Courtesy of Candace Ganger

Everything I Can’t Wait To Tell My Kid About The Day They Were Born

My 10-year-old daughter is old enough to have already heard literally every possible story about her birth. From the first snowfall of the season, to how she didn't cry the moment the nurse laid her on my chest, she's well-informed about the day she came into the world. My son, on the other hand, is too young to have re-lived all the glory of his special day. Of all the things I can't wait to tell my kid about the day he was born, the most important is how unbelievably happy I was to finally meet him.

My sweet boy was birthed over three long days and after an unplanned induction to keep me from losing more amniotic fluid. The two of us already had quite the thrill ride, thanks to what the doctors labeled as a "threatened abortion" and ultimately high-risk pregnancy. After suffering two miscarriages before I became pregnant with my son, I hoped with all that I had that he'd make it to term so I could thank him for being the rainbow baby I had dreamt of meeting.

While I know most mothers say the following about their children, and we're all biased about the babies we bring into the world, I can unequivocally say that my son was (and is) perfect. In fact, he's so damn perfect he made all the heartache and the frustration leading up to his birth, more than worth it. With that, here are some other things I can't wait to tell him about the magical day he came into my life.

I Didn't Expect To Be Induced That Day

When I went in for my mandatory bi-weekly appointment, I wasn't due just yet. However, my doctor had run some tests after discovering I'd been leaking amniotic fluid. I didn't leave the hospital again until after labor and delivery.

I Had To Wear A Fetal Monitor

Part of having a high-risk pregnancy means continuous concern over your baby's (and your own) health. My son's heartbeat would either rapidly rise or slow to a near stop. Due to his irregular heartbeat, I had to go through most of labor on my left side to keep him steady. The monitor was bulky and uncomfortable but, at that point, I'd have worn a truck if it meant he'd come out healthy.

He Took His Time Coming Out

I was admitted Monday morning and delivered Wednesday evening. Wednesday, you guys. It was a long, hellish week (as a lot of women's deliveries are) that I'm happy to have behind me.

I Was Almost Scheduled For A C-Section

The labor part of giving birth felt infinite. I wasn't dilating or progressing as I "should" have been and in order for my son to travel through the birth canal. You'd think after all my son went through he'd want to vacate STAT, but it wasn't the case. Instead, I was one check away from a C-section before things went horribly awry.

My Pain Medication Didn't Take

The funny thing about epidurals is, well, they don't always work. The epidural I had in order to birth my daughter didn't take and, unfortunately the epidural I had for my son didn't take, either. All it did was numb parts of my leg enough to keep me pinned to the bed with a pinching catheter in place.

I've Never Been In So Much Pain Before

My first labor and delivery was painful because I didn't have anything to compare it to. With my son, it was another level of pain with absolutely no relief. The contractions were worse and, no matter what I was given, I felt every single second of it.

My Hospital Gown Kept Flying Open

When you're in a hospital gown and in labor, it's hard to care about anything other than the pain you're currently experiencing. Even with the different family members breezing in and out of the room, I couldn't have cared less about what they did or didn't see. I just wanted my boy out of my body.

His Sister Wanted To Meet Him

My daughter turned 5 years old the day I gave birth, and she anticipated this baby more than anyone. While I don't think she completely understood that we would take that baby home with us forever, there was no present we could've given her that would have possibly outdone her baby brother. I still remember her anxiously awaiting his arrival with her little hands folded in her lap just as she was escorted into the waiting area while I pushed.

He Was Born On His Sister's Birthday

When I went in for my checkup that morning, I hoped they wouldn't admit me so not to ruin my daughter's special day. We'd planned to take cookies to her preschool class to celebrate and, well, my induction ruined it. Thankfully, by the time Wednesday rolled around (her actual birthday), she wasn't upset with me for "missing" her birthday. Instead, she was so happy she'd have a brother to share it with.

I Wasn't Dilated Enough When It Came Time To Push

Because of the slow progression and possible c-section, the doctors kept checking my dilation. When my body wanted me to push, I wasn't where they needed me to be and I was told to wait it out. It was the most pain I've ever been in (and yes, I still remember it all too clearly).

