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30 Educational Videos On YouTube, Because Screen Time Is All The Time Now

Whether you need five minutes of distraction so you can load the dishwasher or an hour of engaging content so you can attend a Zoom meeting, YouTube is the prime destination for busy parents everywhere. But if you're looking for more than mindless eye candy, it can be tough to know which YouTube channels are right for your kid. Or it was tough, until now: YouTube's new Learn@Home website is a content resource for kids spotlighting all the best learning channels all in one place, so you don't have to waste time searching.

Trying to entertain and educate young children outside the classroom as we weather this pandemic is incredibly difficult, especially for little ones with tiny attention spans. In an effort to help supplement children's education while schools are shut down and provide parents with much-needed learning tools, Learn@Home will also roll out the website in Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and more in the coming days. The content included features all the important subjects like math, science, history, and the arts. To make things even more user friendly, YouTube has divvied up the channels into age appropriate sections including: Channels for families with kids 13 & older; Channels for families with kids 5 & up; and Channels for families with preschoolers. And to make things even easier, we did some exploring on the site today and came up with a list of 30 great options to get your kiddo learning at home.


BabyFirst Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes & More

You know what's right on time? An adorable song to help little kids learn to wash their hands. But that's not all BabyFirst Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes & More offers. It has fun cartoons designed especially for early learners.



For your little astronaut in training, nothing brings them closer to the planets short of a telescope than ScienceAtNASA, the space organization's kid-friendly YouTube channel. Designed to be approachable children, they'll learn all kinds of cool things about space in addition to how space travel works.


coilbook™ | Learning For Children

Often simply scanning online for fun kids videos can lead to finding interesting series that just aren't age-appropriate. Coilbook has solved that problem. The multimedia company has tailored its YouTube channel for little viewers with gorgeous 3D animation and fun stories, like this one that teaches kids about recycling with Toby the Garbage Truck.


Moonbug Kids - Sign Language For Kids - ASL

No one should be excluded from online learning opportunities. That's why we love Moonbug Kids. The American Sign Language YouTube channel provides videos that support children's development through quality entertainment. Check out Moonbug's "Little Baby Bum" series.


TheLearningStation - Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

The LearningStation's theme song says it all, "Healthy music for a child's heart, body, and mind." No longer do you need to do all the nursery rhyme singing. Let hosts Matt from Dream English do it for you.


Sesame Street

No entertainment company does children's entertainment like Sesame Street and thank God, they have a YouTube channel. Join Elmo and his friends for sing-a-longs, dance parties, space adventures, and lessons with charming videos that will remind you why you feel in love with these characters as a child yourself.



CBeebies, a product of BBC, was created entirely for pre-school children. Better yet, as a parent you get to enjoy the nice alternative of children's program made with a British accent, a nice auditory change in these trying times.



Now, stuck at home, is a great time to start working on phonics with your child and Alphablocks, playful living letters, make it fun. Start here with A, then add another letter each day.



Based on children's book author Marc Brown's best-selling books, PBS Kids brings you the entire TV series because sometimes your kid just needs to watch a sweet story for a minute.


First University - Early Learning for Toddlers

Have a baby genius on your hands? By all means, enroll them in college now with First University — Early Learning for Toddlers. This YouTube channel makes lessons fun with colorful characters like Notkins who teaches kids about musical instruments.


Umigo: Math Mania

Though it's hard for some of us to believe, math can be fun. And the subject is at its best on Umigo: Math Mania. This free kids' site takes addition and turns it into entertainment.


Super Simple Play

Need a hero? Meet Caitie, your child's new best friend. The host of Super Simple Play, Caitie leads Caitie's Classroom, a place where little kids learn about their world through sweet songs that are downright charming.


Learning Time with Timmy

Have a kiddo learning English as an additional language? Then Learning Time with Timmy is for you. This darling lamb helps children ages two to six develop English skills.


Mother Goose Club Español

Whether your child is a native Spanish speaker or you're want to continue your child's Spanish as a second language lessons, this super cute series is where to start with six characters that introduce preschool themes to young children.


