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25 Horrifying Easter Bunnies That Will Keep You From Ever Sleeping Again


Easter is practically here, which means you need to get ready for the all the photos of creepy Easter Bunnies holding crying babies. It's like Christmas all over again. But is it just me or is there something about the Easter Bunny that's just extra creepy? Maybe it's the smiling mask that makes them seem so sinister, or the tacky outfits, but if you like to be creeped out, here are the most horrifying Easter Bunnies you'll ever see.

These bunnies are so creepy, I wouldn't even feel comfortable posing for a photo with them as an adult. So why do we, as parents, force our children to be tortured by this creepster for the sake of a photo (OK, some of the photos are totally worth it though)? I bet after checking out these extra scary bunnies, you might even be skipping that trip to the mall. Especially if your mall does the "vintage" bunny look, you know, for "authenticity"? There's something about these old fashioned photos that just send chills down my spine. And honestly, some of these bunnies belong in a straight up horror movie and would send Freddy Kruger crying for his mama.

1. The Abductor Bunny

evmom111 on Twitter

This bunny is clearly trying to abduct this child and is attempting to (very unsuccessfully) hide his face — we're onto you, creepy Easter Bunny.

2. This Easter Bunny Who Eats Puppies

adhd123sue on Twitter

An Easter Bunny who eats puppies? Now, that is taking evil to a whole new.

3. The Evil Easter Villain

groovyhistory on Twitter

Doesn't this bunny look like he's secretly holding all of the kryptonite and is just waiting to smother Superman with it?

4. If Pennywise The Clown Had An Easter Bunny Brother

willemharvey on Twitter

This child is one brave soul for getting anywhere close to that thing. This bunny looks like he should be starring in the next IT movie.

5. Al, Lookout!

todayshow on Twitter

Creepy Easter Bunny 101 — never turn your back to the bunny. Make sure you can see them at all times.

6. This Easter Bunny Is Taking The Naughty List To A Whole New Level

calluptome on Twitter

I think I'll just stick to Santa, who at worse, will sneak some coal into your stocking.

7. You'll Never Get Undressed With The Curtains Up Again

burghjacks on Twitter

If you ever want to scare your kids, just show them this Easter bunny. They'll have second thoughts about those morning egg hunts.

8. This Vampire Reindeer Easter Bunny Actually Exists

ninaantonia13 on Twitter

OK, "allegedly" exists and no thanks. Just look at those nails. Imagine that thing flying at you. Nope, nope, nope.

9. There's Something Off About This Easter Bunny

@shawneewho on Twitter

This Easter Bunny looks slightly different to me.

10. Why?

knithacker on Twitter

I'd rather not.

11. What The F—

ron_white on Twitter

OK, this bunny goes beyond creepy and straight to inappropriate. What in the world are you doing with that carrot, sir?

12. OK, This One Is Definitely An Alien

shandifinnessey on Twitter

These kids better run before they are lifted up to the mothership.

13. There Are So Many Things Wrong Here

@thecinemasnob on Twitter

Is that bunny wearing a toupee? Why is his mouth open like that? Are those whiskers or a mustache? So many questions.

14. Alright, This Is Just Mean

alwearydad on Twitter

This giant realistic looking hare is horrifying. These kids will have nightmares for weeks and honestly, this time the parents deserve it — look at that thing.

15. Run, Dolly, Run

msrebeccaknox on Twitter

Another bunny with sinister intentions. Again, never turn your back to a bunny.

16. This Bunny Looks Like He's About To Break Into Your House

zombieriot on Twitter

And possibly commit a few more crimes.

17. Could This Be Why The Easter Bunny Is So Creepy?

paul_dini on Twitter

He's really Krampus in disguise.

18. Another Alien Abduction Caught On Film

katieava3 on Twitter

"Take me to your [bunny] leader."

19. At Least This Bunny Made An Effort With The Makeup

malweisey on Twitter

Still creepy AF though.

20. The Moments Before A Little Girl Was Eaten By This Giant Easter Bunny

vandiekins22 on Twitter

Nope. Just, nope.

21. This Bunny Seems A Little Fresh If You Ask Me

@NitrateDive on Twitter

What could he possibly be whispering?

22. If This Doesn't Look Like An Actual Easter Bunny Child Abduction, I Don't Know What Does

Eric Thayer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On skates, no less. That takes confidence. He's done this before.

23. This Bunny Who Is About To Pounce On Barack Obama

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

See? Never turn your back to the Easter Bunny. They cannot be trusted.

24. This Bunny Who Eats Children

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Why is that kid just standing there? Do something!

25. And The Worst One Of All

snark_tank on Twitter

There are no words. Get that baby out of there.