These 24 Stunning Wedding Photos Of Brides With Their Kids Are Just Too Much

There's a lot of debate around kids and weddings. Should people under eighteen be invited? Is it rude of a bride and groom to tell you that you can't bring your kid to their event? Regardless of where you fall on the issue, you'll most likely agree that these photos of brides with their kids are as gorgeous as they are heartwarming.

Although adult-only weddings have their benefits (I know an adult man who served as flower girl at his friend's wedding, true story), you can't deny kids at weddings are pretty adorable. From brides wearing their babies while they walk down the aisle to having kids participate in the cake cutting ceremony (as Brides reports), children can certainly add to the excitement of a wedding day, particularly for couples whose own children get to attend their ceremonies. Having the people you brought into the world with you as you commit your life to someone forever is a singular experience, to be sure.

Pictures can't quite do the magic of these moments justice, but these exceptional photos get pretty close. Whether the kiddos are babies, teens, or somewhere in between, the love their bride moms have for them is clear. Read on for 25 stunning pictures of moms with their children on their wedding days.

1. Dancing Shoes

This picture goes out to anyone who says kids make it harder to have fun. Taken by Martika, the picture shows a bride dancing at her reception while she holds her daughter. The photographer caught her mid-twirl, and the blurry haze surrounding the duo just make the moment feel more real.

2. Here Comes The Flower Girl

A mother's love couldn't be clearer in this shot by Rachel of Harper and Grace Photography. In the photo, a bride greets her daughter on her wedding day, kneeling despite her gown and holding her arms open in embrace as her little one walks towards her. She's only got eyes for her kiddo.

3. You May Kiss The Bride

Shatara Walker-Joseph brings her son in for a wedding day kiss in this picture courtesy of Taylor Media. The bride stands in a field in her gown, holding her son in the air with her lips against his. Her veil falls down her back, and her little one reaches towards her.

4. Seeing Double

Family love abounds in this shot of the Bader twins on their mom's wedding day. The bride pulls her daughters close to her as they sit on her lap in matching flower girl dresses, and both show off little wedding day sneakers. Mom grins between her babies' heads.

5. Catching Feels

The best moms are always there to catch their little ones when they fall, and this mommy daughter duo is here to prove it. Elisa Brenters of Frankie and Fish snapped this shot of a mom catching her jumping daughter on her wedding day, and their joy is clear in the photo. The two wear matching red dresses, and mom keeps her daughter safe while wearing heels. She's a queen.

6. Flower Girl Power

In this image captured by Kristine Pringle, a mom and daughter duo grin from ear to ear on mom's wedding day. Mom is in her bridal gown, holding her bouquet in one hand and her daughter in the other. She smiles at her little one, who is looking at the camera with an open-mouthed grin. Her bare feet make the shot extra sweet.

7. I've Got You

A bride comforts her baby in this photo taken by Isabelle Hattink. The juxtaposition of her glamorous look — which includes a floor length veil and lace gown — with her maternal grasp on her child reminds the viewer that moms never have a day off.

8. Tuckered Out

Pabst Photo took a photo of this bride who is on a quick break from her marital celebrations while she tucks her daughter in for the night. She's sitting in bed in her wedding dress with her little one leaned against her as they read a story. The image captures the duality of motherhood perfectly.

9. Work It, Smoochie

The tender simplicity of this picture by Jessica Perez Photography conveys the everyday beauty of motherhood. A bride kisses her daughter's forehead, pulling her close to her chest. A long veil swoops over her shoulder, and you can see the baby's bare foot kick up.

10. Getting Ready

We see a sweet moment of wedding prep in this photo taken by Susana Machado. The bride sits in a car with her child on her lap, and she fits a sweater onto them as they grin. She performs one of the thousands of parenting tasks she is responsible for each day, with her wedding day proving no exception.

11. Show Stopper

You can feel the happiness this mom and daughter feel on mom's wedding day thanks to their matching smiles and Janet Wheeland's photography skills. Mom holds her daughter up to the camera, and the little girl smiles and reaches her hands forward. Mom gazes at her daughter, and her excitement that her daughter is there to share in the day is clear.

12. Good Job, Dad

Wedding day joy flows through each member of this family of four. Dad has their son on his hip while mom holds their daughter on hers, with dad putting his free arm around his partner to bring them all together. Everyone sports a smile, with the little girl grinning up at dad as she takes in the excitement. Photo by Brittany Todd.

13. Giggles

Tara Kneiser caught a milestone moment in this wedding snapshot. A bride holds her giggling son in her arms, and her mouth is open wide in a grin as it's the first time he has laughed ever. He's looking towards the camera, with his little laugh crinkling his eyes.

14. Mother Daughter Moment

Danielle Penn caught a candid family moment in this shot. A bride stands in her wedding gown, grinning down at her daughter who looks at her with a silly expression of pure happiness.

15. Baby Squish

We get double mom love in this photo by Pinnie Photography of Claire, Steph, and their daughter. The couple got married after Australia passed marriage equality in 2017 as The Guardian reports, and their daughter was the star of the show. The brides kneel down with their baby between them, both leaning in to kiss her cheeks in their white ensembles. The little one smiles gleefully with her mouth open.

16. On The Move

We see a mom on the move in this picture by Dana Nunez. The bride walks away from the camera with her daughter on her hip, showing off the back of her dress. She glances back, a serene look on her face, and her daughter's sparkly tennis shoes peek out from under her dress.

17. Here's Looking At You, Kid

The love this bride has for her little one couldn't be clearer in this shot by Mana of Mana Photography. Mom has her arms around her daughter in a protective position while she poses in her wedding garb, and the two look at one another with matching smiles.

18. You And Me

This mom is keeping her kiddos close on her wedding day, literally tucking them both under her veil in these fun photos. Captured by David and Vicki Arndt Photography, the photos showcase a mom having a private moment with each of her children underneath her veil, smiling as she leans her head towards her daughter and plays with her son.

19. The Middle Man

The kid is the main event in this photo by Henderson Lewis, which shows a bride and groom planting a kiss on their kiddo's cheeks after their wedding ceremony. Dad holds their son, and both parents lean in for the smooch. The little man smiles between them, gleeful between his parents.

20. We Did It!

These three are in this marriage together, every step of the way. Mom and dad are linked by their son in this photo by Yasmina Dine Photography, swinging him up into the air as they leave their ceremony. All three of them have their mouths open in excited grins as they take their first steps as a married family.

21. Partners In Crime

A wedding tradition gets an update in this photo by Annelies Fotografie. Here, we see a mom and daughter dancing together, with the daughter grinning up at her mother. The moment is authentic and joyful.

22. Wedding Snuggles

Mom and dad are keeping their little one close on their wedding day in this photo by Nicole Ashley Photography. The bride has their son on her hip with her face nuzzled against his cheek, smiling as she holds him. Dad wraps an arm around them both and presses close to his son, sporting a smile that matches his wife's.

23. Sealed With A Kiss

A wedding is a family affair for these three, as photographed by Kymberlie Hennigar. In the photo, two brides stand before an altar, with their daughter between them. The bride on the right leans down to give their little girl a kiss, with mom on the left watching them with an emotional expression on her face. The moment affirms their daughter's importance in their union.

24. Aww, Dad

This shot captured by Pharris Photos shows off the love a groom has for his bride and daughter. Mom holds baby in her arms, and they both grin at the camera in matching tulle dresses. But dad looks at his wife, smiling at her with total adoration.