35 Photos Of Princess Diana With Harry & William To Make Your Heart Sing

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Of all her titles, "mom" is perhaps one of the most memorable. Along with serving in numerous royal capacities, Princess Diana was a devoted mother to her two boys. And while their time together was tragically cut short, there are so many photos of Princess Diana with Prince Harry and Prince William that show how she loved them with all of her heart. Between playing together in the backyard, enjoying a vacation together, or just smiling throughout a royal event, Princess Diana was the picture of motherly devotion.

Since coming into their own as parents and as people, Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken numerous times about the profound impact Princess Diana had on their lives. During an interview for a 2017 TV documentary, marking the 20th anniversary of his mother’s passing, Prince William described her parenting style as "very informal and really enjoyed the laughter and the fun." He also said that "she understood that there was a real life outside of palace walls."

Tragically, Princess Diana never got to meet her five grandchildren — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Archie, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter making her debut this summer — but her love and devotion to her boys is surely at the foundation of the ways in which they live their lives.

The following photos of Princess Diana with her sons are just a handful of the many moments the family shared and reflect her legacy as a mom.

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