31 Diagnosed Phobias You Didn’t Know Existed

by Tessa Shull

There's no denying that everyone has something they're afraid of, whether that fear is likely to occur or not. But fears and phobias aren't quite the same. Although they walk a parallel line, phobias are often an irrational fear or even aversion to something, versus a logical fear that can be explained away and that doesn't cause extreme anxiety. So, if you find yourself strangely freaked out by something unexplainable, it's possible you're experiencing one of the diagnosed phobias you didn't know existed.

As I've grown and widened my social circle, it's become more and more interesting to me the phobias I've stumbled across. There are well known people like Howie Mandel, for example, who has a phobia of germs (mysophobia or germophobia) – also a fairly well known phobia. But did you know there's a legitimate fear of holes being close together? I didn't realize that until the most recent season of American Horror Story aired, and people were freaking out at the clustered holes present in their commercials. Those images triggered a little known phobia called trypophobia.

It's phobias like that which fascinate me, and many others for that matter. So, if you're curious what unusual phobias are lurking about or wonder if you may possess one, you've come to the right place. Check out some of these pretty uncommon yet fascinating phobias. And know that it is possible to treat phobias, according to Web M.D., which notes that "by taking one small step at a time, most people with phobias can reduce their anxiety and, in many cases, move beyond it."

Note: If you suffer from a phobia, there may be triggering images below.



A fear of chins is a real thing, according to The Blaze. I wouldn't ever think of chins as a phobia, but there is a real fear surrounding it for some people.



I'm sure you've heard of, or maybe experience, the infamous monster-in-law – the idea that . Well, Pentheraphobia is an actual phobia of mother-in-laws, according to the aforementioned The Blaze article.



I think this one will become more and more common as the world gets more enthralled with their phones. But Medical Daily shared that Nomophobia is a fear of being without mobile phone contact.



Nothing like having a phobia about phobias, but apparently Phobophobia is exactly that, as its name suggests. The aforementioned The Blaze Article shared that it is actually possible to be terrified or irrationally uncomfortable with the idea of phobias.



This phobia's name is just cruel, as the aforementioned Medical Daily article shared that it's a phobia of long words. Literally, the longest phobia word in the book is the name created for fear of long words. Additionally, it's also referred to as "Sesquipedalophobia," which isn't much better.



If you find yourself paralyzed by the idea of a dinner party, you may have deipnophobia, according to BuzzFeed. Yes, it's a phobia of actual dinner parties.



Although I have an allergy to the sun, luckily, I'm not opposed to it just yet. There are, however, people who are afraid of the sun, according to Teen Vogue.



I think I know a lot of people undiagnosed with this phobia, which is fear of opinion. The aforementioned BuzzFeed article shared that allodoxaphobia is when a person fears an opposing opinion.



That fear of holes I was talking about earlier is called Trypophobia, according to Healthline. More specifically, it's often associated with people who fear small holes, like a honeycomb for example, and associate them with danger.



Turophobia is a fear of cheese, according to the Telegraph. The site notes that sufferers of Turophobia usually associate cheese with a traumatic memory.



If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you're probably familiar with Rajesh Koothrappali's debilitating fear of women during the first seasons of the show. Turns out, fear of beautiful women is a real phobia called venustraphobia, according to Nursing Degree Guide.



If you're legitimately afraid of going to church, it may be more than just owning your sins. Ecclesiophobia is the fear of churches or going to church, according to the aforementioned Nursing Degree Guide article.



Although I know several people who are allergic to cats, I have yet to meet someone with a phobia to them. Phobia List shared that Ailurophobia is a fear of cats that exists for some people.



Along with fearing church, you can also have a phobia to the Pope called Papaphobia, according to The Telegraph. Although it's highly uncommon, it's also associated with Hierophobia, which is fear of holy individuals or sacred things, and Hagiophobia – a fear of saints and holy things.



The aforementioned Phobia List article shared that if you have an irrational or debilitating fear of looking up, it's a real phobia called Anablephobia.



Pogonophobia is a fear of beards, according to the aforementioned The Telegraph article. So if you just cannot stand being around someone with a beard, this phobia may explain why.



If you're absolutely terrified of flutes, you may suffer from a phobia called Aulophobia, according to the aforementioned Nursing Degree Guide article.



Some people can’t stand to have objects at the right side of their body, according to Reader's Digest. This is called Dextrophobia.



The aforementioned Reader's Digest article also stated there's a phobia of stars called Siderophobia. If star gazing truly freaks you out, this could be why.



Does the idea of a balloon popping freak you out a little too much? If so, it could mean you suffer from Globophobia, according to PsychCentral.



If you find yourself terrified of not being in a relationship, it could be for a reason. According to the aforementioned BuzzFeed article, Anuptaphobia is the fear of being single.



Dr. Oz: The Good Life shared that while some people might find otters adorable, others are legitimately terrified of otters. Lutraphobia is the phobia surrounding a fear of otters.



There's also a legitimate phobia toward puppets, according to the aforementioned Dr. Oz article. So if Sesame Street gives you the jitters, Pupaphobia could be the reason.



I didn't realize it was possible to fear an entire culture, but according to the aforementioned BuzzFeed article, Dutchphobia is the fear of Dutch people.



You've heard of people who are afraid to grow old, but what about a fear of youth? According to the previous Dr. Oz article, Ephebiphobia is the fear of youth.



According to Metro, Ithyphallophobia is the fear of an erect penis. So struggling in the bedroom could potentially be taken to a whole new level with this phobia.



Metro also shared that Mortuusequusphobia is the fear of ketchup or tomato-based sauces. If your distaste for either of those foods is legitimately scary, this phobia could be why.


Podophobia shared that Podophobia is the fear of feet, and honestly, I may not be far off from diagnosing myself with that phobia.



Apparently you don't have to be a vampire to fear garlic. The aforementioned BuzzFeed article shared that Alliumphobia is the actual fear of garlic.



Can't bare to use string? The reason why could be a phobia to string called Linonophobia, according to the previously shared Nursing Degree Guide article.



If you get uneasy when someone whips up their favorite cocktail, you could have this phobia. According to A Dictionary of Psychology, Potophobia is the fear of alcohol.

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