Apple TV+ Is Bringing Brand New Kids Shows To Your Devices

If you need an excuse to be a little nostalgic about your own childhood, look no further. Your kids will be able to enjoy a few original television shows you probably watched every morning before school growing up. Apple TV+ is premiering several kids shows that just so happen revived from some true classics you likely once refused to turn off. Make way for some familiar, yet new shows parents will definitely enjoy watching with their little ones.

While your child is learning about new characters and building relationships with new shows, you will most likely be able to get more stuff done without being distracted. Or, you might grow a little reminiscent and start watching alongside your child — after all, these shows were revived for a reason. Whether you’re tired of hearing the same videos repeat on the iPad or just want to indulge in the past, there are at least three new children’s shows coming to Apple TV+.


From the makers of Sesame Street, Helpsters is a new live-action series that features a team of characters comprised of friendly monsters that enjoy solving problems. Once the characters have a plan ready, they’ll join forces to do things like host parties, climb mountains, or master magic tricks. It instills the values of teamwork and determination to get a task done, all starting with the need to make a plan. Your preschooler will love the bright colors and catchy beats the puppets sing along to and, like Sesame Street, these characters have feathery hair and vibrant colors.

Snoopy In Space

Snoopy is back, and he’s bringing Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang with him! In this new show, Snoopy lives out his dreams of becoming an astronaut for NASA. The brazen beagle takes control of the International Space Station with the help of his friends in the 12-part series. After Snoopy’s rejected from the official training program, Charlie Brown and friends help a very strong-minded Snoopy somehow take over and literally shoot for the stars.


Re-imagined from the original 1992 series, Ghostwriter is coming back to your television screen in this new rebooted version. This show follows a group of kids who are haunted by a ghost from a neighborhood bookstore. Fictional characters from the library’s books enter the real world as the group of four works together to figure out why the ghost is haunting them. Along the way, they become friends and use secret messages only they can see to figure out the mystery.

All of these G-rated shows will definitely be something you and your child can watch as they learn the values of teamwork and determination all while being entertained.

Apple TV+ will be available on several streaming devices, including the Apple TV box, Roku, and the Amazon Fire Stick, according to CNET. The platform is set to launch on Nov. 1 with a handful of original content, and will cost subscribers $4.99/month after a 7-day free trial.