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Damon & Elena's Daughter On 'Legacies' Is Not What You Think She Is

Fans of The Vampire Diaries have been dying to get an update on Damon and Elena ever since the CW’s spinoff series Legacies premiered. So when Josie Saltzman mentioned the name Stefanie Salvatore during Episode 10, fans went couldn’t hold back their excitement. There aren’t many details about the couple’s kids other than the name, so fans came up with these three theories about Elena and Damon’s daughter on Legacies.

The revelation of Stefanie Salvatore came in “There's A World Where Your Dreams Came True,” the episode in which Lizzie Saltzman is confronted with a wish-granting Jinni and wishes Hope out of her life. At one point Lizzie wishes that The Salvatore School was never built, which leads her into a reality where she is attending Mystic Falls High School as a highly unpopular student. In this alternate reality, Josie (who is the popular one) asks Lizzie to steal Alaric’s watch so she can siphon the power from it. She tells her that the watch was given to him by Stefanie Salvatore’s dad, presumably Damon Salvatore, who was Alaric’s best friend on TVD.

When TVD ended, Damon and Elena were in love, and they became human (they were vampires) so that they could live normal lives, settle down, and have kids. With Damon by her side, Elena went to medical school, became a doctor, and started a family clinic in Mystic Falls. It would totally make sense that their kids, including Stephanie Salvatore, live in town with them. Here are three theories about their daughter than fans have been mulling over.


Stefanie Salvatore Is Still Young

While Josie mentioned Stephanie in passing, she never detailed how she knew her. Some people might assume that Stephanie was a teenage friend of Josie’s, but many fans have pointed out that she is probably still very young. “The way Josie mentioned her made it seem like Stephanie Salvatore went to school with them, but wouldn't she only be 11 at most?” wrote Reddit user ILoveBromnaces. “It's only been 12 years since Elena woke up. Is she a genius that skipped a lot of grades, or is it a way for the writers to announce the name of one of Delena's children and how she was named after his brother?”

There is actual back up on this theory from showrunner Julie Plec, who told an audience at San Diego Comic Con that “when Damon and Elena finally had children, they'd be younger kids by now.”


She’s Named After Stefan

Some fans recognized that the name Stefanie is a tribute to Damon’s brother, Stefan. He was in a relationship with Elena for many years on TVD and he eventually sacrificed his life so that Damon and Elena could be happy together. It just makes sense that the couple would name one of their kids after him.


She Is Close With Alaric And The Twins

Many TVD fans have pointed out that Damon and Elena’s daughter would likely be good friends of Alaric, Lizzie, and Josie. “Unless Damon and Elena have completely removed themselves from all supernatural things, Alaric included, it would stand to reason if they have a child they would know the twins and Alaric, as they would be close friends of the Salvatore family,” wrote Reddit user, DefiantConference. There are plenty of reasons why the Saltzmans and the Salvatores would be close. Caroline and Elena are best friends, as are Damon and Alaric. Plus, the families share a long history — Alaric was married to Elena’s birth mother and Caroline was married to Stefan — so it just makes sense that they still hold those relationships dear.

Hopefully, somewhere down the road, fans will finally get to meet Stefanie Salvatore, or any other Salvatore children are roaming Mystic Falls. Until then, I’m sure fans will keep looking for updates on Delena and continue catching all the little TVD Easter eggs Legacies throws their way.

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