Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

27 Tweets That Totally Nail Parenting Exhaustion

They say laughter is the best medicine and a large majority of people prefer to use humor to get through tough times. So it's no surprise that plenty of parents crack jokes during the trying times. If I'm being honest, though, I think the sleep-deprivation lends itself to delirium, and everyone's funnier when they're a bit delirious. In fact, there are so many hilarious parenting tweets about exhaustion, that it's reassuring to know you're not the only one who has had these thoughts when you're about to fall asleep in your over-sized mug of coffee.

How many times have you refused to have any kind of conversation before you've had some form of caffeine intake first? Raise your hand if you've totally put a non-food item (remote, eyeglasses, phone, etc.) in the fridge and not even noticed it until the next time you needed to get something out. Nod your head if "an uninterrupted nap" is at the top of your wish list for your birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversary, and any other holiday where gifts are involved.

Though a good night's rest is an essential ingredient in a human's ability to function, kids just scoff at science and continue to interrupt, delay, or otherwise ruin your sleep. Check out these funny tweets that perfectly capture the sleep struggle of parents everywhere.


Give "Leftovers" A New Meaning

Waste not, want not, right?


The Human Alarm Clock

I get it, but did anyone else chuckle to themselves thinking that 6:30 would be considered sleeping in at your house?


Formula ≠ Coffee Ingredient

Let's hope they noticed before drinking the "coffee."


Opposite Day

You know, it probably wouldn't taste that bad. Who's got time to make a fresh bowl of cereal and mug of coffee anyways?


Parents Version Of First-Aid

This should be in every parent's gift bag at their baby shower.


It's Not Like College Anymore

Another fact? You can't "call out of work" with a sleep hangover because your "office" is "home."


At Least You're Never Alone

Sleep-deprivation can actually be a great confidence booster.



You haven't earned your parenting badge until you've come up with your own words to songs from a kid's movie.



What if every bad decision ever made was really just the result of a sleep-deprived parent's poor decision-making skills?


RBF 2.0

"No, I'm not mad or sick. I just look this way now." Said every parent ever.


Solid Advice

Compliments are best when they actually make the recipient feel better about things.


A Bed Never Looked So Good

I don't know any parent who wouldn't take full advantage of a child-free night in bed.


You're Fired

Let's hope your co-workers and employers are understanding of your sleep-deprived behavior.



Someone needs to cash in on this idea, ASAP.


Acceptance Is The Final Stage

Sometimes you just have to stop fighting against the current and float on.


Real Reality TV

I would totally watch this show if it existed.


First Impressions

Hopefully all the other parents are just as exhausted and won't notice anything.


The First Rule...

Definitely some solid rules to abide by — just don't talk about it.


Definition Of Irony

It's like some cruel joke of the universe that sleep is the goal but never your reward.


It's The Little Things

Caffeine makes the world go 'round.


You Can Only Choose One

Parenthood is basically a series of making difficult choices.


Living On The Edge

Bonus points if you're wearing grown-up clothes that don't have stains from your kids on them.


Delayed Reaction Time

Hey, crap happens — sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically.


Panic Button

Perhaps the only thing scarier is stepping on a squeaky toy right after your child has fallen asleep.



If you ever wondered what the Beastie Boys would be like as parents, this may be it.


Auto Pilot

Can you really blame him, though? Some things just start to become habit after a while.


Most Kids Are Unapologetic Liars

It's a universal rule that children will fight off sleep even if they are falling face-first into their food.