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These Baby Names Are So Perfect For Little Ones Born On Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 12th, which means there's little time left to prepare. That's especially true if giving birth is on your Mother's Day to-do list. If you're lucky enough to expect a special delivery on this momentous occasion and still need help choosing a name, there are luckily plenty of baby names perfect for babies born on Mother's Day. Because whether you're becoming a Mom for the first time or the fifth, one thing remains the same: Mother's Day babies are extra special. What better way to celebrate the holiday?

Mother's Day is all about honoring mom and everything that represents moms, birth, and new beginnings, but let's not forget that Mother's Day actually falls during a season which brings new flowers, green grass and all things born from the earth — Mother Earth. If you're into astrology, Mother's Day occurs during Taurus season (and the month of May is also shared by another zodiac sign, Gemini, all of which makes for some really great Mother's Day-inspired baby names). Check out these unique and precious baby names that represent not just Mother's Day but the month of May and all things new, just like your brand new family.



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This one might seem a bit obvious but this baby name is gaining serious popularity since last year. If you're expecting a Mother's Day baby, then why not name her after her birth month? The name May holds Latin roots and means "great" according to Baby Center — which your baby certainly will be.



Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, reported Nameberry. This bright green beauty is stunning and precious, just like your little Mother's Day baby.



This Hindi name is a variation of the given name, May. According to Baby Center, Maya means "great" or "larger" in Latin and "illusion" in Sanskrit. It can also be spelled Maia which gives it a different meaning, as per Roman mythology, "Maia is a daughter of Atlas, whose name was given to the month of May."



From the popular baby name webiste, She Knows, Anne is the "patron saint of pregnancy and mothers," making this name perfect for a baby girl whose due to arrive on Mother's Day.



The name Cybil has Greek roots and means, “great mother of the gods,” according to She Knows.



This is my favorite name on this list and according to Baby Center, Mia is actually a shorter version for Maria and means "mine" or "wished for child," making it the absolute ideal name for any baby (but especially a sweet bundle being born in May).



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Gaea is a Greek baby name meaning, "the earth," according to She Knows. It also holds meaning in Greek mythology because Gaea was the "mother of the Titans" — talk about being a total bad*ss mom.



Taurus is the zodiac sign for babies born on Mother's Day and if you're planning on welcoming a baby boy, you may want to consider naming him Ethan. Bull is the sign of Taurus, which means your little Taurus boy is going to need a strong name. According to Name Berry, Ethan is of Hebrew origin and means "strong, firm," making it perfect for Taurus season.



As She Knows explained, the name Candace means "queen mother," making this name the ultimate Mother's Day baby name for any newly born queen.



Speaking of Queens, according to an article on Mom Junction, the 25th of May is "Victoria Day [which] is a Canadian holiday honoring the longest reigning monarch Queen Victoria," (who was a mother of nine). This Latin name is timeless and has been steady in it's popularity for decades.



A totally cute alternative of the name May, Maisie is actually a "Scottish diminutive of Margaret" and means "pearl," according to Nameberry.



If you're a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody or Rami Malek, why not name your child Rami? The award-winning actor is born on May 12th, which falls on this year's Mother's Day.



Spring symbolizes new beginnings, so it's perfectly appropriate to name your spring baby Dawn, which means "awakening," according to She Knows.



Continuing the theme of spring for your little Mother's Day baby, Flora is a lovely name for a baby girl that's due just in time to see the flowers bloom. It's no surprise that the name Flora means "flower," according to Nameberry.



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Slade is not only a strong boy's name, perfect for a Taurus born in the month of May, but this name also has a connection to the earth vibe of spring because it means "valley" or "from the valley" explained Nameberry.



When you think of the name Eden, don't you picture a beautiful majestic garden with all kinds of exotic flowers? If you do, then why not name your baby Eden (meaning "delight," according to the name's Wikipedia page)?



Another Mother's Day 2019 birthday falls on the popular actress' Malin Akerman's May 12th birthday. This Scandinavian name means ""high tower or woman of Magdela," according to Nameberry.



The month of May shares the Zodiac with another sign — Gemini. If you're expecting a Gemini baby, Gemma is straight-up adorable and means, "gem" or "gemstone," just right for your sparkly little jewel.



Spring is all about rebirth and all things new, which is exactly what the name Neo means, according to Nameberry.



Another name that evokes the spirit of spring and Mother's Day, Anthea is a Greek name that means "Flower; Lady of flowers," according to She Knows.



The name Aurora is a beautiful baby girl's name that also aligns with the spring season and the spirit of renewal; as She Knows explained, "Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn."



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Majka is the Croatian word for "mother," according to She Knows. It's uniquely beautiful, as well.



Another name that translates to mother, the name Iya means "mother" in Yoruba, also per She Knows.



A strong, striking name, Akna is the "Goddess of motherhood in Mayan mythology."


Name Your Baby After Mom or Grandma

A touching way to welcome your Mother's Day baby into the family is by naming her after your mother or grandmother.