27 Wine Memes To Celebrate National Wine Day


Wine and motherhood go together like . . . well, like wine and motherhood. Look, there's a reason why wine and whine sound exactly the same, OK? And if you're ever looking for a community, all you need to do is share some wine memes on social media to get your fellow moms to fist pump in agreement.

As with most amazing things, there's even an entire day to celebrate wine. National Wine Day is May 25 and it is a day that should be celebrated by all, not just moms. (Although I think moms should get some extra kind of perk on National Wine Day, like making the next day National Hire A Babysitter for Six Hours So You Can Sleep Off Your Hangover Day.) I mean, what other drink boasts the health benefits of wine? What other beverage makes you feel fancy, even in stained yoga pants and your hair in a not-so-chic topknot? And what can bring a room full of people together faster than a bottle of wine?

Wine is pretty much always the answer (in moderation of course), but especially on National Wine Day. In honor of the holiday, here are 27 wine memes that will unite you and all of your social media followers. Celebrate wisely!

1You're Called Supermom For A Reason


Won't you think of the wine? All helpless and alone?

2I Could Use A Straw


Snorkeling in wine sounds like an athletic activity I could get behind actually.

3Real Winners Chug


Plus there's no where to put the giant boxes of wine.

4How To Catch A Lady


If you could throw some cheese in the box, you're guaranteed to catch me.

5It's Called Being Generous


Wine should always come in pairs, duh.

6A Fully Stocked Cabinet


They forgot to include a measuring cup, but I won't judge.

7Who's Counting Though?


It's called not letting things go to waste, OK?

8And I'm The Champion


You don't even have to enter a contest to have it either!

9The Original Happy Meal


Come on. You sell chicken wings, but not wine? I think wine is the actual definition of a happy meal.

10This Seems Fair


Depending on the day, you could probably throw in your kids and partner, too.

11It's Called First Aid


It's your duty as a citizen to save the wine. SAVE IT!

12Be There In 5


I came in like a wrecking ball. Now where's the wine?

13Wine O'Clock


So, you know. It's not like I'm drinking ALL the time. Only in those two situations.

14The Perfect Plumbing


No, I don't need counters or an oven, OK? My kitchen remodel is complete.

15The Perfect Gift


You don't even have to wrap it!

16The Only Love Poem You'll Ever Need


You can say you're not a fan of literature, but this poem speaks to all people.

17I Must Have Called A Thousand Times


Let's meet and go over everything. Like how my toddler was a total *sshole today.



They just need to believe in themselves!

19An Unsolved Mystery


Maybe they mean the wine you spilled on the couch? I don't know.

20Wine Is The Ultimate Bestie


Who needs conversation when you can glug glug glug the night away?

21It Makes Me Who I Am


You can thank wine for everything awesome about me, let's be honest.

22Yeah Science!


Trust me. I've done my own experiments.



I love Jesus, but I drink a little, and I think he'd be more than OK with that.

24It's An Easy Process


Three steps. That's all it takes.

25Rah Rah Pour That Wine


She is always right there when I need her.

26Resistance Is Futile


Just keep pouring, just keep pouring . . .

27A Bottle Counts As A Glass


Why put restrictions on what a glass actually is? I'm just not that closed-minded, obviously.