30 Photos Of Princess Diana In Ski Attire To Get You Up The Bunny Hill

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'Tis the season for walking in a winter wonderland, wearing all of the snowy fashion and sipping on something warm. But if you're feeling a bit ehh about any of the above, I have the perfect solution. Please help yourself to the many incredible photos of Princess Diana in ski attire from over the years that will help get you amped for the chilly months ahead and, hey, they might even inspire you to get up that bunny hill once and for all.

Princess Diana was known for many things in her day, not least of which was her iconic fashion sense. In our vintage-obsessed age, the late royal's brightly colored ski suits and puffer jackets are the perfect inspiration for your winter wardrobe. Modern royals are often drawing from her style and paying homage to one of the greats with their own trendy threads — and you can, too.

Thanks to a beautifully stocked collection of vacation photos, fans of fashion and the royal family can reminisce over some of Princess Diana's greatest looks. More than a few of her most stylish get-ups were dawned while on the family's many vacations. Like the rest of the royal family, Princess Diana spent plenty of time in the snow and her skiing style was unparalleled to say the least. Without further ado, feast your eyes on some of the most amazing winter wear I've ever seen.

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