27 Valentine's Day Gifts For Men, Be It A Long-Term Love Or Friend With Benefits


Valentine's Day will be here son, in all it’s lacy pink glory, and you need to start shopping for the man in your life. If your guy is anything like mine, he's probably already insisted that Valentine's Day "isn't for men." I don't know if they're worried you're just going to buy them roses and lingerie, or what, but having a Valentine's Day gift guide for men proves that there are great gifts for guys that aren’t all candy-coated.

You can always settle for homemade chocolates, his favorite candy, or a coupon book full of massages, but not everyone is the crafty type. And if you’re expecting your SO to gift you with something special, it’d be nice of you to return the favor (And yes, walking into the bedroom wearing some sexy red lingerie totally counts as a gift.)

Even if you don't have a traditional significant other, you may be hoping to bestow some love on your BFF, your dad, your adorable personal trainer, or that co-worker of yours that is just too cute to resist at lunch.Whatever your shopping needs are this Valentine’s Day, our ultimate gift guide for men is sure to have something that suits the special someone in your life on Feb. 14.

1For Dear Old Dad

Chocolates are so played out, but your dad will love this craft beer brittle ($17.88), especially if he's a fan of IPAs.

Craft Beer Brittle, $17.88, Amazon

2For The Tinder Hookup That Turned Into More

It was supposed to be a hot and steamy one-time thing, and now you're sending your Tinder hookup kiss emojis. Remind them of what started your love story with a set of spicy dice ($7.27).

Spicy Dice, $7.27, Amazon

3For The Guy You Just Started Dating

When you've just started dating your boo, you want to be cutesy and sweet, so this beer greeting card box ($15.95) is perfect to hold his favorite six pack. The little card pack includes six cards so you can share your favorite Valentine's Day sentiments, too.

Beer Greeting Card Box, $15.95, Amazon

4For The Littlest Love

Other than chocolates, what do you get the littlest guy in your life? This sweet LEGO Cupid Dog set ($21) will definitely do the trick. How adorable are these pieces?

LEGO Cupid Dog, $20.94, Amazon

5For Your Husband

Your husband probably doesn't get much time with his video games these days between work, chores, and kids. When you give him these Turtle Beach headphones ($40), you're letting him know that you don't mind his hobbies and that he deserves a treat.

Turtle Beach Headphones, $40, Amazon

6For Your High School Sweetheart

Just think of how many pictures you and your high school sweetheart have taken over the years. Now there's an album perfect for them. The Ussies photo album ($13.50) is perfect for housing all of those arm-outstretched pictures the two of you have been taking.

Ussies Photo Album, $13.50, Amazon

7For Your Bro

Your brother's always there to help you move furniture or pick up all those damn IKEA pieces, right? Take care of his hands with this Burt's Bees hand repair gift set ($12.99) because you know they need it.

Burt's Bees Hand Repair Gift Set, $12.99, Amazon

8For Your BFF

Everyone loves candles, especially if you can find a manly scent for your BFF. These Man Cave scented candles ($30) come in a set of three and include a razor, leather, and mahogany scent.

Man Cave Scented Candles, $29.83, Amazon

9For Your Long-Term Boyfriend

What dude doesn't love Star Wars? Nothing says "I love you" like these Leia and Han pillow cases ($28) for your bed.

Star Wars Pillowcase Set, $28, Amazon

10For Your Netflix & Chill Guy

He wants something comfy to Netflix in and you need something easy to pull off of him when it's time to chill. This pair of Nautica men's French terry knit lounge pant ($23) is perfect for both of your needs. How sexy will he look in these on your couch?

Nautica Men's French Terry Knit Lounge Pant, $22.97, Amazon

11For Your Ex You Might Kind Of Still Possibly Have Tiny Feelings For

A watch is always a classic gift, so if you're hoping to spark something between you and your ex again (although you honestly, truly don't really have any hardcore feelings for him, I know), the Timex weekender watch ($64) is the perfect choice.

Timex Weekender Watch, $64, Amazon

12For Your Work Husband

We all have that one co-worker that we call our work spouse. Treat him to a hot cup of coffee on his way in to see you with this Contigo autoseal stainless steel travel mug ($18).

