25 Flower Nursery Ideas To Craft The Floral Baby Room Of Your Dreams

I love all things floral, so to say that I'm into this flower nursery trend happening right now would be an understatement. I spent hours on Instagram searching for flower nursery ideas and inspo, and found some real gems — I just love the feminine touch that flowers bring because there's so much you can do with them. With so many design and color options, a flower nursery is perfect for any babe's room. So if you're looking for some nursery design inspiration, too, look no further — these creative floral designs have you covered and can help you create the floral nursery of your dreams.

Honestly, writing this piece has given me all kinds of nesting fever. While I love being a boy mom, there's something about little girl stuff that just gets me all excited. The fun floral prints, the colors, the cute outfits — little girl stuff is so fun. While a lot of these floral nursery inspiration photos are from bloggers and designers, some of them are boutique shops where you can buy these adorable and unique handmade items. How great is that? Florals are definitely having a moment, so it shouldn't be hard to find everything you need out there to make your baby's room a wonderland.


Peony Wall Decals

The number one thing on your must-have list are flower decals. A product stylist and mom from Norway features these pretty wall decals on her Instagram feed, madelen88. I love the accent wall with two different colors, and the soft pink canopy creating a cute little nook to snuggle, play, or read. For more design inspiration featuring soft colors and design for both girls and boys, visit Madelen's Instagram.


Flower Collages

Look at this nursery fit for a little princess. I love how the subtle floral design on the rug compliments the flower collage on the wall — this design just exudes royalty. To find out where you can order them, along with more interior design inspiration, check out Nan's Instagram and get ready to drool.


Floral Mobiles

This Etsy account from Ontario features some really pretty floral creations. One of the trends I love the most with these flower nurseries are these pretty floral mobiles. It looks like the stuff made from a fairytale, doesn't it? You can find this beautiful floral creation on Blomke Boutique's Instagram.


Dangling Floral Pieces

Or how about this custom made mobile created by Palace Creations. How cute it that? The pops of color prove that floral nurseries don't have to be all neutrals or dusty pinks.


Flower Wallpaper

If you're looking for a wallpaper, I loved this one above the white molding from Miss Violet.


Contrasting Colors

Another really pretty flower collage on the wall, this one also compliments the floral print curtains. I like the darker color on the wall, too, making the color of the flowers pop. Alexdnlv's Instagram offers even more inspiration if you're not quite done looking at this sweet room.


Floral Hoops

The Honey Hive Workshop creates handcrafted felt decorations, like these adorable hoops that you can hang on the wall as an accent above the crib, changing station, or as an addition to a wall collage. Check out their Instagram for more inspo.


Unique Wall Decal Placement

Check out these beautiful flower decals from Ginger Monkey. I love the way they're placed, creating an archway, and the clean look of the white wall against the different shades of pink from the flowers — so pretty for any little girl's room, right? Check out their Instagram for more of their wall decals and wallpaper in different colors and designs.


Clean & Natural

I love the clean and natural look of this design. An alternative to a mobile over the crib, why not try a design like this from Instagram user Nicole Eachus?


Incorporate Artwork

This is another creative way to feature a floral collage incorporating more color options. Lily Loves Luka features really pretty children's prints that will make your nursery stand out.


Incorporating Color

This Melbourne-based stylist and blogger features a lot of design inspiration on her feed, Indi and Bear. I love the grey wall with the floral decals and the white draping canopy. You could add a subtle flower design to the crib bedding as well to compliment the wall. It's just so pretty.


Blues & Pinks

Another alternative to a white wall is this pastel blue underneath some pretty pink flower decals with a floral accent pillow, like this one. For more floral design ideas, check out Ashley's Instagram feed.


Accent Pillows

A different wallpaper pattern by Instagrammer, YouTuber, and Mom, Ashley Noel. I love the pinks and blues in this photo, as well as the flower accent pillow. That pillow's an easy way to add florals to a sweet room. For more nursery design like this, check out Ashley's Instagram.


Framed Wall Art

How about some flower wall art? Check out these pieces and other works from watercolor artist Bailey Smith.


Customized Name Plates

What about a customized floral name sign, like in this design by Mod Wood Co. You can check out more of their work on their Instagram feed and find your favorite.


Rustic & Natural

I love this flower and shiplap combination, designed by Instagrammer and mom Kaylee Samulowitz. To check out the custom bedding by Carousel Designs, check out their Instagram feed for all kinds of unique prints.


Text Art

Instead of a name sign for your new nursery, how about some unique text art? For all kinds of faux floral design, check out Rose Wood Boutique on Instagram.


Shades Of Pink & Gold

I love pink and gold tones. This nursery also added an adorable flower collage on the wall with a complementary floral name sign and sheets. The custom wood sign is created by The Modern Mill.


Flower Dream Catchers

This simple yet pretty design by Girl Meets Neverland features a dream catcher hoop from Etsy, while the name lettering was a DIY project. Go mom, right? For more mom inspo, check out her Instagram, too.


Unique Pieces

I saw this floral mobile and just had to add it; I love the different shades of purple. This piece was made by Etsy crafter Brittany Lemke of Thread and Heart. How cute is it? It's so unique and would look amazing in any nursery. Bonus: it can grow with your child and isn't a "baby" item.


Bold Colors

How about some bold colors to brighten up the nursery? I found this design by Marlyssa Krahn on her Instagram feed, and love the sweetness of it.


Soft Pinks

This nursery design is bright and feminine. I love the white and pink color combination design by fashion and lifestyle blogger Marlene Srdic. For more inspo, check her out on the 'gram, too.


Jewel Tones

If you're looking for some bolder colors, I loved the wallpaper in this nursery design by interior decorator Blythe Inside.


Changing Stations

And what about the changing table? How about this floral print for a cute accent to your changing station. I love the hot pink accent color and the flower photo collage on the wall, with nursery design by Nicole Villers. You can find this floral changing pad cover by Caden Lane on Etsy, too.


Unique Style

Dark walls are not usually what you think of when you think of decorating your nursery, but I am obsessed with this design by stylist and artist, Heather Christensen Sartain. I love the dark backdrop and the white, cream, and shadows of the flowers in this design. It's so elegant and unique, don't you think?

Decorating the nursery for a new baby is exciting and fun. There's something so rewarding about incorporating your own unique design ideas and customizing the room just for your baby. I think flower themed nurseries create a lovely and elegant room for any newborn.