of Eve.

9. Brittney


Brittney Reese, is an American track and field athlete whose name is a variation of Brittany meaning "from Britain."

10. Kelsey

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Kelsey Robinson, whose name means "island", is on the U.S. volleyball team.

11. Helen

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Helen means "bright, shining light," and is definitely applicable to American wrestler Helen Maroulis.

12. Tianna

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Tianna Bartoletta is the 2005 and 2006 world champion for both indoor and outdoor long jump, according to USA Track and Field, and is set to compete in multiple events in Rio. Her name is a variation of Tatiana, and is a Russian family name.

13. Colleen

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Colleen Quigley, whose name means "girl" in Irish, is a middle-distance runner who, according to Runner's World, gave up her career as a model to be an athlete.

14. Seimone

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American basketball player Seimone Augustus' name is an alternative pronunciation of Simone which means "hearkening."

15. Becky

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Becky Sauerbrunn is on the women's soccer team, and her name is short for Rebecca, which means "servant of god."

16. Shalane

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Four-time Olympain Shalane Flanagan has a unique, invented name with an unknown meaning. According to her website, running is in Flanagan's genes, as her mother was a former world record holder as well.

17. Sloane


Tennis player Sloane Stevens is ranked number 22 in the Women's Tennis Association, according to ESPN. Her name means "raider" in Irish.

18. Emma

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Emma Coburn is a middle-distance steeple chase runner from a small town in Colorado, according to an article in Women's Running. Her name means "universal," and is a popular baby girl's name.

19. Stacy

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Short for Anastasia, which means "resurrection," Stacy Lewis is an American golf player and was ranked number one in the world, according to her website.

20. Inika

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With a beautifully unique name, Inika McPherson is an American track and field runner specializing in high jump. Her name has Indian roots and means "earth."

21. Kassidy

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Kassidy Cook, whose name is a variation of Cassidy that "curly-haired," is a 21-year-old American diver.

22. Jackie

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Jackie Galloway is a full-time college student and professional taekwondo Olympic athlete, according to Team USA. Her name means "supplanter" and is a nickname for Jacquelyn.

23. Aly

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Aly Raisman, short for Alexandra meaning "defending men," is an American artistic gymnast.