a rustic nursery with gray crib and yellow blanket

23 Rustic Baby Nursery Ideas With The Cutest, Coziest Details

In the months leading up to your baby’s birth, so much is intangible. You might not yet know if you’re having a boy or a girl, or what you're going to name your newest addition. Designing a nursery is a fun, productive way to picture your baby in the outside world (when at the moment they're just a mysterious creature with its foot in your rib and a hand on your bladder). These 23 rustic nursery ideas are timeless and elegant; the style blends rugged elements like wood and antlers with soft, simple textures and earthy colors — details to create a space that's appropriate and inviting for many years to come.

Whether you opt for wallpaper (or stencils), a rich paint color, or a shiplap wall, these nurseries have one important thing in common: They all feel warm and safe. Because while of course you want to create a nursery your baby will feel nurtured by, you also want to make sure you feel relaxed and happy when you enter the space. Let's face it: You’re going to be spending a lot of late night hours sitting in the dark room feeding and dozing (er, full blown snoring) in the rocking chair.


Woven Elements

This nursery pops because of the way the luxe textures pair with the neutral colors. The whites and pinks of the furniture and walls exude warmth, while the wicker bassinet and the cozy, simple textiles lend a rustic charm to the sweet space.


Dark Wood Shiplap

First of all, this crib is amazing — it's hearty and makes a statement while remaining inviting and comfortable. The wood-on-wood is timeless, and the details like the beam and the lanterns make for a memorable room.


A Stenciled Outdoorsy Pattern

Nurseries don't have to use dark colors or wood to be rustic, and this is a perfect example. The accent wall of this bright room looks like it's covered in evergreen wallpaper, but the pattern is actually made with a stencil. So cool.


Neutral With A Twist

The layered rugs and circular mirror give this room a mid-century vibe, but the rich textures and heavy wooden elements also have a rustic edge. Deep green is used as an unexpected gender-neutral color, and the shade is echoed again in the live plants that give the room a kind of airiness.


Mixed Materials

This nursery, with its books and animals, looks so bright and happy. The shiplap wall and lettered name sign have a farmhouse chicness, and the light chair and fun textiles give a joyfulness to the room. And can we talk about the perfect bookshelves?


A Rustic Focal Point

The chevron wood paired with a mossy green paint makes for a beautiful accent wall. I love how the darker details are offset by soft layered rugs and light chairs that look ideal for snuggling and napping. Plus, the chandelier is made from antlers, which is the icing on the cake.


Black & White

Black and white is so versatile. I usually think of the pairing as modern and stark, but the contrasting furniture in this room paired with gingham fabric and a fun gallery wall make the room warm and inviting. I'm so into those lockers, which look unique but are also functional as storage for all the small things you want out of sight.


Classic Patterns

The painted wood name sign and the delicate flags give a nod to rustic style, while the gingham prints and the stone gray crib look classic. This room is proof that two styles can join to create a totally serene space.


A Neutral Palette With Soft Details

The sturdy wooden door and its accompanying hardware make a rustic statement in a small room. Putty-colored walls and (literally) soft decor like the stuffed moon and stars add a whimsical, light touch against the stronger wood elements. I can just imagine sleeping soundly in this perfect little room.


Wood & White

Sometimes the style of your house lends itself especially well to a rustic nursery style. While you may not be able to recreate the wide wood floor planks or the sunlight streaming in from the window, you can mix wood, leather, and metal with light, soft fabrics for an inviting space you'll want to rest in, too.


White Walls

Understated white walls and furniture offset by careful details like a macrame wall hanging or a wire animal make a big impact. I love how this nursery blends furniture that looks antique with more modern decor.


A Bright Rug

Add a whimsical element to a rustic room with a brightly colored rug. Wood and rattan furniture play nicely off each other, plus the wooden dollhouse is a dream.


Bring The Outdoors Inside

You can take a simple, cozy room up a notch by adding a full wall mural. These painted rolling hills are gorgeous and so serene.


Play With Color

I usually think of rustic rooms as being filled with dark wood and deep colors, but this nursery is a great reminder that you can use bright colors in a farmhouse style. The coral details pop against the sand-colored walls and the flag garland above the bed adds a delicate, whimsical touch.


Whitewashed wood

Whitewashed wood looks so airy and bright in a room while still allowing for the rusticness to shine. The white furniture grounds this nursery and allows the subtle details, like the plant and the arrow sign, to really pop.


Layered Rugs

Texture can totally change the feel of a room (and I think this cute pup would agree). A jute rug brings in natural elements, and a soft rug layered over adds some coziness. And it turns out hats make great wall decor.


Balanced Details

Every detail, from the wide-plank floors to the antler chandelier to the textured pouf, has been chosen with care. You can see more particulars from the sweet room here. Spoiler alert: there are vintage-looking license plates screwed onto the bookshelves.


A Fun Wallpaper

There's so much to love about this room: the macrame wall hanging, the fuzzy rocking chair, the layered rugs, and of course the accent wall adorned with rainbow wallpaper. This nursery isn't afraid to use texture and color, and the result is stunning.


Graphic Elements

This accent wall adds a dreamy element to an otherwise very sophisticated room. The graphic art and rug and the large plant shine when paired with a neutral crib.


A Rustic Mobile

Little touches like a wooden animal mobile, and a delicate take on a moose head add rustic details to an endearing pink room.


A Unexpected Crib

This crib is so good. The bamboo and wicker bed has a '70s rustic vibe to it, while the other minimalistic elements in the room, like the white walls and tiny rainbow hanger, keep the room inviting.


Thoughtful Details

The plush animals on the wall remind me of spending the night in a cozy cabin (plus they're from Target which is a true win). Everything else is kept gray and white which makes for a streamlined, calm space.


Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

An accent wall covered in tree wallpaper is giving me calm, serene vibes. I love that the pattern makes a statement, but the colors are neutral and it doesn't overwhelm the room at all.