31 Cheap Halloween Costumes For Kids So You Don't Scare Your Wallet

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, but even I can admit that the expense of the holiday has gotten out of hand. You used to be able to drape a sheet over your head and call it a day. But now, the pressure is on to create the perfect Halloween costume so you can get as many Instagram likes as possible. Look, the holiday's fun no matter what you spend, so I'm not knocking the Pinterest experts, but if you can find some cheap Halloween costumes for kids, even better, right?

I think a lot of people assume that Halloween won't be cheap because their kid insists on dressing as Captain America, the new Disney princess, or they want some intricate ninja costume. But look — the deals are out there. I know it's not as easy as dressing a baby in an orange onesie and calling them a pumpkin, but I promise, you don't have to empty your wallet to give your kids a Halloween they'll remember. (Nor do you have to spend a fortune on a monogrammed candy bucket. That $1 pumpkin bucket at Wal-Mart will do just fine.)

So for those of you looking to keep the budget in tact, try these 31 costumes that are under $30. There's a good mix of popular characters, spooky costumes, and classics so you're sure to find something for every little one in your group. (And you'll still have money leftover for those Pillsbury pumpkin cookies.)


Pizza Slice

For the pizza lover in your family, the kids' pizza deluxe costume ($20) is not only a steal, but pretty cute, too. All you'll need is to pair it with a few things your child already has in their closet, like a long sleeve shirt and pants, and they're ready to trick or treat as everyone's favorite food.


Zombie Football Player

For a scary costume that won't make your wallet scream, pick up a zombie football player costume ($25). It comes with everything, including the football, pants, and shoulder pads. Add some black lines under your kid's eyes and have some fun with zombie makeup for an even spookier look. (If I were you, I'd go as Daryl Dixon so your kid knows not to mess with you that night.)


Wonder Woman

It doesn't take much to transform your child into Wonder Woman, especially when you're on a budget. The Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman deluxe costume ($20) is incredibly cheap and will guarantee that your kid will be rocking the outfit more than just Halloween night. I mean, everyone needs a super hero suit in their closet.


Ghost Reaper

It's classic and it's cheap — the basic ghost reaper costume ($15) doesn't require a whole lot of work either and your kid will love looking spooky up and down the streets of your neighborhood.



Who doesn't want to dress as Batman? While there are tons of more expensive and deluxe costumes out there, the Dawn of Justice basic Batman costume ($10) is still perfect for trick or treating or running around the house, saving the world from Joker. (There have been a lot of clown sightings so maybe everyone in the family should go as Batman to keep them away.)



For your kid that dreams big, pick up an astronaut costume ($25) and let them reach for the stars. The costume comes with the jacket, flag, gloves, and hat, so all you need is a pair of pants and your kid's ready to head to the moon.



Everyone knows accessories make the outfit (and are often more expensive than the actual clothes), which is why this fire chief costume ($20) is so great. It's easy on the wallet, but it also comes with the jacket, fire extinguisher, walkie talkie, and axe. If your kiddo wants a firefighter hat ($8), you can pick one up and still stay within budget.



Hopefully you'll never have to see an actual x-ray of your kid (I hear those are crazy expensive), but you can pick up a basic skeleton costume ($15) for cheap and get the same effect. If only it would let you see how much candy your kid ate, right?


Mary Poppins

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious — the sound of it may sound atrocious, but that doesn't mean dressing up as everyone's favorite nanny has to be. Your child can turn into everyone's favorite nanny with this Mary Poppins costume ($25) and limited accessories. The costume comes with the hat, shirt front, jacket, skirt, and bow tie, so all your child needs is some tights and gloves.


Zombie Cheerleader

Hey, super cute idea if you have siblings — one can rock that zombie football player costume, while the other throws on this zombie cheerleader costume ($20). It comes with everything, including the pom pom, so all you need is to put some zombie makeup on. Talk about getting into the spirit of Halloween.



Whether the whole family is going as the cast from The Wizard of Oz or your little one just really loves Dorothy, you can dress them just like the girl from Kansas in the Dorothy costume ($20). It comes with the dress and hair ribbons, but if you don't have ruby slippers, all you need is the ruby shoe covers ($6) and your child can wear any pair of shoes with them. Plus, you're still under budget even with the added item.


Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond without breaking the bank? It can be done. All you need is a classic Buzz Lightyear costume ($25). It's just the basic jumpsuit without the wings, but your kid will still love it. Siblings look great as the entire cast of Toy Story, too, so the price is perfect if you also need other costumes.


Violet From 'The Incredibles'

Your child can be a total superhero when they dress in a Violet from The Incredibles costume ($20). It comes with everything, including the eye mask, so it's definitely a bargain.


Gothic Vampire

Turn your child into the original un-dead with a Gothic vampire costume ($15). It comes with the collar and the dress, so all you need to do is add some teeth and your child is officially a monster of darkness.



Kids already waste enough toilet paper, so if your child wants to be a mummy for Halloween, just pick up a classic mummy costume ($25) and save money in all aspects.


Rey From 'Star Wars'

She's the latest heroine from the Star Wars saga and she's the perfect Halloween costume. While it's pretty easy to DIY, you can just pick up a Star Wars Rey classic costume ($23) and save yourself some time and money.


Headless Person

So your kid wants a really spooky costume that's original and unique, but you don't want to spend a fortune? Got it. Your kid needs the headless costume ($21). It's a one-size-fits-all robe, but you can shorten it if it's too long on your child. It will give them the fright they're looking for and look totally cool down the streets of your neighborhood.


Elena Of Avalor


Disney's newest princess is making headlines and your little one can, too in a Princess Elena of Avalor costume ($20). Trust me, once they see the show, they'll be wearing this dress all the time.


ER Doctor

You can dress your kid as a real life superhero in an ER doctor costume ($11) and make all their life-saving dreams come true. Best part? Not only does it come with the shirt, pants, and face mask, but it also comes with a name tag and a stethoscope so it's major bang for your buck.



Your kiddo may not act like a little angel all the time, but at least they can dress up in an angel costume ($20) for cheap and trick the neighborhood. It also comes with the leotard, tights, halo, tutu, and wings, so you don't need any extra pieces for your little bit of Heaven.


Storm Trooper

Your child can easily become a Star Wars staple with a Stormtrooper costume ($21). With a jumpsuit, boot covers, and face mask, you don't have to pick up anything else and your kid will look awesome trick or treating with all their friends. (You should fully expect to see them wearing this costume year round, too.)


Gryffindor Witch Or Wizard

Whether your kiddo wants to be Hermione or Harry, they're going to need a Gryffindor robe costume ($21). With a few extra accessories, like glasses or a wand, you've got the perfect Harry Potter costume and you're still under budget.



Your little ladybug will love dressing in a ladybug costume ($10) almost as much as you love the price. With the dress, leggings, gloves, wings, and antennae included, this costume is practically a steal and perfect for Halloween.



Prepare for your little one's sneakiness to get even worse in this ninja costume ($26). Included in that cheap price is the top, pants, sash, and mask, so all you need is a pretend sword to really nail the costume.


Rag Doll

Dressing like a certain rag doll from a certain Halloween movie (I'm looking at you Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas) can be expensive, but your kid can get a similar style with a rag doll costume ($15). Complete with dress, knee highs, and wig, all you need is to add a little makeup to your kiddo and they're ready to go.



Hey, even I want to rock this mermaid costume ($25). You can't beat the price, especially since it comes with a dress with attached fin and the perfect mermaid headband.


Wicked Witch Of The West

It doesn't get much more classic than a witch, especially when your kid's dressing in the Wicked Witch of the West costume ($23). The price includes the long sleeve dress, but since it's so cheap, you can easily pick up a hat and some green makeup to complete the ensemble.


Army Ranger

Your little one can channel the courageous and brave in this army ranger costume ($25). It will quickly become a dress up favorite as it includes the army jacket, grenades, canteen, binoculars, and hat.


Abraham Lincoln

Got a little history nerd on your hands? Dress them in an Abraham Lincoln costume ($20) complete with jacket, hat, and that iconic beard. Bonus points? It can totally double for any future school projects on The Gettysburg Address.



Your kid's love of Spiderman doesn't have to mean trouble for your wallet. You can pick up a deluxe Spiderman muscle costume ($20) and make their dreams come true. The jumpsuit is padded so it looks like your kid's ripped, but it also includes the mask and boots. Worth it.



Thanks to Pokemon Go, everyone's amped about Pokemon costumes, so do your kid a favor and grab them a Pikachu costume ($20) so they can be part of the action. Just make sure everyone knows they aren't a Pokemon to grab with their phone.