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3 Things That Change About Your Orgasm After Pregnancy

Sex after pregnancy isn't exactly known for being just like sex before you had a baby. In fact the things that change about your orgasm after pregnancy are enough to make you a little wary (or even a little excited) about hitting the sheets again after giving birth.

Your orgasms while pregnant most likely changed too, so it shouldn't be a total shock that there are a few things different about postpartum orgasms. According to Fit Pregnancy, orgasms while pregnant can often feel more intense because of the increased blood flow and you may experience some physical changes, like a hard belly as your uterus contracts with the orgasm. Sounds pretty great, right? But it's not like orgasms while pregnant are always the easiest thing to achieve. You're getting bigger, it's harder to fold yourself into your favorite sex positions, and, let's be honest here, you're tired AF.

Those feelings of exhaustion only ramp up when you have your baby and it can affect your sex life a lot. But don't get discouraged. When you remember to take your time and remind yourself that things are going to be different, you can help ensure a great experience in the bedroom for both you and your partner. Just be on the lookout for the three things that change about your orgasm after pregnancy.


They May Be Harder To Achieve

Like, a lot harder. Orgasms differ for everybody, but they aren't known for happening when the wind blows — they usually take a little bit of work. In a survey conducted by Parenting, 27 percent of new moms found it more difficult to climax after birth. It makes sense when you consider all the variables that could affect it — you're tired, you're breastfeeding, you're worried the baby will wake up, you're not into it, the list could go on forever. Parents noted that vaginal dryness is also a common problem after pregnancy and that can definitely affect how your orgasms go. Just take a deep breath, be patient, and if you're not feeling it, try again another time.


They Are Much Easier To Come By & More Intense

Or you could have a totally opposite change and have more powerful and frequent orgasms. According to Women's Health, the trauma of birth can actually make you more sensitive to orgasms and there could be an increase of nerve endings near your clitoris, giving you more frequent orgasms. Again, everyone is different, but there seems to be some women who experience a very positive change in their postpartum orgasms. You might have to experience with positions or techniques to see if you're one of those lucky ladies.


You Might Have To Get Creative If Previous Erogenous Zones Are Now Off Limits

Or if you're just not into sex at all. According to Baby Center, one study found that 21 percent of postpartum women lost all desire for sex. No surprise, right? But it might not just be because you're tired or overwhelmed. Today's Parent noted that your erogenous zones can change after pregnancy, like perhaps your breasts are totally off limits now, and this can affect how you orgasm and how intense it is. If you're still dealing with stitches or a painful tear from delivery, penetration may be out of the question, so you have to rely on clitoral stimulation or oral sex. There are so many things that can affect how you're feeling in the bedroom, so take a deep breath, make some adjustments, and communicate with your partner — they can help.