I Had To Switch Positions To Keep My Son's Heart Rate Up

While I was told to mostly lay on my left side, there came a point when I simply couldn't. I mean, hours upon hours in excrutiating pain is a lot time to stay in one place, especially when a baby is trying to move (slowly) out of your body. Every slight variation of movement put my son at risk, as his heart beat would drop and they'd tell me to go back to the same position. It was extremely frustrating.

I Pushed For An Hour

One nurse checked me and said I wasn't dilated enough (though it felt like it). About 20 minutes of hell later, another doctor checked and said I could try to push if I wanted, so I did. I thought for sure the baby would come right out but, yet again, he took his time. That hour was the longest hour of my life.

My Son's Heartbeat Stopped With Every Push

Just like with moving positions, every push almost killed my son. The contractions made it hard not to push but, when I did, they'd yell at me to stop because it put him in danger. Eventually, they adjusted my body into a weird tilted angle that didn't feel comfortable or natural, but it was to make sure the heart rate stayed the same through pushing.

My Mom & Husband Held My Legs

Also in the room was my mother-in-law. At this point, who cares who sees what?

I Cried Through Most Of It

OK, so I cried through all of it. It hurt!

I Nearly Lost Consciousness

It was hot in the room and after I started pushing, I got dizzy and almost passed out. They put an oxygen mask on me to help but this is where things get fuzzy.

My Son's Entrance Is A Blur...

I know at some point I pushed my son out (I think). Honestly, though, it all happened quickly. One minute I was pushign, and the next minute he was in the world.

...Until The Chaos Over The Cord

Once they told me he was out, and I was finished with my part, there was confusion and buzz surrounding the umbilical cord that snapped upon my son's entrance. It's the reason he was blue, and quiet, when I looked across the room.

Doctors Rushed In From Other Rooms

Because of the state I was in, I thought maybe the cord had just been around his neck but that, ultimately, he was fine. Honestly, the entire situation felt like a dream. Then multiple doctors and nurses rushed in the room to inspect the gory scene down by my feet, and the reality of the situation was undeniable.

Doctors Took My Son Away From Me

For an unknown length of time, I didn't see my baby while the doctors and nurses worked to get him to breathe. There was so much going on, I wasn't sure if I was awake or actually dreaming.

For A Moment In Time, I Had No Idea What Was Going On

My husband pushed the oxygen mask back onto my face. I remember looking up at the ceiling until my son's first cries bellowed.

His Birth Was More Serious Than I Imagined

Those little blips of scene I saw earlier were finally in my full view once I had enough oxygen. Fully alert, they explained how the cord was indeed wrapped around my son and had been done so in a way that was on the verge of rupturing in utero. Instead, it snapped the moment I pushed him out. Had this happened while pregnant, I'd have bled out. Doctors continued to examine the scene, flummoxed by the events, but all I could focus on was holding my boy.

Waiting To Hold Him Was Worth It

That very moment they placed my baby into my arms, I didn't care about a single thing I'd gone through to meet him. None of it mattered.

He Stopped Crying The Moment I Held Him

What can I say? He was beautiful.

My Daughter Was The First To Really Hold Him...

My daughter was technically the first person to hold my son for any length of time, thinking he was her actual birthday present. She didn't say much, but stared lovingly at him while we all watched on.

...And She Wouldn't Give Him Back

She refused to let any of us hold the baby because she loved him so much. If only that were still true today!

We Lit The Birthday Candles & Sang

My father-in-law brought in a cake for the birthday babies. We lit the candles and sang as a family.

Everyone In Our Family Couldn't Get Enough Of Him

Once my daughter saw the cake, she wasn't interested in holding the baby anymore. We passed my boy around, thankful he'd made it (and that I had, too).

There Was No Snow This October Day...

On the day of my daughter's birth, there had been snow, but on this day, the sun shined through the windows as if the weather was hinting at how different the two kids would be.

...But There Was A Rainbow

After two miscarriages, infertility issues, and ovarian cysts, it didn't matter what I'd gone through to have my son — my rainbow baby. I'd do it all over again. When the time comes, this is the thing I can't wait to tell him the most.