30 Of Kate Middleton's Most Charming Photos Over The Years

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It can't be easy getting photographed constantly, but the Duchess of Cambridge is a total pro. It's almost like she forgets the cameras are there, to be honest. Some of Kate Middleton's most charming photos throughout the years are the most candid. From spending time with her sweet children, to performing royal duties, she never fails to delight. She has been in the public eye with Prince William for going on 15 years now, and their time together has afforded her with ample photo opportunities to dazzle the public with her charm.

Middleton and Prince William first met back in 2001 when they were both students in residence at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. They went on to engage in an on-again-off-again — although mostly on — relationship before announcing their engagement in 2010. From there, the pair have gone on to travel the world, engage in numerous philanthropic efforts, and bring three beautiful children into the world.

Throughout the years, Middleton has made more than her fair share of public appearances under constant scrutiny of the press. Fortunately, she appears to flourish in front of the camera, remaining her smiling, compassionate self. Her particular brand of charm is equal parts fashion sense, open smiles, and maternal love. For this reason, there is no shortage of charming photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

2005: Prince William's Graduation

Now almost a decade and a half ago, Middleton attended Prince William's graduation from St. Andrews and blessed the world with this sweet photo from her pre-royalty days.

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2010: Her Engagement Shoot

There's been a lot of talk about body language between the future king and queen, particularly how their engagement shoot stacks up against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's extreme intimacy. But there's no denying the love in this photo, showing Middleton laughing with gusto.

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2011: A Visit To St. Andrews

Middleton stopped by her alma mater in 2011 with Prince William and was the picture of charm as she walked through the campus.

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2011: Her Wedding Look

It's hard to choose just one wedding photo of Middleton to include in this list, but her over-the-shoulder veiled look has a special something to it that merits mentioning.


2012: Kate & Lupo

Before the babies, Middleton and Prince William's family grew by one furry friend: Lupo. The photos of Middleton playing with her pup are beyond sweet.

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2011: ARK 10th Anniversary Gala

Middleton's first public event with Prince William following their wedding was the ARK 10th Anniversary Gala in London. In her sparkly dress, she looked every bit the princess she had become.

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2011: BAFTA "Brits To Watch" Event in L.A.

Another event shortly following her wedding, Middleton attended the BAFTA "Brits To Watch" event in L.A. She certainly sparkled that day.

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2012: London Olympics

The Duke and Duchess showcased some rare PDA at the London Olympics and it was beyond cute.

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2012: Thanksgiving Service

The Duchess of Cambridge wore an amazing hat to the National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

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2012: Middleton Discharged After Receiving Care For Extreme Morning Sickness

This is perhaps the first time that Middleton was photographed looking happy and healthy after receiving care for severe morning sickness. She and Prince William talked about their excitement and fears over the coming baby.

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2013: Introducing Prince George

Middleton was the picture of maternal love outside of the Lindo Wing with Prince George.

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2015: Middleton Smiles While Pregnant With Princess Charlotte

There's nothing I love more than a good bump photo and Middleton didn't disappoint. She was photographed caressing her belly while visiting the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory in Stoke on Trent in 2015.

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2015: Princess Charlotte Has Arrived

As with Prince George, Middleton was clearly overjoyed to be holding her second child for the world to see in front of the Lindo Wing.

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2016: Aloha from Newquay

What would be pure cringe coming from just about anyone else, the "aloha" symbol thrown up by Middleton and Prince William during a 2016 visit to Newquay, Cornwall to promote the Wave Project is somehow completely charming. It helps that the silliness was for a good cause.

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2017: Charlotte's Airport Tantrum

Middleton famously helped her middle child through a toddler tantrum at the airport when leaving Germany in 2017. And while few would call toddler tantrums "charming," watching a mom emotionally be there for her child has charm in droves.

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2017: Getting Down With Paddington

Middleton joined beloved storybook character Paddington Bear for a dance in 2017.

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2018: Prince Louis Has Arrived

For the third time, Middleton appeared outside of the Lindo Wing with a bundled up baby and looked lovingly at her little one. Prince Louis is clearly as beloved as his brother and sister.

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2018: An Afternoon At Evelina London Children's

"It’s a real privilege to be part of this organization, and I look forward to many happy years ahead," Middleton said in 2018, according to ELLE, after being announced as patron of Evelina London Children's. Her time spent there included lots of charming photos.

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2018: A New Sister In Town

After Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in May 2018, the two news sister-in-law attended a tennis match at Wimbledon. And looked truly smashing.

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2019: Taking Photos With Kids

Back in June, Middleton joined children for a special photography workshop run by Royal Photographic Society and it resulted in some seriously sweet photos.

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2019: She Coos Over A Cute Baby In The Crowd

During the Back to Nature Festival, Middleton stopped to coo over a baby in the crowd.

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2019: Getting Sporty in Lahore

Middleton got in on the sporting fun during a recent visit to Lahore as a part of the DOSTI program (Dosti means friendship in Urdu).

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2019: She Gets A Kick Out Of Him

Kate Middleton gets a kick out of her little ham Prince Louis wearing her sunglasses at a polo match in Wokingham in 2019.

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2019: Taking Her Loss In Stride

Middleton competed against her husband Prince William on behalf of the Royal Foundation at a sailing regatta in Cowes in 2019, and she lost. But she took that loss (and her giant wooden spoon) in stride, laughing like a champ.

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2012: Dancing Queen

Kate Middleton joined Prince William in a tradition dance on the island of Tuvalu in 2012 and charmed everyone.

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2016: All The Emotions

I don't know what caused Middleton to make this face during a 2016 visit to Bhutan, but it's sort of priceless.

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2014: Wrapped Up In The Moment

Kate Middleton took New York by storm when she sat down to wrap presents in 2014, but her reaction when one woman yelled out "keep wrapping" was a classic eye roll I can really appreciate.

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2019: The Gang's All Here

The entire Cambridge family, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, showed up for the 2019 Trooping The Colour. And Kate Middleton beamed with pride.

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2019: Putting Her To Work

The Duchess of Cambridge attended a tree farm in 2019 with some school kids and helped pick out a tree.

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2021: Land Yachting With Her Fella

Back at their old university of St. Andrew's in Scotland, Kate Middleton joined Prince William for a little light land yachting in 2021.

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