Siblings playing in an empty box: kids share what they loved about quarantine during the coronavirus...
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23 Kids Share What They Loved Most About Quarantine *Grabs A Tissue*

If you thought that all children hated quarantine, think again. Some young ones were living their best lives by being at home during the COVID-19 crisis. But as the transition back is underway, many children are going to miss, what was in their eyes, the perks of the pandemic. Here, 23 kids share what they loved most about quarantining at home with their family.

Of course, that’s not to say that the coronavirus hasn't created chaos in all of our lives. But while parents scrambled to get face masks and wrap their heads around distance learning, many of our kids were, in turn, enjoying the benefits of being safe at home... and near the snacks. “The vast majority of children are adaptable and resilient, even more so than adults,” Dr. Fran Walfish, Psy.D., a child psychologist in Beverly Hills and author of The Self-Aware Parent, tells Romper in an email. “The number one positive thing about the pandemic that kids adore is the extra time they got to spend with their parents at home, and the group experience of family.” In fact, being stuck in close quarters has actually helped families grow closer as they found better ways to communicate.

And again, the ability to incessantly snack cannot be understated.

So from baking to bonding, playing games and being in PJs all day, children have certainly survived (and even thrived) during the quarantine. So if their answers below are any indication, one thing’s for certain, momma: the kids are all right.


Freyda, age 7

“Wearing PJs all day. Sometimes I didn't even change them, but no one saw me so I don’t care.”


Alexander, age 5

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“I got a lot of snacks! More than when I'm in school. I like snacks better than lunch and dinner.”


Sophie, age 12

“I loved not going on the bus. I sometimes get bullied on the bus, and to not have to see those kids everyday has been great.”


Michael, age 6

“I hate school lunch. Having chicken nuggets and pizza at home almost every day has been awesome!"


Mikah, age 11

“Being able to get up later! My bus usually comes at 7:45 in the morning, and since we were doing distance learning, I’ve been able to sleep until 10:30 — but my mom doesn’t want me to tell anyone that.”


Natalie, age 10

“Best part: being home. I’m an introvert, and I like being home and not seeing anyone. I mean, I see my friends when we play games online, but I don’t feel a need to see them in person, really.”


Becca, age 8

“Naps! I don’t get to take naps during the afternoon anymore when I’ve been in school. And since I’d finish school by 2:30 and already be home, I could just jump in my bed and sleep a couple of hours. I’m going to miss that now that I’m going back to school.”


Adele, age 7

“I liked having my mom as a teacher. She was a lot nicer than my real one.”


Peter, age 9

“I get to eat at my desk, which is something that the teachers would never allow. I also chew gum and pop bubbles loudly, which got me in trouble once in class. My dad doesn’t care.”


Elijah, age 8

“Being on my computer all day has been so much fun. Normally, my parents yell at me for being on it all the time, but now since we learn remotely, I have to be on it. I try to get my schoolwork done fast so I can play games and I don’t tell them.”


Marcus, age 10

“I get nervous a lot, and sometimes I find being in school stressful. Since we started doing distance learning, I feel calmer and less stressed out. That’s why I’m going to stay home and distance learn, even though I could go back to school. My parents are happy that I feel better and don’t want me to feel so anxious all the time.”


D’Shaun, age 11

“Although I didn’t like the amount of work that we got (it was way too many worksheets), I liked the way that I could pace myself at home.”


Paige, age 5

“I liked playing with my dog all day. I missed her a lot when I was in school.”


Leah, age 8

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“We’ve taken a lot of walks in the past few months. We would walk around our neighborhood, sometimes in the middle of the day just for all of us to get a break. And I liked that time with my mom and my brother, even if he is really annoying most of the time.”


Wyatt, age 7

“I got to play with my toys a lot more, and we have more time to eat together. Sometimes I eat breakfast on the way to school, but being home we eat at the table. I like it better than having to eat so fast in the car.”


Ella, age 6

“I like not having to do something everyday. Sometimes we have so many things to do and I just want to be home and relax.”


Christopher, age 9

“My teachers are nice, but I don’t miss them that much. Having my mom for a teacher to help me has been fun. Most of the time.”


Yvonne, age 5

“I like playing with my baby sister. We spend a lot of time together and she's so cute and squishy.”


Ava, age 8

“I got to spend more time with my family. We did lots of fun things like baking and crafts, which is my favorite thing to do. We made macarons and soaps with bits of dried flowers. ”


Olivia, age 12

“I hear the news, and it’s so scary. Being at home has made me feel a lot safer.”


Lucas, age 6

“We get to play puzzles! I love puzzles, and we never have time to do them. Now, we do.”


Laila, age 5

“We bake a lot of cookies. I like chocolate chip cookies the best.”


William, age 7

“My mom lets me play video games when I want. And I get snacks. It’s, like, the perfect life.”