32 Mommy & Me Halloween Costumes You'll Actually Think Are Cool

The best part of dressing up for Halloween is coordinating costumes with your little one. Last year, my then-4-year-old wanted to dress up as Cat Boy from PJ Masks. I didn't plan in advance, so I just dressed up as a black cat and we went as black and blue cats. He was so thrilled that we were both cats that it made for the perfect mommy-and-me Halloween. But with trick-or-treating fast approaching, it's time to get serious about costume inspiration. Luckily, there are some good mommy and me Halloween costume ideas that are extra adorable. Whether you're a boy-mom, a girl-mom, or you're a mom of multiples, there's something for everyone on this list.

While some of these costume ideas have been done many times before, there are a few on this list that I think you may find truly original. Maybe you're looking for a way to incorporate your child's favorite interests or characters, or you're in the mood for something that no one else in the neighborhood is doing. Either way, check out these ideas below for some great mommy-and-me costume inspiration. You can find a way to work with each idea whether you're a mom of an infant, toddler, big kid, or even multiple kids.


Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog

Everyone's favorite muppets, right? How cute would this be for a mommy-and-me Halloween costume? Whether your little Kermit is a boy or a girl, either way it's just adorable.


Cat Boy & Owlette

If your little one is a PJ Masks fan, this will make their Halloween and score you some major brownie points. Just make sure you take a picture to prove it.


Mario & Luigi

Or maybe a Princess Peach? Nintendo is still around, and this is a great way to share your childhood favorites with the kiddos.


Curious George & The Man With The Yellow Hat

How cute would it be to carry around your little curious monkey all night?


Rainbow Brite & Twink

Remember Rainbow Brite and her sidekick Twink? How adorable would these pictures be? While the Rainbow Brite costume is fairly easy to find online, you can find tons of Twink costume tutorials to create yourself.


Alice In Wonderland & The Cheshire Cat

So many fun characters from Alice in Wonderland to choose from, but I bet a little one would make for a very cute Cheshire Cat.


A Magician & A White Rabbit

What a magical little duo. This costume would be even cuter if you could disguise your baby carrier as a black hat.


A Pirate & A Parrot

Every pirate needs their parrot right? If you're a toddler mom, odds are your little one is repeating everything anyway. Might as well put it to use, right?


Barbie & Ken

I think this idea would be cute as the Hawaiian shirt version of Ken from Toy Story 3, but any variation would work.


Dorothy & Glinda

Or what about Dorothy and the Wicked Witch? Or Toto even? So many options for a Wizard of Oz theme. If you have more than one kid, you could even do the whole gang.


A Spider & A Spider Web

Such a cute and easy idea. You can wear a shirt with a spider web pattern and leggings, and have your little one dress up as a spider. Bonus points if you carry them around. It'll look like the spider is in their web.


Pebbles & Wilma

Or Bam-Bam! Or all of the above. Honestly, anyone from The Flinstones will do.


The Magic School Bus

You can dress up as the fun and quirky teacher Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and have your kids dress up as the students. Another great way to share your childhood favorites with your family.


Winnie-The-Pooh & Piglet

A sweet dynamic duo everyone will recognize. This idea can go both ways and works well for either gender. Who wouldn't want Pooh and Piglet showing up at their door on Halloween?


Cowboy & Cowgirl

Or if you're a girl mom, just dress up as cowgirls. How sweet is that?


Steve & Blue

If you have a Blues Clues lover, here's the theme for you. How adorable would a tiny little Steve be? Plus you can re-wear the costume pieces.


T-Bird & Pink Lady

A super easy costume idea for you and your tiny little T-Bird. Or maybe you're an adorable gang of little pink ladies. Either way, such a great idea. You can also do Danny and Sandy from Grease.


Charlotte & Wilbur

Charlotte's Web is a classic that everyone loves. This costume idea is another one that works well both ways and for either gender.


Morticia & Baby Addams

There's so many great characters from The Addams Family. If you're a mom of three, you can have the kiddos dress up as Wednesday, Pugsley and/or baby Pubert.


Miss Clavel & Madeline

If you're a mom of more than one girl, you can dress up as Miss Clavel and have your girls dress up as Madeline. Don't forget to have them walk in two straight lines.


Marty McFly & Doc Brown

You know the epic duo from Back To The Future. How cute and hilarious would a tiny little Doc Brown be? Exactly.


Popeye & Olive Oyl

Some infants just look like Popeye. I know mine did. He had the bald head, the winking eye everything. This costume idea is so adorable for moms of newborns and even older kids, too.


Milk & Cookies

Every sweet little cookie needs a glass of milk, right? This costume is especially appropriate for nursing moms who already feel like a walking milk machine anyway.


Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Or the little bad wolf? So many mommy-and-me costume ideas that come from fables, fairytales, and folklore.


Sanderson Sisters

Are you a mom of two girls? Then look no further. The Sanderson sisters from the literal best Halloween movie of your entire childhood — Hocus Pocus — is such an adorable costume idea, right? If you entered into a costume contest, you would totally win with this one.


Cruella De Vil & 101 Dalmatians

OK, hopefully you don't have 101 but this would be cute for a few little Dalmatian puppies, don't you think? Plus you get to be a villain which is way more fun.


Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

This could also work as Peter Pan and Wendy. Or, depending on your family, there tons of ways to do the characters from the beloved tale of Peter Pan.


Mother Of Dragons & Her Dragons

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, this is the costume idea for you. Even if you don't watch the show, I'm sure every mom can relate to being the mother of tiny little dragons, right?


The Little Mermaid

How about Ursula and a little Ariel? Or Ariel with a little baby Flounder?


Anna & Elsa

What little girl would turn down the opportunity to dress up as her favorite Disney princess? Probably not many. And what better way to join in on the fun and dress up with her. Dibs on Elsa.


Rockford Peaches

If you're a girl mom, why not dress up the gang as the Rockford Peaches from the movie A League Of Their Own? I love that idea, and it's girl power at its finest.


Rosie The Riveters

How about some more girl power? Another great girl mom costume idea to show the little ones just how awesome girls can be is to dress up as Rosie the Riveters. Easy to pull off, and looks amazing.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun for kids, but honestly it's so fun for adults, too. It's also an opportunity to bond and connect with your kiddos and make memories with them. Take tons of pictures to treasure for the years to come because remember, they're only little for a short time and you might as well make the most of it while you can. Happy trick-or-treating.