Courtesy of Samantha Darby
25 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Parenting & All It Encompasses

I firmly believe that social media is one of the better things to happen to parenthood. Oh sure, there's plenty of opportunities for someone to judge you based on one poorly-lit Instagram post but with memes that perfectly sum up parenting, there's a lot of support to be found on your favorite social media platform.

Because no matter who you are, no matter what kind of mother you are, all mamas are in this together, right? Every mom can bond over a kid who never sleeps and a kid who only sleeps in your bed. There are memes everyone can laugh over, like on Facebook, and share because they have one thing in common — truth. From the happy moments of parenthood, like when your kiddo is particularly hilarious and lovable, to the hard moments, like when your kiddo is particularly terrible, every mom has been there. And the best part of memes that perfectly sum up parenting is sharing them with your #momsquad as a form of solidarity. Because all moms are in this together.

So when you're tired of the laundry, when you're realizing all of those things you stressed about are no longer worth it, and when you're waiting for the coffee to kick in so you can actually parent your kiddo, here are 49 memes that perfectly sum up parenting so you can know you're not alone.


It's All Fiber

Don't forget to munch on those Goldfish under your car seat, OK?


I Always Hated Match Game

Maybe if your kids quit taking them off and throwing them in the backseat, they'd have a pair.


All Day Long

And wondering why things are sticky and crusty and where did this crayon come from on the wall?!


No Peace

It doesn't matter how engrossed they were in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they will find you.


I'm Really Good At This

I mean, I don't want to brag, but no one can chug coffee and pretend to be an adult as good as me.


I Don't Share

Learning how to open cookies without alerting your children is some kind of dark magic.


Life Or Death Situation

You also never knew how loudly someone could scream either.


Fist Pump

Now if only everyone would sleep through the night.


Can't Run Fast Enough

And your partner's all, "But I need a break from my day, too!" and then you run faster.


So Tough

I feel like I'm doing this adult thing right when I choose laundry over naps.


Future Plans

Also make sure to ask for a glass of water three to four times a night.


Mom Beast

But then you make them what you requested anyway because dear God, it's just easier.


Every Bedtime Story

You should hear my rendition of Goodnight Moon. I should've been a voice-over actor.


The Bathroom Used To Be My Sanctuary

Now it's a place where I give anatomy lessons. "Yes, Mommy does have a vagina."


Smart Move

They'll even be happy about it!


Goodbye Youth

There's still someone throwing up though.


After Every Holiday

And lots of, "I don't know what happened to it!"



But if you're worried, that means you care, right?


All Day Every Day

Even when she's throwing a massive tantrum and then I think, "Wow . . . I created this . . . monster."


Carter's Is Always Having A Sale

It's always hard to understand the laundry because you never see your kid in pants, so where the hell did all this dirty stuff come from?


Real Talk

So this is love!


And Regretting Both

The struggle is real.


Jesus Take The Wheel

Maybe you should've eaten something other than fruit snacks and an eraser, kid.


Co-Sleeping Sucks

It's always a bazillion degrees, too. How are children so hot?


But Actually. . .

The other 72 contain dirty diapers and temper tantrums.