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Love Is In The Air This Spring On Hallmark

I have a confession to make and I hope we can still be friends after you read it. I hadn't ever watched a full movie in Hallmark's famous "holiday" genre until this past season. I know, I know, I was missing out. The scripts might be fluffy, but they provide a wonderful chance for women to shine so consider me a full-on convert. Some of my favorites in 2018 starred Sarah Drew, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, and Bethany Joy Lenz. I was ecstatic to learn that "Spring" is its own TV movie genre. Hallmarkies rejoice! There are three new Hallmark movies coming in April and you should definitely watch them. Be honest — who doesn't need an excuse to shut the door to her bedroom and curl up with wine and an indulgent movie?

I bet you're still with me, so let me give you all of the details. On April 6 True Love Blooms starring Sara Rue premieres. Rue plays Vicki, a gardener who oversees a community garden that real estate developer Chance (Jordan Bridges) wants to replace with condos. In true bipartisan fashion, the pair is open to seeing each other's point of view. Vicki gets Chance to plot a garden and Chance shows Vicki that he builds condos with care. But, that still looks like an impasse to me so we'll have to watch the movie to see what kind of progress is made. My bet is the kissing kind.

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On April 13, Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill ) puts a spring twist on the classic message in a bottle story. In Bottled With Love her character Abbey literally puts a message in a bottle into Boston Harbor and sends it off with a wish. Her boss's son Nick (Andrew Walker) finds it, and the two begin an online romance without knowing each other's identities. Meanwhile, in real life, they are constantly arguing about a project at work. So when their true identities are revealed things are going to get messy.

Last but not least, Fiona Gubelmann stars as Erin in Easter Under Wraps on April 13. Erin is the marketing director at Cavendish Chocolates who is forced to go undercover to discover why sales of the chocolate are plummeting. She learns from chocolatier Bryan (Brendan Penny) that automated machines have replaced the original method of making the chocolate, compromising its quality. Together, they hatch a plan to re-market the original Cavendish Egg. But though they fall in love with each other in the process, will their relationship survive until Erin's reveal or will Bryan discover her secret first? I don't know the answer, but typing that made me hungry and I don't even like chocolate Easter eggs!

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Sure, nothing beats those good old fashioned Christmas Hallmark movies, but I have to say the spring movies look like they'll be a very close second. I can't wait to watch love bloom for all of the ladies this spring — and I can't believe it took me this long to hop on the Hallmark romance train.