24 *Breathtaking* Photos Of Brides Breastfeeding On Their Wedding Day

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A bride has to juggle a seemingly endless array of tasks on her wedding day. From flower deliveries and remembering distant cousins' names to not tripping as they walk down the aisle, there's a lot on her plate. But these photos of breastfeeding brides take multitasking to a whole new level.

Despite the fact that women have been breastfeeding for the entirety of human history, people still often take issue with moms nursing in public. A photo of a mother breastfeeding her child in Disney World went viral in 2017 because of people in the background of the photo looking at her with disapproval, and stories like this aren't uncommon. There are laws protecting moms who breastfeed in public in 49 states in the United States (plus D.C. and the Virgin Islands), and the #normalizebreastfeeding movement has gained traction in recent years, with nursing mothers taking to social media to showcase breastfeeding as the normal, everyday task that it is.

Most breastfeeding photos take place in fairly innocuous settings, but some show moms feeding their kids in more dramatic scenarios, like these pictures of moms breastfeeding on their wedding day. Motherhood doesn't stop for any occasion, these photos are proof of that.

1. Mini Break

In this photo captured by Laura Palacios, a mom takes a quick break during her wedding photoshoot to feed her son. Mom sits on a scenic cliffside in her dress, which opens from the side. Her son is tucked onto her lap, breastfeeding amid the wedding glamour, and mom has her head bent towards him.

2. Just The Two Of Us

Courtesy of Anecia Wright

Bride Anecia Wright simply pulls down her gown in order to feed her son in this picture from her wedding day. Anecia appears joyful and calm, looking off camera as her child eats. A portable crib can be seen in the back of the frame, because reality.

3. All In White

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno shared this sweet picture of her and her daughter Molly just after her wedding ceremony in 2017. The lifestyle blogger and Bachelorette alum noticed she was "leaking milk" after she said her vows, so she stepped away from the celebrations to feed Molly.

4. Glowing

This mom puts her baby first no matter what's going on, even if that means she ends up breastfeeding during her wedding ceremony. In this photo captured by Tiffany Trivette Photography, a bride is all smiles as her little one nurses in her arms while she says her vows. The baby's little hand rests on her chest, adding to the tender shot.

5. Lookin' Up

Photographer Mandy Ryan captures a beautiful bride holding her baby to her chest as she nurses him, her dress pushed to the side to accommodate his hunger pangs. Her mouth is open in a subtle smile, and her eyes look off into the distance. The setting sun behind her contributes to the ambiance.

6. That Bridal Glow

Larissa of Lara Lane Photography snapped this shot of a mom pulling off the ultimate mom multitask — breastfeeding while getting married. The bride grins at her groom while she feeds their child, her strapless wedding dress tucked down. The baby in her arms just adds to her beauty.

7. In My Arms

We see a quiet moment between mom and baby in this photo captured by Megan Spelman of Bikini Birdie. The bride's v-neck dress moves to the side easily for her little one, and she looks down at them as they breastfeed. The lighting couldn't be more beautiful.

8. Three's A Crowd

This bride had her gown altered with her infant in mind, allowing her to nurse whenever her baby needed to, regardless of the fancy occasion. The straps detached, as captured in this photo by The Warmth Around You.

9. Take Five

Hairstylist Nakia Rachon wears many hats, but her mom cap is always on, even on her wedding day. Her bridesmaid Jazzmin Golden snapped this shot of Rachon nursing her daughter in her wedding gown. Baby is nestled in a cloud of tulle, and is fascinated by Mom's sparkly necklace.

10. Perfectly Accessorized

Kristen Jeffers of Kristen Marie Photography gives us a wide view of a bride and her baby, surrounded by mini bouquets. The little one's outfit matches the bouquet sitting on the edge of the bride's dress, affirming that moms really do think of everything.

11. Baby Schedule

Captured by Jaclynn of Sincerely Jacylnn Photography, this photo shows a mom who put her wedding festivities on hold so she could nurse her daughter. The bride-to-be holds her daughter amid a mountain of tulle, and you can see the unbuttoned bodice of the gown peeking out from under her arm.

12. Family-Friendly

You can thank Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz for this family portrait. Mom and dad gaze at baby in their wedding gear, who kicks their little feet while they nurse. Dad has an arm around his partner and the other supporting baby, while mom holds the infant. It's a moment of togetherness.

13. Our Day

Emma knew she wanted a picture of her breastfeeding in her wedding dress, and Lexi Fleming of Fleming Photo was happy to oblige. The mom posed with her little one during her bridal photoshoot, pulling her dress down so they could nurse. The vibrant floral crown adds a nice pop of color.

14. Look Back At It

Austyn of Austyn-Marie Captures caught this breastfeeding bride by surprise, snapping a candid of her mom moment. Baby rests in mom's lap while they nurse, and mom looks off-camera, radiating comfort and beauty.

15. You Oughta Know

Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch recently took to Instagram to show her own breastfeeding bridal moment from her wedding to Black Keys singer Patrick Carney. In this photo taken by Katch Silva, she holds her baby in her lap with one hand and a coupe glass in the other. She eyes her little one as they nurse, totally at ease.

16. On The Nose

In this picture taken by Stephanie Bassos, mom and baby share a sweet, private moment on a very public day. The little one looks at mom while they nurse, reaching up to touch mom's face. Mom smiles under bridal flower crown, totally focused on her child.

17. Standing Strong

Ross Alexander highlights that breastfeeding doesn't have to detract from your wedding day or any other in this photo. A bride poses in her gown, holding her baby against her full skirt. The strapless dress slips down to allow the baby to nurse, and the rest of her glamorous look — like her jewelry and elaborate headpiece — remain untouched.

18. Soft Smiles

This bride's gaze pierces the camera as she takes a break from her wedding festivities to breastfeed. Documented by Beccy Smith, the photo shows mom on a beach with her bridal bouquet at her feet and her daughter in her arms. The baby nurses, and mom looks at the camera with a serene smile, taking it all in stride.

19. Something New

Breastfeeding only makes this bride more beautiful in this photo taken by Defining78 Photography. Mom is in her full wedding garb, her veil still resting on her head, but she pauses bride duties to nurse. The duo glows.

20. Party People

A hungry baby doesn't stop the fun for this bride. Davina of Davina + Daniel Photography snapped this shot of her sisters and nephews on her sister's wedding day. Mom holds her baby with one arm and flashes her ring in the other, while her sister laughs next to her. Another little one looks on, his grin capturing everyone's excitement.

21. Always On The Job

Breastfeeding Mama Talk shared this photo of a young bride nursing her baby on her wedding day, and the image emanates strength. The mom holds her kiddo tight to her chest, her gown pushed down on one side, and she bears a serious expression, studying her baby.

22. Girl Talk

Yasmina of Yasmina Dine Photography caught a candid moment between a bride and her friends, with a very special guest sitting on her lap. She listens to her friend as her little one breastfeeds, making the scene seem as natural as breathing.

23. Game Face

Wedding prep looks a little different for this bride-to-be. Photographed by Andrew Thomas Clifton, the bride sits as she gets her makeup applied while her little one nurses in her lap, studying her serene expression.

24. Our Time

This Photograph by The Warmth Around You will move you. This bride scheduled feeding time into her post-ceremony photo shoot, and one can only imagine the emotions that are going through this mom's face in this moment, soaking in her baby's face on her wedding day.

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