24 Unique Baby Names Starting With A, From Atticus To Alaina


Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting and fun (albeit, daunting) pregnancy tasks. Debating names is one of the first times you actually get to picture your little baby as an actual person. It’s hard to choose a name for someone you’ve never met, but talking through options with your partner can be a great way to imagine what your future child will be like, and what your hopes for them are. It’s easiest to go down a list, so you'll need some awesome baby names starting with A to get you going.

Just as everyone has preferences when it comes to personal style or house decor, people typically have very specific preferences when it comes to names. Many like something uncommon, while others prefer classic names. You may want something trendy and fun, while your partner prefers something meaningful. Unless you and your partner have the same taste in names, it might take some time (and a lot of research) before you can meet in the middle. But that's why starting with the letter A is so great. Whether you're set on certain initials or unsure of where to start, having a list of baby names starting with A, from Atticus to Alaina, can give you a jumping off point.

Talk over these names (many of them are unisex options) with your partner or do some digging on your own and find out what you like in a name and what’s most important to you. The entire naming process can be so thought-provoking and fun — take some time to enjoy it.

Editor's note: All of the meanings of the names are sourced from either NameBerry or BabyNames.

1. Amber

Ashley Batz/Romper

Amber was a popular name in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and recently has been making a comeback. It’s cute and pretty, without being as over-the-top as other gem/color names.

2. Alfie

Alfie is an adorable, English baby name. It means “sage” or “wise,” and while it is one of the more popular names across the pond, it remains pretty unique here in the States.

3. Arielle

Arielle is a French name meaning “lion of god,” and it’s a sweet and fairly uncommon choice for your little babe.

4. Adrian


Adrian has been gaining popularity lately. It means “dark” in Latin, and it’s a classy and cool choice for a baby.

5. Aila

Aila is a pretty and unique name that has a few alternate spellings (Ayla, Isla), and a few meanings. It means “oak tree” in Hebrew, and “halo of the moon” in Persian.

6. Asher

Asher is one of the more trendier choices for little boys these days, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a cool name for a baby or an adult, and it means “happy” and “blessed” in Hebrew.

7. Anais

Anais is gorgeous French name, but it’s pretty unusual in America, which adds to its appeal. It means “grace,” which makes it a classic choice, as well.

8. August


August is a lovely baby name, and it’s recently become more popular. It derives from the German name Augustus, which means majestic dignity.

9. Alaina

Alaina is a beautiful name that can be spelled a variety of ways. It’s Irish and means “fair.”

10. Axel

Originally of Danish origin, Axel means “father of peace.” It’s been gaining popularity here in the last decade, and is a common choice for parents looking for a name that’s fun and trendy.

11. Audra

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Audra is a French name meaning “noble strength.” It’s pretty, and its meaning and the fact that it’s very unique, just add to its charm.

12. Archer

The best thing about the name Archer is that it lends itself to the cutest nickname ever — Archie. Archer is a traditional English name meaning “bowman.”

13. Avis

Avis is a gorgeous and completely unique name with two meanings. In Latin it means “bird,” and in English it means “refuge in battle.”

14. Alder

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a strong and uncommon name for your babe, this might be it. Alder is an English name, and it originates from the alder tree, whose wood is used to make electric guitars.

15. Amalia

Amalia is the original form of Emily, and it means “industrious” and “hardworking” in Italian.

16. Ashton

Ashton is a popular name, but still not very common. It’s originally English, and means “from the town with ash trees.”

17. Agatha

OK, you may have a grandmother (or great-grandmother) named Agatha, but the name is coming back. It’s originally German, and means “good” and “kind,” which makes for a great name. Besides, how cute is Aggie for a nickname?

18. Anders


Anders is a Scandanvian name meaning “brave,” and it makes a classic, strong, and unique choice.

19. Aviva

Aviva is a pretty and unique name Hebrew name. It means “springlike,” “dewy,” and “fresh.”

20. Arlo

Arlo is a name on the rise. It’s of Spanish origin, and means “barberry tree.” It’s a fresh and trendy take on Harlow.

21. Adette


Adette is a beautiful, yet less popular choice for a baby. It’s German, and means “noble” and “sweet,” making it an adorable choice.

22. Apollo

Apollo is a powerful name. After all, Apollo was the Greek god of medicine, poetry, and music, and the name itself means “manly beauty.” It’s not the most odd of mythological names, but it won’t be super popular either, making it a cool choice.

23. Adria

Adria is a variant of the previously listed Adrian. It means “dark one,” or “girl with black eyes” in Latin.

24. Atticus


Atticus is the beloved hero of To Kill A Mockingbird, and the name, too, is gaining popularity. It’s traditionally Roman, and indicated that the person was from the region around Athens.

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