36 Photos Of Prince Harry & Prince William As Toddlers That Are Too Cute

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Now that they have left home, married, and started their own families, it's hard to imagine them stumbling around as they took their first steps. But long before they were chasing their own kids around, your favorite royal dads were adorable little kids themselves. In fact, these photos of Prince Harry and Prince William from their toddler days are the perfect reminder that those few short years between infancy and preschool truly fly by.

Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William on June 21, 1982 and Prince Harry just two short years later on Sept. 15, 1984. From their first public appearances, the little princes were often photographed in their parents' arms, playing together, and exploring the world around them. From these photos, we get a sweet glimpse into their lives as toddlers.

The adorable outfits, the touching moments with their families, and the many milestones that come during that short period of time are more than worth celebrating. Children between 1 and 3 years of age are generally considered to be toddlers, and those years are packed full of precious memories. Kids grow in leaps and bounds as they progress through this stage in life, and these photos of Prince William and Prince Harry highlight just that.

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