3 Taylor Swift Costumes For Pregnant Women, So You Can Easily Shake It Off

Maybe you've been dreaming of this costume for years and just happen to be pregnant, or you think dressing up as a pregnant version of one of the world's most famous pop stars is hilarious. Either way Taylor Swift costumes for pregnant women is not as ridiculous as it sounds. Of course, Taylor herself has never been pregnant, but since when do facts and accuracy determine the world of Halloween costumes? Never. That's when. If you're noticeably pregnant and want to be the one and only Taylor Swift for Halloween, then T-Swift you shall be.

The following three looks are a few of her most iconic and well known. They'll be easier to pull off (recognizably, of course) and are pregnancy-ified to make them bump-friendly and a bit more comfortable than the outfits probably were in real life. Who knew that a witty, graphic white t-shirt, a fedora, and a pair of heart-shaped sun glasses could allow women of all child-bearing status to rep their favorite celebrity for Halloween?

So brush up on your Taylor Swift song lyrics, grab your old guitar, and a blonde wig, because this Halloween, you'll look and feel like the pop star that, deep down, you know you really are. Step aside, Taylor Swift, there's a pregnant mama taking your place now.


Feeling 22 Costume

Whether you're 22 or not, you can still channel this icon T-Swift look from her "22" music video. You'll need a white maternity tee ($8, Walmart) with "Not A Lot Going On At The Moment" written on it in black sharpie, a pair of black maternity leggings ($13, H&M) or shorts, a blonde wig ($12, Walmart), a fedora ($23, Old Navy), and some red heart sunglasses ($10, Zero UV).


"Blankspace" Costume

If you're wanting to channel Swift's more recent, darker side, her look from her "Blankspace" video is just the one. Luckily, it looks and feels like you're wearing evil pajamas. Just try to not eat the entire cake before you trick-or-treat. You'll need a lace bralette ($13, Walmart), a black maternity robe ($25, Macy's), some lace gloves ($4, Candy Apple Costumes), a sleep mask ($2, Dream Essentials), a cake and, of course, some red lipstick ($1, K Mart).


"Our Song" Taylor Swift

If old school Taylor Swift is more your jam, you'll need a curly blonde wig ($11, Walmart), a black tank dress ($29, Old Navy), black tights ($5, Dress Barn), black cowboy boots ($27, Shoe Carnival), and your trusty guitar.

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