3 Tricks To Telling Someone They're Bad At Kissing

When people say there is no such thing as bad sex, I tend to keep quiet, even though I know it's not true. But when someone says there is no such thing as bad kissing, I really have to speak up. Because there's nothing worse than being really into someone and discovering that your partner can't smooch to save their life. But should you say something? How do you tell someone they're bad at kissing?

You don't tell them. You show them.

Face it there's no decent way to tell someone you're interested in that they are bad at kissing. Chance are you're not their first kiss, so they're going to be totally thrown off by your response. You're then going to have to go into detail about why they aren't good at kissing, which means telling them exactly what it is you dislike about their technique. It's super awkward for everyone involved and is going to cause a lot of hurt feelings. Now, this doesn't mean you have to put up with crappy kissing. But fixing it will require a more delicate and subtle approach than, "Hey. I hate when we tangle tongues." That'll leave your partner self-conscious and worried about future make-out sessions.

So here's the simple solution — show your partner how to kiss better. Think about it, if you told them they were bad at kissing or that you didn't like their moves, they're going to ask you how you'd prefer to be kiss. And can you adequately describe a good kiss? Of course not. But you can demonstrate it. With these three tips, you'll be able to teach your partner to kiss the way you like and keep everyone happy.


Lead The Kiss

When you're trying to show them how to be a better kiss, you're going to have to take the reins. Start the kiss off the way you like, and follow through with your preferred moves and techniques. They'll realize that these are things you like, and should make a mental note of it.


Be A Little Vocal

When your partner does something you love, let them know with a little moan. When they know you like something, they'll do it more often.


Tell Them What You Want

OK, so this is the tell part of the show-and-tell game. It is fine to tell your SO what you want without telling them they're bad. If their problem is that they use too much tongue and not enough lips, tell them how much you love light kisses mixed in with some tongue action. Kissing is a lot like sex in that you have to be upfront about what you like to get what you want.

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