33 '90s Songs We'll Always Annoy Our Kids By Singing In The Car

Not sure about you guys, but the soundtrack of my childhood is punctuated by my dad’s favorite music just as much as my own. Now that I'm a parent, it's a powerful thing to realize that our music choices could have just as much of an effect on our kids as my dad’s did on me. I don't take this lightly, especially when it comes to introducing my son to famous singers of the past, and specifically, the best '90s music.

I mean, the first concert my dad ever took me to ended up being the same music he and I danced to at my wedding, so yeah, I don't want to mess this up. What's the saying again? "With great power comes great responsibility?" Something like that. And I consider it my personal responsibility — nay, my personal honor — to introduce my son to both current classics and those of yesteryear. Will my favorites stand the test of time like my dad’s did? Both my current obsessions (looking at you, Bieber) as well as my previous ones (NICK CARTER, I'VE GOT YOUR BACK, ALWAYS. Call me. We can just talk.) considered, I’m thinking yes. We Millennials are a nostalgic bunch, and our celebration of '90s music is a prime example. And for your convenience, we now have a list of the best car music for moms, broken down into specific moods (because I've got your back too).

Songs For When You Want To Feel Carefree And Youthful, But Only Kinda Because Of The Responsibilities That Come With Motherhood

Confession: I kinda wanted to make an entire list of Backstreet Boy music (KTBSPA). But I guess, if you twist my arm, I can admit that there were some other artists making decent music in the '90s. This collection celebrates those that we might call "bubblegum" or "songs that almost always rhyme love/up above, heart/apart, girl/world and fire/desire."

Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"

New Kids On The Block - "Step By Step"

TLC - "No Scrubs"

Britney Spears - "...Baby One More Time"

Mariah Carey - "Always Be My Baby"

98 Degrees - "Because Of You"

Songs For When Your Kids Misbehave, And You Casually Mention The Possibility Of The Windows Getting Rolled Down

Not that I plan to use embarrassment as a punishment (at least, not on purpose). And, by the time my son gets to be the age when he might care what his peers think about our soundtrack for rolling up to school, who knows if our self-driving, flying drone cars will even have stereos in them. Just in case, I'm going to keep this list in reserve.

Aqua - "Barbie Girl"

Spice Girls - "Wannabe"

Hanson - "MMMBop"

Vanilla Ice - "Ice, Ice, Baby"

Chumbawamba - "Tubthumping"

Songs For When They're Sleeping In The Backseat And You're Feeling Nostalgic, But Also Afraid Of Waking Them

There's something to be said for the moody guitar riffs and pensive piano that was around in the '90s. I grew up just outside of Seattle, and to me, these songs scream "rainy Saturday music you listen to when you don't know whether or not your crush is going to be at the dance next week and your Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker has nearly run out."

Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

Dave Matthews - "Crash"

Monica - "Angel Of Mine"

All-4-One - "I Swear"

Celine Dion - "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"

Meat Loaf - "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"

Songs For When You Want To Blow Their Mind With Your Lyrical Knowledge

Perhaps I have my older brother to thank, but I was no stranger to rap and hip-hop growing up. I even got pulled aside by a teacher once for talking about Snoop Dogg too loudly. I know, what a rebel! Assuming I can keep up with the songs the way I used to, I trust that the lyrics will go so quickly my son won't even notice what exactly his mom is saying.

Warren G - "Regulate ft. Nate Dogg"

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy"

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Summertime"

Skee-lo - "I Wish"

Paperboy - "Ditty"

Songs For When They Are Still Too Young To Understand The Lyrics

Speaking of lyrics, I had no idea what any of these songs were about as a kid. Despite their adult content, I loved them just the same. And yes, that last one on there isn't a typo. It's one of my favorites, you guys, seriously. There'd be less crime and war in this world if we all listened to a little more Michael Bolton.

Color Me Badd - "I Wanna Sex You Up"

Ginuwine - "Pony"

Salt-N-Pepa - "Let's Talk About Sex"

Boyz II Men - "I'll Make Love To You"

Michael Bolton - "How Can We Be Lovers"

Songs For When You're Feeling Loud And Proud Of Your '90s Nostalgia, And You Don't Care Who Knows It

Because it wouldn't be a '90s playlist if we didn't include a few extra angsty male guitar riffs.

Savage Garden - "I Want You"

Deep Blue Something - "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

Nelson - "(I Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection"

Fatboy Slim - "Rockafella Skank"

Toad The Wet Sprocket - "All I Want"

Santana - "Smooth ft. Rob Thomas"