24 Birth Photos Of Dads Meeting Their New Babies That'll Make You Sob

Seeing your child for the very first time is an indescribable moment. Even with all of the overwhelming emotions you're sure to be feeling, it's something you'll never forget, but still: if you had the opportunity to freeze that moment and capture it on film forever, why wouldn't you? For a father, there is truly nothing like gazing down at the newborn baby you helped to create, which is why birth photos of new dads taken right after birth are some of the most genuinely beautiful photos out there.

Fathers may not be able to experience the magical feeling of actually giving birth to a child, but those present in the delivery area are still able to witness the miracle of life (yes, that sounds corny, but it's an accurate statement!) firsthand. The first couple of times any dad holds their baby in their arms will be a huge bonding experience for both father and child, and that bond will hopefully blossom into a wonderfully close relationship between the two.

The photos of these dads' faces taken at the moment their baby was born will make you feel all the feels — and possibly even inspire you to hire a birth photographer when it's your turn.


The Huge Smile

In this photo by Monet Nicole, a father clearly can't handle his excitement about being able to hold his child for one of the first times ever, and really, who can even blame him?!


Skin To Skin

In this photo by Indiana birth photographer Renèe Mason, this father and newborn are enjoying one of the best and most intimate bonding experiences: skin-to-skin contact. How comfy does that little baby look?


All Wrapped Up

San Diego birth photographer Audrey Rodriguez caught this beautiful moment between dad and baby. Even without being able to make out the dad's entire face, you can tell exactly how tender this moment was.


I Am Your Father

There's nothing like commemorating the birthing experience with a punny T-shirt, right? In this photo by Florida birth photographer Paulina Splechta, a dad smiles down at his newborn while appropriately wearing a Star Wars shirt that reads, "I am your father."


All The Feels

This sweet dad is clearly completely overwhelmed by emotion in this photo by Louisiana birth photographer Dannielle Hale. In her caption of the photo on Instagram, Hale wrote, "I watched as he took a step back, and just let ALL of the emotions from that night hit him like his very own wave."


The Water Birth

You can see the pure joy on this father's face in this photo by Rodriguez. And look at this warrior of a mom right after going through a water birth! This picture is all-around perfect.


The Biggest Smile

This adorable photo by Mason encapsulates the thrill of realizing your baby is finally here in the flesh. And you're the dad! What could be better?


A First Kiss

Nicole beautifully captures a gentle first kiss between father and child — it even looks like this baby is smiling. And how sweet is mom in the background?


The Quiet Moments

This photo by Hale might be a little more on the serious side, but you can still clearly see how happy and touched the dad is as he gently strokes his baby's face. Excuse me while I cry.


The New Family

In this photo by Splechta, dad looks like he can't believe he helped to create this tiny little baby. This moment seems like such a peaceful one amid all the chaos that was surely happening.


The Emotional One

In this photo by New York City birth photographer Katherine Marivelle, a father is gently cradling his newborn close during skin-to-skin bonding time. The dad truly looks like he was born to do this.


The Curious Baby

It's not often that you get to stare at a newborn's eyes in a photo right after they were born, so give me a minute to just soak this image in. In this sweet photo by Rodriguez, dad is totally focused on his child, and it's adorable.


The Disbelief

Hale shows exactly how much this dad looks like he can't believe how lucky he is to hold his newborn child in the hospital right after birth. Look at that smile!


That Proud Feeling

Marivelle captured one of this family's first photos together, which is just so special. This dad could not look more thrilled — and the wild part? In her caption of the photo on Instagram, Marivelle wrote that the mother had just gone through 45 hours of labor.


The Bonding Moment

The father can't stop smiling at his new baby in this photo by Splechta — in fact, he looks like he doesn't even notice the camera. Who would with that little cutie in their arms?


The First Sweet Cry

Even a newborn's first cries are adorable, no matter how loud they may be. In this photo by Nicole, dad holds mom while she holds their baby. Excuse me while I sob.


The Embrace

This sweet photo by Mason shows a dad cuddling up to his newborn and looking totally overwhelmed by emotion. That's one thing every new parent can understand.


Can't Stop Staring

It seems like mom and dad barely even notice each other in this photo by Rodriguez — they're completely enthralled with their new baby.


Smiles All Around

In this photo, Hale captured one of this family's first moments together, and it's truly frame-worthy. They both look so happy that you just feel happy for them, too.


Dad's Turn

This photo by Splechta is all around perfect: the mom holding the dad's hand, the dad cradling his baby close by for some skin-to-skin contact, the baby looking super peaceful in the little swaddle. It's just the cutest.


The Best Moment

This dad can't contain his joy while he gazes upon his newborn baby in this photo by Marivelle. It's basically impossible to look at this picture without smiling.


The Special Stare

I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty positive that this dad may be close to happy tears in this photo, which is a beautiful moment captured by Mason.


The First Look

This might be this dad's very first look at his newborn as mom holds the baby close in this photo by Splechta. Look at that little baby face. It's somehow even cuter that the baby hasn't been cleaned up yet.


The Loving Gaze

How sweet is this beautiful photo by Marivelle? You can immediately tell exactly how happy this father is to be holding his newborn.