24 Toddler Shoes From Amazon That Are Under $20, Because Let's Be Real

From the moment a child learns that their legs and feet can hold them upright, there's no stopping them. Walking, running (usually from Mom), jumping, and kicking are all part of their typical day. So when it comes to buying footwear, you want good toddler shoes that can hold up under all that action. It also helps if they're not outrageously expensive, because little kids grow out of their shoes fast. (As in, seemingly overnight.)

When buying toddler shoes, look for ones with flexible soles and lightweight materials like mesh or canvas uppers, recommended Mom365. Always choose shoes with non-slip soles, but be aware that deep-grooved soles may cause a child to trip as well. Forget heels, too-stiff styles, and shoes with laces. For summer, you'll probably want a pair of sturdy sandals as well as sneakers, and perhaps water shoes if you're planning to spend a lot of time at the beach or pool. For bad weather, rubber or lined boots will help prevent wet or frozen feet. And then there are those impulse purchases inspired by a child whose eyes widen at the sight of a light-up sneaker or a shoe with a favorite cartoon character.

Here are some fantastic toddler shoe options on Amazon that meet all the standards for durability and style. Best of all, they're all $20 or under, so you don't have to spend your whole paycheck on your child's footwear. (When they're old enough, they can darn well earn their own money toward designer shoes.)