25 Spring-Themed Baby Names For Your Little Blossom


Is there a more lovely season than spring? The weather starts to get warmer, flowers begin to grow, you can hear birds singing early in the morning, and the spring rain washes away the last bits of winter. The first day of spring (March 19) is upon us at last, and not a moment too soon. So if you're a mom who's having a baby during these sweet months, why not use the equinox as an excuse to find a lovely spring-themed baby name for your little blossom of a baby?

The 2020 equinox is earlier than it's been in over a century, according to (it's usually on March 20 or 21), so you have even more spring to inspire you this year. From the names of each spring month, to the gorgeous flowers that bloom during this season, to all things nature inspired, spring baby names are as unique as they are beautiful. Take, for instance, the name April. It's beautiful just as it is, or you could give this name a modern spin with Abrill, which is April in Spanish.

With one of these lovely spring-themed names, your little one will be a breath of fresh spring air even in the middle of winter. And you can find inspiration in these 25 springtime baby names even if your due date is in the summer or the fall.

1. May


A beautiful spring month and a beautiful name for your little girl. May means "great"... which is exactly what your little girl is to you.

2. Rainn

Rainn, a gender-neutral name growing in popularity, is a simple and beautiful nod to spring showers.

3. Apple

A name made popular by Gwenneth Paltrow, Apple is inspired by the lovely apple blossoms that pop out in spring.

4. Avril

Avril, which is French for "April", is a creative way to name your baby after a spring month.

5. Caldwell

Sophisticated and unique, Caldwell means "born in cold spring." Perfect for babies born in the beginning of the season, when it's still a little chilly out.

6. Wells

A sophisticated English boy's name, Wells means "lives in spring" and has a super hip vibe.

7. Aurora


This name isn't just for Disney Princesses. Aurora, which means "new dawn," is a lovely name for your little princess, too.

8. Lilac

A beautiful purple flower that grows in spring, Lilac is also a beautiful name for your spring little lady.

9. Odeletta

Odeletta, a French name meaning "little spring," is particularly pretty and refreshingly rare.

10. Bloom

If you're looking for a flower-sounding name for your baby, Bloom, a gender neutral name, encompasses all the flowers of spring.

11. Bradwell

Bradwell means "from the broad spring," and is a unique alternative to the more traditional Brad.

12. Dahlia

Dahila, meaning "dale," is also a beautiful flower that grows in the spring.

13. Denver


When you think of spring, you think green and new growth. That's why Denver, a name that means "green valley," is a good choice for your spring-born boy or girl.

14. Fontanne

Fontanne, a French name meaning "new spring," has an almost regal ring to it.

15. Kelby

An Irish name by origin, Kelby means "place by the fountain in spring." What a lovely meaning for a lovely spring name.

16. Leif

Leif, a Scandinavian name, speaks for itself.

17. Margeurite

Margeurite, a type of daisy, is another sweet spring flower-inspired name.

18. Maxwell

Update Max with the more gender-neutral Maxwell, an Old English name that means "spring or stream."

19 Peony

One of the most beautiful blossoms to appear in the spring, Peony is another lovely flower-inspired name for your baby girl.

20. Poppy


Cute, fun, and feminine, Poppy is an adorable flower that blooms in the warmer months. (And an adorable Trolls character.)

21. Primrose

A spring flower, Primrose has gained popularity because of The Hunger Games.

22. Robin

Robin is a gender neutral name and an homage to the first bird of spring.

23. Sunny

Goodbye winter, hello spring sunshine! Sunny, another gender neutral name, will brighten your day year round.

25. Leilani

Leilani means "heavenly flower," a charming choice for your little rosebud.

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