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3 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Each Zodiac Sign

Most people know at least a little bit of the basics about Western astrology and that there are 12 sun signs that are said to govern our personalities. Folks who read their daily horoscope or follow astrological websites might even know some basic facts about each sign: Taurus can be stubborn, Virgos are neatniks, and so on. But as any astrologer will tell you, each sun sign is as complex as we ourselves are, and there are some surprising things about each zodiac sign (including your own) that you probably weren't even aware of.

Some of the surprises have to do with statistics. (Did you know that the most common zodiac sign is Virgo, according to Exemplore? That's because early- to mid-September is the most common birth time for babies in the U.S.) Other shockers puncture the long-held beliefs about each sign. (No, Scorpios do not hate everyone, thank you very much; if that were true, there'd be a lot of November kids out there with no friends at all.)

These are just a few of the lesser-known facts and traits of each of the major sun signs. See if you agree with what you see here about your own sign or those of your family and friends


They're not the neatest people in the world.

Headstrong, ambitious Aries can also be a bit of a slob, confessed YourTango. It's likely they're too focused on their goals to spend much time organizing their dresser drawers and wiping down the bathroom sink.

They'll bet big on a Vegas weekend.

Like their namesake Ram, who charges horns-first into the fray, your average Aries isn't afraid of risk, according to Zodiac Fire. Whether it's proposing a daring idea at work or going all-in at the tables on a gambling excursion, it's all part of Aries' go-big-or-go-home philosophy.

They're prone to head injuries and fevers.

Each sign of the zodiac is said to rule over one or more parts of the body, and these are the areas that are most vulnerable in that sign. For Aries, the beginning of the zodiac, it's the head. Medicine Garden noted that people born under Aries tend to bump their heads a lot, and they suffer lots of migraines and headaches. If you have an Aries child, expect to see them spike frighteningly high fevers at the drop of a hat.


They bump into things a lot.

Bulls aren't known for being graceful animals, and the same holds true for people born under the sign. According to Zodiac Fire, Taurus folks can be clumsy and tend to have butterfingers. If you have a Taurus child, think twice before letting them hold your porcelain figurine collection.

They sometimes have a lazy streak.

Even though Tauruses are unstoppable when they have a personal end-goal in sight, they may slack off when a boss's or teacher's requests don't mesh with their own interests, explained It may take a little prodding to get them going, but if you appeal to their strong work ethic, they'll get the job done.

They're fantastic in bed.

Taurus's love of sensual pleasures and their thoughtfulness toward their partner make for a dynamic combination under the sheets, affirmed AstroStyle. Bulls are the ones who'll greet you with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne at the door, then escort you to a candlelit room, where you won't leave until you're completely satisfied.


Not all of them are the talkative type.

Gemini is ruled by the communication planet Mercury, so one of the traits associated with them is a love of conversation and company. But there are always exceptions to the rule: Astrologer John Marchesella told Cosmopolitan that some Geminis actually prefer to be alone to read or think.

They can read a room instantly. pointed out that insightful Geminis have a way of figuring people out in a snap. At a party, they'll know who needs a word of advice or who'll be their next best friend. But they'll always be welcome in any group because of their ability to socialize.

They're underrepresented at the Oval Office.

Surprisingly, for such a well-spoken sign, Geminis haven't taken up residence in the White House very often. Only three U.S. presidents have been Twins, confirms TheTalko: John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, and our current sitting president.


Their Spotify is filled with their childhood music idols.

Beatles, boy bands, or Beyoncé — whatever a Cancer grew up listening to, that's what they'll stick with. YourTango explained that Crabs' deep loyalty combines with their love of music, so if they adored Nirvana in high school, they'll never stop smelling like teen spirit.

Faith is a big part of their lives.

Cancers are highly spiritual, said, so they're the ones you'll see filling the pews at church or temple, meditating in the morning, or going on a retreat.

They're tougher than you think.

The Crab is sensitive and nurturing, but that doesn't make them weak or helpless. YourTango pointed out that they're remarkably resilient and can survive just about any crisis they're faced with.


They need their me-time.

Leos are renowned for their sunny personality, knack for leadership, and love of socializing. But even the busiest lion needs to retreat to the den sometimes. YourTango explained that Leos crave regular alone time to chill and renew, so don't be surprised to see a Leo go for a walk at lunchtime or leave the kids with Dad so they can nurse a latte at Starbucks.

They actually use their gym membership.

A British survey of more than 10,000 women found that ladies born under Leo were more likely to visit the gym on the regular than women born under other signs, reported Hello! magazine. Could be that there's something to the Lion's rep for being vain.

They make great teachers.

The late astrologer Linda Goodman noted that Leos have a talent for telling other people what to do, even if their own lives are a hot mess. "The exasperating thing is that they're quite good at rationalizing things and straightening out the wrinkles in your life," she said, adding that many Lions become teachers, psychologists, or politicians (ahem, Barack Obama).


They have a sensitive side.

Virgos have a rep for logic and perfectionism, but go beyond the surface, and you'll see an emotional soul who hides their feelings because they don't want to upset anyone, explained Zodiac Fire.

They have a wild side, too.

