35 Photos Of Royals With Animals Over The Years Featuring Dogs, Ponies & More

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While members such as the Queen, Prince William, and Kate Middleton live much different lives than most of us, the many photos taken of the royal family with animals over the years showcase one universal similarity. Whether they be pets or exotic animals, the stiff upper lip of the British monarchy doesn't stand a chance when meeting an adorable dog, slithering snake, and more.

The royal family's affinity for animals goes way back. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II herself seems to have set the precedent of being an animal lover from her childhood. She has always kept dogs as pets, usually several of her famous corgis at a time, and her love of horses is legendary. In 2019, when she was 93 years old, Queen Elizabeth was actually seen riding a horse.

Prince Harry and Prince William also grew up with pets. For instance, as the Daily Express notes, they had a lop-eared rabbit and a sweet dog named Widget as kids. And the tradition continued into adulthood for both of them. The Cambridge family has had several pets over the years, starting with their English cocker spaniel Lupo in 2011, all the way to Marvin, the beloved guinea pig of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, according to Hello! Magazine. And, of course, Meghan Markle was a dog lover long before she met Prince Harry and brought her rescue beagle Guy with her into the royal marriage to share with her new husband.

Whether they're dogs, elephants, penguins, or even snakes, the monarchy has a deep and abiding love for animals of all kinds.

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