30+ Photos Of The Royal Family With Dogs To Make Your Day Better

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It doesn't really get much better than browsing through photos of the royal family hanging out with dogs. And, fortunately, there are loads of them. While the royal family is very accustomed to a whole lot of pomp and circumstance when dealing with the general public, they've also always been big fans of all breeds of dogs and, like most of us, can't help but melt when faced with one.

The royal tradition of deep dog love seems to have started back in the 17th century with King Charles I, who loved King Charles spaniels so much they were featured in several royal family portraits, according to the Royal Collection Trust. As for Queen Victoria, she was all about those terriers and Queen Elizabeth II's own father King George VI continued the trend of truly valuing the royal dogs long before he was a king. When he was still the Duke of York, he received the first of the long line of royal corgis, Dookie, in 1933. His daughter Queen Elizabeth continued to breed the line first started by Dookie right up until 2015, over 80 years later, according to The Guardian. That's some doggone commitment.

More modern day royals, like Prince William and Prince Harry, have also been obsessed with pups throughout their lives, so let's have a look back at some of the best photos of royals and dogs.

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