3 Weird Things That Happen When Having Sex As A Breastfeeding Mom

Postpartum sex is a major theme for any mom, especially when she's breastfeeding. Although you know that your breasts' actual purpose in life is to feed and nourish a baby, it's still hard to separate them from what they've been in your sex life. But, despite the weird things that happen when having sex as a breastfeeding mom, it's not impossible to enjoy sex again.

I'll give you one major point of advice — feed your baby before you have sex. I promise, that will alleviate a lot of your worries and inhibitions. It's really difficult to do anything when your breasts are engorged and swollen — especially sex. But it's also really hard to enjoy sex when your breasts are engorged and swollen, and your baby is crying to nurse. It's totally natural, yes. But it doesn't make postpartum sex any easier.

Because no matter how natural breastfeeding is and no matter how supportive your partner is (and should be), I don't blame you if you have a hard time enjoying nursing or enjoying sex as a breastfeeding mom. It's hard. With breastfeeding, it feels like your body no longer belongs to you. When you try to have sex, it's like your body is now a foreign object and the things that used to work in sex no longer make it happen. Especially when these three weird things happen during sex. But I promise, you will make it through and you will chalk it up to another "my body is a wonderland" moment. (You also might want to keep some towels and lube nearby.)


Your Vagina Doesn't Lubricate Like It Used To

Vaginal dryness never helps sex, but it can become the norm for many breastfeeding moms, even if they didn't struggle with it before. According to Parents, your body doesn't produce as much estrogen when breastfeeding, which can make your vaginal tissues thinner and dryer than usual. It's not a huge deal because you can pick up some lubricant to help, but it's a weird sensation for any mom who never dealt with that issue before.


Your Breasts Leak When You Orgasm

Your breasts leaking breast milk is weird enough, right? But what about if they produce milk while you're in the throes of an orgasm? Ultra weird. But it might become a normal part of your sex life now. Turns out, the same hormone that ejects your breast milk is the same hormone that causes your contractions during an orgasm, noted Baby Center. That oxytocin is going to be present no matter what, so grab some towels or wear a sexy bra if you want to keep things dry and free from breast milk spray.


Your Breasts Become A Major Turn-Off

You know what's really weird? When a part of your body that used to turn you on is now a major turn-off. According to Parents, not only can breastfeeding stall your libido for a bit, but your nipples may sting and your breasts may be tender, swollen, and hurt when touched. This probably won't last forever, especially as you get the hang of breastfeeding, but it can be a really weird sensation when having your nipples touched or your breasts fondled used to send you over the edge.