25 Mother's Day Gifts Under $25 That Don't Involve Macaroni Noodles

Mother's Day is almost here, which means it's time for moms everywhere to find a spot to hang all of those macaroni noodle crafts and lopsided ceramic bowls covered in finger paint. And sure, those are adorable things, but there are also some cheap Mother's Day gifts under $25 that moms would appreciate opening as they dine on breakfast in bed.

I know, it sounds like I'm knocking homemade gifts. So not the case! But as a mom, I can tell you that the things people think you want on Mother's Day aren't always what you really want. Like, I'm all for spending time with my kid on Mother's Day, but I don't need her following my every move, you know? And while I can appreciate a big, home-cooked meal made just for me, the thought of sweeping up under my kid's highchair for the millionth time and washing dishes just sounds horrific.

So while handmade gifts are sweet and sentimental and will totally be saved in a shoebox to marvel over in 30 years, I can also testify that sometimes a mom just wants a new coffee cup or a book to read that isn't full of rhymes and pictures. Sometimes she wants something to spruce up her favorite spot in the house or a journal that's off-limits to kid doodles. So in honor of those moms, here are 25 cheap Mother's Day gifts under $25 she's sure to enjoy.


For The Mom That Loves To Cook

Making spiralized veggies into meals is the new cooking trend, so gift her the Brieftons Tri-Blade Spiralizer ($25). You'll get to meet lots of food made into fun, curls, and she'll have a blast whipping them up in the kitchen. (If my boyfriend is reading this, hint hint.)


For The Mom That Wants To Relax

Bubble bath can only get you so far, so gift the mom in your life that wants to relax with the Rejuvelle Bath Bomb gift set ($20). With bath bombs for everything from sinus congestion relief to stress relief, this is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Now take her kids out so she can enjoy it.


For The Mom That Wants To Get Organized

So basically, all the moms. But I've heard some incredible things about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ($11), so any mom in your life that's tired of the clutter and chaos is sure to love it, too.


For The Mom Who Doesn't Have Time To Shop

My Stitch Fix subscription has been the best thing I've ever bought for myself, so I'm definitely an advocate for gifting the mom in your life a Stitch Fix gift card ($20). That may not seem like much, but $20 pays for their styling fee for the month, which means they get a box of clothes tailored to their size and style shipped right to them, and then they can purchase the items inside if they want.


For The Mom That Loves To Document

This little book may not seem like much, but for the moms that want to remember the funny things their toddlers said and the way their 5 year old used to eat spaghetti, the Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book ($11) is perfect. All it takes is recording one line each night before bed, and in five years she has a treasure trove of things she totally forgot about, all right there in her own handwriting.


For The Mom That Appreciates A Good Cup Of Coffee

As an exhausted mom, I've been known to heat up yesterday's coffee in the microwave just to get some caffeine, but some moms prefer a classier approach to a cup of coffee. If you know one who appreciates a good cup of joe, gift her the Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker ($20).


For The Mom That Gets Sh*t Done

All moms are doing the best they can, but some moms like to pump their fists and remind them of just how badass they are. For that mom, give her the Mother Hustler shirt ($20) so everyone else knows just how hard she's killing it every day.


For The Sentimental Mom

Some moms just really want something that reminds them of motherhood and their children, so this personalized greatest blessings artwork ($18) is a lovely choice. Fill it with their children's names and birth dates for a sweet reminder of their babies.


For The Mom That Saves All The Dandelions

The first time your baby gives you a flower, you want to keep it forever. And the more dandelions and weeds they bring you, the more adamant you are about saving them, which is why all moms need this cypress wood flower press ($17). It's an easy way to save all of those sweet memories and she can turn them into artwork, scrapbook pages, or store them in an album.


For The Mom That Is Exhausted

Remind her that she's doing a great work with this sweet "Raising Tiny Humans Is Exhausting" mug ($15). She'll still feel guilty for needing to refill it three times, but at least she'll know why.


For The Mom That Loves Jewelry

Remind the mom in your life that without her, you wouldn't have been able to soar with this gorgeous feather bracelet ($15). The cuff style is unique and fun, and it comes in both gold and silver. It's a sweet choice that isn't typical of Mother's Day jewelry, and is a fun conversational piece.


For The Mom That Loves Heirloom Recipes

Tired of watching your mom rifle through a shoe box full of index cards every Thanksgiving? She needs the Ironwood gourmet recipe box ($25). It's a beautiful addition to her kitchen and is totally practical. It can also be passed down over the years thanks to the craftsmanship, so get used to seeing it in your family.


For The Mom With The Green Thumb

Let her show off her favorite plants with this beautiful CobraCo two-tiered garden cart ($25). It's perfect for indoor and outdoor plants!


For The Mom That Loves Her Outdoor Space

Whether she has a deck overlooking a gorgeous backyard or a sweet little front porch, jazz up her outdoor space with these solar tealights ($25). You can basically catch sunlight in a jar, and what's sweeter than that?


For The Mom With Little Kids

Kids say the darndest things and a mom with little ones will want those sweet conversations preserved in this What I Love About Mom Book ($10). Let her kids fill it out and answer the questions so she has a time capsule of the things they used to think and say about her.


For The Mom Who Has No Time For Book Club

I love reading, but I have literally zero time to invest in starting a book club or joining one, so what am I supposed to do with all my thoughts and discussions on books? Record them in this Well Read Women: A Reader's Journal ($15) of course. Perfect for the mom who has favorite quotes, passages, and ideas from books, but no one to share them with in her busy day.


For The Working Mom

As a work at home mom, I can guarantee that the woman in your life will gain so much inspiration from the "You Got This" mousepad ($12). It's a perfect reminder for all working moms to keep going, because they're making great things happen.


For The Mom That's Always Losing Things

I'm terrible about dropping my earrings randomly on a counter or leaving my key on the coffee table where my toddler can grab it, so this sweet little love trinket dish ($15) is a game changer. Give it to the mom who's always losing her little things, too.


For The Mom Who Wants To Feel Empowered

The biggest obstacle in a person's life is usually their own self, which is why Year of Yes ($14) is such a great choice for the mom in your life that needs to feel a little more empowered and brave.


For The Mom That Needs An Extra Hand In The Kitchen

Looking down at a cookbook or iPad to check a recipe is a total nuisance, and I'm sure your mom would agree. She'll love this sweet, personalized tablet holder ($25) to give her an extra hand in the kitchen and keep her tablet safe while she's looking up recipes.


For The Mom That Loves Nature

This sweet vintage glass hummingbird feeder ($19) is perfect for any mom who loves nature. Hang it outside her favorite window or near her patio outside for a lovely addition to her home.


For The Mom That Feels Like She's Lost Herself

Motherhood can be incredibly consuming and it's easy for any mom to feel like they've lost themselves along the way. With the Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exporation ($10). they can take a deeper look into what makes them tick and remind them of who they are in addition to being a mama.


For The Mom Who Loves Her Photos

Picture frames are fine, but there's something so homey about this cute, casual Umbra Hangit photo display ($20). She'll love the ease of swapping out photos and being able to make it her own.


For The Mom Who Likes To Get Cozy

Who doesn't love a good, cozy blanket? You can get your mom this large Ottomanson blanket ($25) and she'll be sure to cozy up with it for Netflix and reading.


For The Mom That Loves Wine

If you're mom's a wine drinker and also loves getting outside to enjoy picnics or spring festivals, she'll love this bamboo wine table ($22). Take it to the beach, the local park, anywhere that you can stick it in the ground to hold wine and snacks.