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29 BFF Memes To Share With Your Bestie On National Best Friend Day


When you're a kid, it's easy to make friends, and it's even easier to become best friends with someone. You both like Barbies and singing Spice Girls? Done! You're going to be BFFs. But when you're older, things get a little more complicated. People generally frown on staring at someone in Starbucks before saying, "I saw you buying the same shorts as me in Target. Please come home and watch Friends with me." So when you have a BFF as an adult, you know that you need a collection of BFF memes to remind you how lucky you are.

The world knows that best friends should be celebrated. So much so that there's even National Best Friend Day on June 8. I assume that means I need to call my best friend and buy her a green tea from Starbucks, but I also think it means you need to send your bestie a fun meme or two.

Let me get sappy for a moment and say that having a best friend is like having a treasure. Do you remember the feeling of having a BFF when you were a kid? It was like a sense of belonging. You were "with" someone. You had a person in your life that loved you, that knew the ins and outs of you, that knew all of your insecurities, all of your dreams, and all of your thoughts. Whether they shared a lot of them with you or simply knew how to handle you, having a best friend was like having a soul mate.

And as adults? I think those relationships are even more important. Everyone needs a BFF and I am so grateful for mine. In honor of National Best Friends Day, take your bestie out for Chipotle and then send them one or all of these 29 BFF memes to remind them of just how hilariously wonderful your relationship is.

1It's Called True Love


If you can't be a sh*t to your best friend, then who?

2Even If It's Only Been 2 Days


And you always have so much to tell them, like all the stuff you bought in the dollar section at Target.

3Excuse Me


You know I don't like that person, so what are you doing with your life?



It's just part of the BFF life, right?

5Solidarity In Yoga Pants


I once had a best friend change out of her cute outfit because I was looking ratchet. That's real love right there.

6All By Myself


Or when they won't meet you for Starbucks, or Target, or the mom playdate.

7Laughing With You & At You


They will also never let you forget it.



Is there anything more accurate in the world?

9Come Again?


Who is that? How do you know them? Where did you meet them? They know I'm your best friend, right?

10Hello, It's Me


This also applies to yoga class.

11Who Needs Words?


If you can't talk to your BFF solely through memes and links, then are you even really BFFs?

12God Bless You


Especially if it's Chipotle.

13This One Will Do Nicely


Well when you put it that way, yeah. It's weird.

14Netflix & Chill Is Real


Bonus points if we can tag each other in funny Instagram posts without ever speaking.

15I'll Feed You Chickens


Give me a barn like Herschel, and I'll make sure you stay my BFF.

16It's Magic


Muggles just don't understand.

17Every Single Time


Only a BFF can get away with the premature "here" text.

18Wingman For Life


There is strength in numbers. Also, don't make me look stupid.

19I See You, Boo


You don't even need words to communicate your inappropriate selves.

20Get It, Girl


And you know she's saying all the things you two rehearsed together.

21Time For A Plan


Otherwise they better make room on that couch for me.

22Horns With A Halo


If your BFF can be called an angel, you're doing this friendship thing wrong.

23Friendship Goals


Friends call you an Uber. Best friends carry your drunk *ss all the way home.

24Peer Pressure


But you know they'll run out and grab you a biscuit from McDonald's in the morning, so it's OK.

25Song Of My People


Tell me everything, don't leave out one piece of information.

26Filling Up Your iPhone Storage


And obviously, you only post them if your BFF says it's OK.



Go find your own, this one is mine.

28It's Just Good Logic


Plus long arms make for flattering selfies.

29The BFF Test


The true sign of a BFF.