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $18, Amazon

13For Your Artsy Crush

You can never go wrong with Wes Anderson, especially if you want the perfect gift for your artsy crush. The Wes Anderson Collection ($23.79) is a great overview of the incredible director/writer's filmography with some amazing behind-the-scenes photos and illustrations.

The Wes Anderson Collection, $23.79, Amazon

14For That Cute Coworker You Eat Lunch With

Now those coffee breaks you invite them on are even more necessary when you give him a digital gift card to Starbuck's ($25). Who can resist a caffeine boost with you?

Starbucks Digital Gift Card, $25, Amazon

15For Your Son

The love you have for your little boy could propel you to the moon, so get him the original Stomp Rocket ($14.50). If you didn't have one of these as a kid, you sorely missed out.

The Original Stomp Rocket, $14.50, Amazon

16For Your "If We're Single At 40" Friend

You can be a little silly with this gift because it's all to prove how fun you are and what a great wife you'll be if the two of you are still single at 40. What guy wouldn't love his very own Syma Quadcopter with HD camera ($49.98)?

Syma Quadcopter with HD Camera, $49.98, Amazon

17For The Father Of Your Child

Even if you two aren't together, you might want to celebrate a day you used to love when you were a couple and thank them for giving the best gift ever. This American muscle cars coloring book ($5) is a great choice to give either from you or your little one.

American Muscle Cars Coloring Book, $5, Amazon

18For Your Wing Man

He's helped you score a few dudes at the bar, so return the favor by gifting him The Playbook ($11) from How I Met Your Mother. Just remember there's no guarantee that he won't get a glass of water thrown in his face trying some of these moves.

How I Met Your Mother Playbook, $11, Amazon

19For Your Adorable Personal Trainer

They've shown you the way of burpees, and now it's time you taught them all about cheesecake. Give them a gift card for The Cheesecake Factory ($25) and you've basically got a date on the books.

The Cheesecake Factory Gift Card, $25, Amazon

20For Your Booty Call

Why try and be romantic to the guy you only see at 3 a.m. after too many glasses of wine? These Calvin Klein slim fit boxers ($19) are the perfect gift to say, "Thanks for all those orgasms."

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Boxers, $19, Amazon

21For Your Boyfriend That Loves Being Sentimental

If your boo loves to be sentimental, they'll love this Q&A journal for couples ($12). By answering one question a day for three years, the two of you will have a sweet time capsule of your relationship.

Our Q&A a Day Journal, $12, Amazon

22For Your Fiancee

When it's time to practice those first dance moves, you'll need some music. Give your fiancee the DKnight Magicbox bluetooth speaker ($26) and after the wedding's over, he's got his own way to serenade your new life with tunes.

DKnight Magicbox Bluetooth Speaker, $26, Amazon

23For Your Grandpa

Your grandpa probably has plenty to say about the beard trend, so this complete shaving kit ($40) is right up his alley.

Mid Century Premium Shaving Kit, $40, Amazon

24For Your BFF That You're In Love With

Dropping a few hints? Maybe. But Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance ($18) is the perfect book to start a chat about the quest for love and how maybe it's right there in front of the two of you.

Modern Romance, $17.37, Amazon

25For Your Guy That Loves Movie Marathons

Your man loves movie marathons and has a total dude crush on John McClane. Your only choice? The Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection ($35). Yippee ki yay!

Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection, $35, Amazon

26For Your Favorite Bartender

You know the one. The bartender that always winks at you during Happy Hour because he knows you want an extra shot of vodka in that martini. Let him know you're thinking of him (and his excellent mixing skills) this Valentine's Day with a set of whiskey stones ($16.95).

Elegant Whiskey Stone Set, $16.95, Amazon

27For Your Long Distance Love

You love when your babe comes to visit, but you hate seeing that ratty old duffel bag from college over his shoulder. Everyone needs a good set of luggage, so start your guy's collection off with this Herschel Supply Co. Novel duffel bag ($79.99).

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag, $79.99, Amazon

Images: swety76/Fotolia; Amazon (27)