Cool School

Cool School bills itself as a channel where "daring superheroes, funny storytellers, kooky arts & crafts teachers, and mean-o villains unite to learn, laugh, and play." If that doesn't get your child's attention, consider that episodes consider everything from games, like Spot the Difference, to Storybook time with tales of Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland.


Brightly Storytime

As all too many parents are realizing right now, it's dang near impossible to get work done while a child stands next to you asking "what can I do now?" Answer: Watch Brightly Storytime. This YouTube channel features storyteller Ms. Linda reading books in partnership with Penguin Random House. With books for many age ranges, you can find something to occupy at least a few minutes, or enough to finish an email.


Akili and Me

Supporting a child's imagination has never felt so important than in times like these. That's why we like Akili and Me. The series of cartoons from Africa for preschoolers follows Akili as she goes on adventures in her magical Lala Land learning colors, numbers, and English.


All Things Animal TV

Name an animal. Nine times out of 10 All Things Animal TV will have an episode about it. This wonderful wildlife series is made even more appealing to children thanks to its hosts, Ed and Eppa, a pair of darling aliens sent to Earth to explore.


PBS Kids

When in doubt, pull up PBS Kids on YouTube. Home to such favorites as Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Daniel Tiger, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, and more, this is a go-to when you're in a crunch and need to find something to entertain a group of kids.


National Geographic Kids

Think of the National Geographic Kids page as a landing place for discovery. With many different kid-friendly shows, this is a perfect place to look for something to entertain a child at the end of the toddler years that's really beginning to get excited about the natural world.


Art for Kids Hub

Got an artsy kid on your hands? Now is a perfect time to channel their creative energy with Arts for Kids Hub. These six to seven minute lessons are short enough to keep a child's attention while being simple enough that they can achieve the drawing designs. Win/win.


SciShow Kids

Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks answer complex science questions in fun and informative videos. Whether it's a lesson on one of history's most important scientists, Isaac Newton, or the answer to the question "Do I need glasses?" SciShow Kids has answers to all of your kids most perplexing questions.


Squeak - Colors, Shapes & Numbers For Kids

Who better to get your kids excited about learning colors, numbers, and shapes than three darling mice: Tizzy, Tog and Toot. Each episode gives kids a chance to learn a new song or play a new game.


Finding Stuff Out

So, to be honest, Finding Stuff Out is most appropriate for big kids. But we know sometimes kids have to compromise on shows and that means little ones might find themselves looking over big brother's shoulder. If that's gonna happen, there are worse things than having them all watch Finding Stuff Out, a show that's as silly as it is informative.


CBC Kids

If you're not familiar with the Canadian Broadcasting Network, let CBC Kids YouTube channel be your introduction. Basically the PBS of Canada, it has all kinds of fun shows like Studio K, a show that invites the entire family to do crafts, recipes, and activities.


Mystery Doug

Struggling to answer your kids tough questions? Let Doug do it for you. Each week a kid calls in with a question like "“How do germs get inside of your body?” and Doug breaks it down in terms that kids can understand.


Harry the Bunny

Harry is a super curious 3-year-old bunny who loves exploring new things, just like your own little tot. Let them explore together by watching this charming series with darling graphics and sweet stories.


Learn Colors for Babies w Petey Paintbrush

Just when we thought shows on YouTube couldn't get any cooler, we discovered Learn Colors for Babies with Petey Paintbrush. Petey, a talking paintbrush (natch) is here to teach your tiny one all about the world of colors and help their brains develop. Don't be suprised if you hear your child talking to Petey through the screen.


Super Simple Songs

Songs are so important to helping children learn and develop their memory. And Super Simple Songs makes the joy of singing feel like a fun game. From classic nursery rhymes to original tunes, this channel has it all.


JoJo's Science Show

One of the best ways to entertain kids at home is to find some easy to do science experiments. Brainstorm ideas by watching JoJo's Science Show with your kid. From magnetism to static electricity, JoJo has over 100 experimental episodes.

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