3 Things That Happen To Your Breasts During Third Trimester Sex

There are a lot of things happening to your breasts during the third trimester. But the things that happen to your breasts during third trimester sex are the ones you've probably wondered about. If you're thinking there's no such thing as third trimester sex, hey, I get it. It's hard to get it on when you have a belly the size of Montana strapped to your front and a little being that is half you and half your partner trying to poke one foot between your rib cage. But sex isn't off the table (literally or figuratively — a table could be great support for third trimester booty calls), so knowing what to expect is huge.

Think of it as if you're preparing for any other stage of pregnancy. I know you've read the books. You've totally picked up a piece of fruit or vegetable in the produce section and thought, "How the h*ll is my baby this size already?" You know what's going on with your breasts during the third trimester, but now you need to know what happens when you and your partner get ready for sex in the third trimester. Trust me, nothing terrible is going to happen, but there are three things that happen to your breasts during third trimester sex that are worth noting because they've probably never happened to you before.


They Hurt Like H*ll

Look, your breasts have been growing throughout your entire pregnancy, but they can feel really huge by your third trimester. According to the Mayo Clinic, by the end of your pregnancy, you might have an additional two pounds of breast tissue. That may not sound like a lot, but in the middle of sex, all of that bouncing and moving around can really make them hurt. Not to mention that the American Pregnancy Association noted that tenderness and hypersensitivity in your breasts is a symptom of pregnancy, so they may be even more painful with the added weight.


They Leak Colostrum

Once you're in your third trimester, you might have already noticed colostrum, the pre-milk your body makes to nourish your baby before your actual breast milk comes in, leaking from your breast, but in third trimester sex? There's a good chance you'll definitely see it. Parents noted that it's very normal to see the colostrum, especially since any kind of stimulation of breasts, such as touching and fondling during sex, can cause the leaking. Throw a breast pad in your bra or keep a towel nearby if you're bothered by it, but it probably won't leak much and it's not a huge deal.


Stimulating Your Nipples Can Cause Cramping

Nipple stimulation has been thought of as a technique to start labor before, but fondling your nipples during sex can also cause cramping according to Parents. The cramps aren't very strong and feel pretty mild, but the could bring on contractions if you're closer to your due date. If they feel too severe, be sure to call your doctor.