23 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer About Your Partner If You're Really Soulmates

I never believed in soulmates until I met my boyfriend. I always figured that everybody had someone that was meant for them at a certain time in their life. But a soulmate? Someone you share an immediate connection with and continue to feel that way for your whole life? I wasn't so sure until I met him, and then I just knew. But even if I wasn’t 100 percent sold on the idea, there are easily some questions you should be able to about your partner to determine if they really are soulmate status.

The questions vary from the deep, inciteful inquiries to slightly vein queries. There are questions you should be able to answer that help further your connection, like on your soulmate's values or dreams. And there are those little things you should know in order to be the best partner for your SO. What makes them happy? What are they afraid of?

All of your communication and intimacy should give you insight into these 23 questions about your soulmate. If you know that the two of you connect when it comes to a positive outlook in situations, then you can answer correctly if they're an optimist or a pessimist. Keep in mind that if you're unsure of some of these, it doesn't mean you need to break up immediately. Instead, focus on learning the answers so you can feel confident in the fact that you are with the one your soul love.


What's On Their Bucket List?

You don't have to know the entire list, but you should be able to mention a few items on your partner's bucket list. That knowledge means the two of you have talked about dreams and desires. Even if it's something as simple as they want to see a baseball game at Fenway Park, it matters.


Do They Want Children?

Huge, right? Whether you want children or not is irrelevant at the moment. You need to know if your partner wants children and what that means to them. Is it something they can't live without? Is it something they can compromise on?


What Are Their Political Leanings?

You don't always have to agree with your soulmate on their political leanings, but it's important to know their world views, especially on social and economic issues.


What Are They Afraid Of?

It doesn't matter what your partner is afraid of, what matters is that you know so you're able to help in a situation. If they're afraid of severe weather, then you'll know to be more comforting and reassuring to them during a bad storm.


What Do They Love About You?

This is a question that benefits both of you as it gives you insight into what your partner values about you and your relationship. Maybe they love the way you take charge of a situation or how close you are with your family, and from there you can gather what's important to them.


What Is Their Love Language?

When you know your partner's love language, you're able to communicate effectively and make them feel loved with your actions.


What Stresses Them Out?

Like fears, it doesn't matter if their stressors make sense to you or not. It's all about being able to connect with your SO.


What Are Their Goals In Life?

Similar to their Bucket List, knowing your partner's goals means knowing their ambitions and how you can help make them a reality.


What Is Their Biggest Irritation?

What really sets your partner off? Is there a specific act that can put them instantly in a bad mood? You don't want to walk on eggshells around an SO, but knowing their irritations can make things easier when they seem aggravated out of knowhere.


What Inspires Them?

Inspiration and motivation go hand-in-hand, so knowing what inspires your soulmate means knowing what helps them overcome obstacles to achieve those goals they have.


How Do They Handle Their Emotions?

You have a connection as soulmates, but that doesn't mean the two of you always react in the same way. If you haven't seen your partner in a variety of situations or you have no idea how they handle their own emotions, that needs to change. People can be unpredictable, sure, but it's comforting to know how your SO will act if they lose a family member, if someone makes them angry, or even if they're overwhelmed with life.


How Do They Like To Relax?

Bubble baths? Coloring books? Going for a run? Knowing how to keep your partner calm is incredibly helpful, especially when you meet them at the door after a long day with their favorite form of relaxation.


What Makes Them Laugh?

There are going to be days when your soulmate needs some cheering up, and if you know that Family Guy clips do that for them, then you are exactly what they need in life.


What Little Things Make Them Happy?

It's easy to figure out what makes most people happy, but you should know about the little, everyday things that make your partner smile. A hot cup of coffee in bed? A rainy day? Like making them laugh, you can utilize this knowledge when your partner needs a pick-me-up, but it also proves to you the type of person they are and can make you feel closer to them because you love the same things.


Are They An Optimist Or Pessimist?

My boyfriend is a total optimist, and knowing that means I can turn to him when I'm having terrible day and know he can find the bright side.


What Do They Value Most Out Of Life?

Chances are, it's the same thing you value and that makes achieving your dreams together a whole lot easier.


What Qualities Do They Love About Themselves?

I'm willing to bet that you love the same things about them that they love about themselves. When you can answer what your soulmate loves most about their own personality, mind, and body, you know what they're most confident in.


What Traits Do They Dislike About Themselves?

Because you love everything about your soulmate, so you're able to showcase the things they dislike as the things you love to help them gain confidence.


What Did They Want To Be When They Were Younger?

If you haven't talked about their personality as a kid, it's basically like you don't know them at all. My best friend claims this is her favorite thing to ask someone, and I have to agree.


What Is Their Favorite Junk Food?

Because you need to know how to comfort them on the bad days, right? Sour Patch Kids and nachos please.


What Has Been The Hardest Moment Of Their Life So Far?

You've got to talk about the hard stuff, especially with your soulmate. The hardest thing may be the loss of a family member or the betrayal of a best friend. Knowing this gives you insight into how they think about themselves and what's always been important to them.


Who Do They Miss?

A family member? A best friend? A dog? You may find that your soulmate's idea of loss or missing someone is different from yours, which can only benefit your connection and communication.


Who Is Their Favorite 'Friends' Character?

Can you call yourselves soulmates if you don't know the answer to this question? It literally tells you everything you ever need to know about them.

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