Think every Virgo is like straitlaced Angela from The Office? Think again. KnowTheZodiac pointed out that when they're with their BFFs, Virgos aren't afraid to get loose and have fun. That lady tearing up the dance floor or belting out a karaoke number might just be born under the Virgin sign.

Deep down...they're kind of messy.

This one may be the biggest shocker of all. Astrologer Marchesella told Cosmopolitan, "Inside every well-organized... productive Virgo, there's a very disorganized, not so well-functioning Virgo." He explained that it's because the sign tends to focus on the little details and miss the big picture.


They put friendship first.

Friends really are "fam" to people born under the sign of the Scales, and they'll do just about anything to keep their friendships strong. They won't snub you just because you don't see eye-to-eye on political matters or religion. In fact, most of the time, a Libra will give in to an argument rather than lose a friend, according to Zodiac Fire.

They'd be a natural on SNL.

Libras have a gift for comedy — improv, sketch, stand-up, farce, you name it, explained YourTango. Even if your Libra pals don't make people laugh for a living, they certainly keep you amused over brunch or drinks.

They're always thinking a few steps ahead.

Libras are so charming and personable that you may not realize just how clever they are. Zodiac Fire added that Librans have a calculating mind that serves them well in any kind of competition, whether it's an actual sport or at the office. They can also manipulate you so well that you'll think it was your idea all along.


They actually have four symbols.

Scorpio represents the life cycle and resurrection, so it's not surprising that they're represented by not one, but four animals, explained AstroStyle. The first is the Scorpion we're all familiar with; the others are the Snake, the Eagle, and the Phoenix.

They're a sucker for cute-animal videos.

Yes, Scorpios are intense, passionate, secretive, and possessive. But they also have a softer side, and their heart goes out to playful puppy vids and anyone in need, said YourTango. They're the ones getting tearful over the animal welfare ads with the pictures of abandoned pets.

You might notice a weird coincidence in their lives.

Astrologer Goodman pointed out a peculiar mystical pattern about Scorpions: "the death of a relative in the family within either a year before or a year after the birth of a Scorpio." And if there's been a birth in the family, chances are that a Scorpio family member has either died the year before, or will within a year of the baby's arrival. (It's true in my family. Is it in yours?)


They despise sore losers.

Be it a board game, a day at the casino, or an Oscar pool, you'd better be prepared to accept defeat graciously if you're with a Sagittarius. As Zodiac Fire explained, folks born under the Archer sign don't like being around jerks or people who can't play nicely. They're fair competitors, and they seek out others who work the same way.

They often leave a mess in their path.

Your Sag sister or friend may put together a gorgeous scrapbook, but you'll find paper cuttings, sticker backing, and glue dribbles all over the place to show for it. A three-course meal will make the kitchen look like it exploded. Zodiac Fire added that Sagittarius natives go all out when they try new things.

Long waits don't bother them.

Trader Joe's on a Sunday afternoon? Rush-hour traffic on the freeway? It's no sweat for a Sagittarius. While others may get impatient with delays when there's no one to talk to, Archers just use them as an opportunity to get lost in deep thoughts. This independent sign is just fine being by themselves, said


You can't tell their age just by looking at them.

Whoever coined the phrase "forever young" was probably thinking of a Capricorn. People born under the sign of the Goat have an enviable way of looking eternally youthful, according to YourTango.

They're up for sexual experimenting.

Capricorns may be famous for their practicality and discipline, but they can also surprise you with their open-mindedness. For instance, The Talko cited a survey that found that Capricorn is the sign most likely to try polyamory (consensually having more than one sexual partner).

They excel at mentally focused sports.

Capricorn's gifts for concentration and steady progress make them a natural for activities such as running, rock climbing, golf, and skiing, according to MSN. Capricorn rules the joints and lower legs, so they're suited for activities that use lower-body strength, though they do have to be careful not to injure their knees.


Their internal temperature is out of whack.

You can always count on Aquarius to stand out from the rest, no matter what. That goes for temperature preferences, too, according to YourTango: When it's hot out, they'll be the ones in a hoodie; in the winter, they sleep with the windows wide open.

They really are a rare breed.

Because people are least likely to be born in January or February, Aquarius is the least common zodiac sign to be born in, explained Exemplore.

They're highly musical.

The Water Bearer has a special connection with music, said Zodiac Fire, and if they don't actually play an instrument themselves, they're usually found with their earbuds in or tuning in their favorite Pandora station while they drive.


They sometimes neglect their own needs.

Soulful and caring, Pisces would do anything to make sure their friends are happy. While this quality is endearing, it can also backfire if the Fish is so busy taking care of everyone that they forget about themselves, Marchesella told Cosmo.

They seem to have psychic abilities.

Pisces is all about intuition — and they're so attuned to other people that they can astound you with their insight, said YourTango. A Pisces is the one who'll tell you out of the blue, "You're afraid of heights, aren't you?" or "Your grandmother is very close to you right now" (and she died three months ago).

They make great bartenders.

What kind of careers suit Pisces? According to, being a mixologist would combine the Fish's creativity with their ability to suss out their clientele's preferences. Other good job choices include the clergy (Pisceans are highly spiritual), pharmacist (a Pisces is interested in how drugs affect the body), or music teacher (like Aquarius, this sign loves their tunes).

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